Spotlighted Review at We Write Romance!

I’m excited to announce that my review of Rough Edges, by Jannifer Hoffman, is the spotlighted review over at We Write Romance!

“While this is a great love story, Rough Edges is so much more than a romance novel. With intrigue, suspense, and a murder mystery, you’re sure to find yourself lost in the world of the Rocking T Ranch and the small town of Danango, Colorado. Rough Edges is an emotional tale of love, hope, and trust… it will keep you guessing, throwing in unpredictable surprises here and there.”

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Moonlight Protector Review

Moonlight Protector, the first book in the Ashton Grove Werewolves series, has been reviewed by Shannon’s Satin & Lace Reviews, a romance and erotic lit site.

Here is the full review:

Marin Thomas is on the run from her worst nightmare and ends up in the arms of Cole, the sweetest most beautiful man she has ever know. That is after Cole stands guard in his wolf form comforting her in the wake of escaping near death. But his cover is blown when he shifts shapes in the middle of the night while in her arms. Realizing that Gabrielle and Cole’s explanation of werewolves is true, she begins to believe that their notion that she is the mate to one of the three brothers may not be ludicrous after all. As she begins to heal the emotional scars from Stephan’s abuse, the wounds are ripped open tearing at both her and Cole’s heart. He is madly in love with her and will risk his life to protect her. The danger she has brought into the brothers’ lives makes her heart ache.

Will she chose Cole as her mate or will Gabrielle’s gentle touch and gorgeous eyes steal her heart? Can the brothers stop Stephan before he kills Marin?

Not your typical romance novel, the story line of this book brings to life real fears and takes you through the journey of a frightened woman. As she finds her way from a weak insecure victim to a strong vibrant woman, your faith in the ability to heal wounds and renew love will flourish. I definitely recommend this book. Once again, Jessica Coulter Smith has done an amazing job!!!

Rating: 5 hearts