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BOOK BLITZ: The Savior of Norfolk by Nathan J Edmundson #YAfantasy

Christian Young Adult Fantasy

Date Published: November 2023



A vanishing boy, human-animal hybrids, and the grisly murder of one’s
peers are a lot to handle. Existing in two worlds, being hunted by your
town’s killer, and nearly dying every day doesn’t make it any
easier. For 15-year-old Stephen Benson, all of this has become normal,
managing one life as a town outcast and another as a fantasy land hero.
Hopeless and depressed, will he overcome his inner demons and the outer evil
hounding his spirit? Will he listen to the child-penguin fairy? Will he save
the girl he loves and prevent the slaughter of more teens?

The Savior of Norfolk is set in the not-too-distant future when America has
been divided by political and ideological hate. It is a fresh take on
understanding the purpose of existence and suffering and wrestles with a
spiritual understanding of reality.

About the Author

Nathan Edmundson has lived in many states throughout his lifetime but is
currently residing in Tyler, Texas and hopes to stay put. When not writing,
he works as a psychologist and enjoys nutrition and fitness, traveling,
spending time with friends and family, serving with his church, and eating
at restaurants he hasn’t yet visited.



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BOOK TOUR: the Truth About Elves by Etka R Garg #HolidayRomance

The perfect read for the holiday season! Check out The Truth About Elves by Etka R. Garg!

The Truth About Elves

Publication Date: October 2021

Genre: Holiday Romance

2023 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Winner

As a bartender in Las Vegas, Curtis seems to have the dream life. He’s single, lives close to the Strip, and only has to worry about when to pick up the next extra shift. No one knows the truth about what happened ten years ago, and no one knows how he spends three months every year: as a part-time elf for Santa Claus.

When Curtis went to the Arctic Circle the first time, he thought he could escape the unthinkable. Now, the anniversary of the worst day of his life is coming up, and he’s been asked to do the unbelievable. If Curtis wasn’t a man of his word, he would turn his back on the whole thing. But Mr. C. took Curtis in when he had nowhere else to go, and now the boss is calling in a favor—the kind that will make Curtis face the memory of the unimaginable.

If you’ve ever wondered whether holiday magic is real, come find out. Embrace the season and the power of forgiveness along with Curtis as he discovers The Truth About Elves.

Available on Amazon

About the Author

Since starting in niche publishing in 2005, Ekta has written and edited about everything from healthcare to home improvement to Hindi films. She became a freelance editor in 2011 to cement her essential belief that words can change people and the world. A writing contest judge, podcaster, and reviewer, Ekta blogs original fiction, book reviews, and parenting adventures from The Write Edge.

Ekta G. Garg

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BOOK TOUR: Lords of LA #2 by Frank Zanca #GraphicNovel #Horror


Lords of LA #2

Frank Zanca
Genre: Graphic Novel, Action/Horror
Publisher: Destiny Horizons, Inc.
Date of Publication: 11/5/23
Number of pages: 48
Cover Artist: Joe Sanchez
Tagline: Vampires, the Mob, 1950s Hollywood = Awesome
Book Description: 
Lena Morgan was an exotic-looking lounge singer with hopes of achieving the Hollywood dream in 1952. Here dreams were dashed when she became entangled in a lust triangle between the two mob bosses who ruled the city. She found herself turned into a vampire and was forced to leave her newborn son behind for fear of losing control and hurting him. She spent sixty years training to live among humans, building a fortune, and learning not only to fight, but to dominate. Returning to LA, she has one thought, one goal – revenge on both crime families.

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Trailer: https://youtu.be/yE_UTGba3NE

From the Author – Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction (or other genre) Writers: 

After writing my seventh novel, my twelfth screenplay, and my ninth comic book/graphic novel, I’m still learning what not to do. I often speak to other writers who ask me for suggestions and the first thing I ask is: “What is your story about?” I’ve heard things like, “It’s about a world where…?” or “It’s a cookbook, but also a story about my life in Afghanistan. The recipes are pages sprinkled into the story.”

My initial response has been awestruck, but then gathered my thoughts and said in respective reply, “A story is never about a place, it’s about people.” To the second, “Your book is either about your life in Afghanistan or it’s a cookbook, it cannot be both. It can be a cookbook with a little anecdotal companion to each recipe, but you can’t stop the story to throw a recipe on a page and then continue – it would be jarring.”

The secondary response to each is the same – “How does the publishing marketing team market your book?” In the case of the biographical cookbook, it can only be marketed as one thing, so it’s either a cookbook or it’s a biography. It can’t be marketed as both. One will always take a backseat to the other. Sure, there are dual genre stories, like supernatural romance and sci-fi fantasy, but you’re still marketing to one set of readers. In other words, know your audience; know exactly to whom you are marketing. If you find yourself marketing to two different audiences, then there’s an error somewhere that you must reconsider.

After you choose your genre, then you must define your story. You can do this in one of two ways: 1) Create a character and then build the story around them or 2) Create a story and then build the characters that will run the obstacle course you’ve built for them. I’ve done both. Especially in the comic book medium, you find yourself building the character first. From there you must create the hero’s journey, which must be present in all stories. This is what makes your character not only relatable but makes the reader root for them. The harder the struggle, the more the audience will engage. However, that struggle must be grounded in the reality of your story. If your character falls a hundred feet from a cliff in the 1800s and in the end must win a foot race against the villain, most readers are going to check out due to the implausibility. Make sure you’re not going too far out of the box.

Make sure you stick the landing. I read a great many books published by major imprints where I find the ending ill conceived and disappointing. An ending doesn’t have to be epic, but it should give a nice bit of closure to the main character’s story where have achieved their goals and become the person they were meant to be. Give the ending a great deal of thought and make sure you get the opinion of several people before you settle into the editing process.

About the Author:
Frank Zanca is an award-winning writer and producer with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Frank’s first published work was the Shadow Raven comic book in 1995. He has since created the Destiny Aurora franchise, which has been wildly successful in both novel and graphic novel forms. It also spawned a board game, and the audiobook is now available on Audible. Also available on Amazon is Frank’s acclaimed WWII biography Escape from Berlin based on the life of Diane Jacobs.
Frank wrote and produced Six Gun Savior, the Supernatural/Western, starring Eric Roberts and Martin Kove (Cobra Kai), along with Star Trek: Renegades.

BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY: My Big Heart-Shaped Fail by Cindy Callaghan #TweenContemporary

A tween comedy-of-errors that chronicles the most cringe-worthy day of 13 year-old Abby Gray’s life.

My Big Heart-Shaped Fail

by Cindy Callaghan

Genre: Tween, Upper Middle-Grade Contemporary Fiction

Award-winning middle-grade novel from the author of Just Add Magic and Saltwater Secrets . . . .

In this hourly time-stamped, action-packed tween comedy of errors, Abby Gray, feeling weighed down by her secrets and lies, lets five balloons float into the sky with her deepest secrets attached to them in a desperate attempt to clear her conscience. Her relief is short-lived, though: the next day, those balloons start dropping one by one at her school, revealing Abby’s innermost thoughts to both friends and frenemies and creating hilarious misinterpretations of crushes amongst her peers.

This is the worst day of her life . . . or is it? Before the last bell rings, Abby manages to integrate the oddball who is blackmailing her into her friend group and to fix the mix-ups the notes have caused—not only getting couples back together but also making a few new love matches—and finally comes clean as the author of the notes that have created such chaos.

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 The temperature dove below zero and snow flurries whirled, but my mom braved the cold and helped me haul boxes of decorations into school.

“Thanks,” I said as she dropped a bag from the Donut Hole into the last box for me to manage on my own. The Hole was right next to the school and, like most kids, we often stopped and grabbed breakfast on our way to school.

My math teacher, Mr. Valdez, pulled his pickup truck into the parking lot. Mom waved and flashed him her signature smile, which she always has even when she’s tired from working late into the night.

She kissed her hand and touched my cheek with it. As she left, she called to Mr. Valdez, “Have a nice day.”

He waved to her with his free hand while the other fiddled with his car’s antenna.

“What’s that?” I called to him.

“Oh, nothing.” He put something in his pocket, walked over to me, and put a red ribbon into my box. “Here, I think maybe you or someone dropped this.”

“Uh, thanks,” I said, but I hadn’t been near his car, so I don’t see how I could’ve dropped it there. Maybe a stray piece of ribbon blew over.

“Go on inside before you freeze,” he said, his eyes following my mom’s car as it pulled out.

It was impossible not to notice the school office since it was overflowing with balloons. A delivery guy walked in behind me with another bunch.

“I’ll take those,” I offered, and towed a bunch of balloons to the gym along with my box. It was going to take a lot of trips to transport the rest of the delivery from the office.

Jess and Paige had started early and already striped one entire wall with red and white streamers. It looked great, like peppermint sticks, except they’d made ten stripes, while peppermint sticks had eleven, my favorite of all the prime numbers. I figured I’d add one more stripe later when no one was around. There was no need to be inaccurate.

Paige beamed at the balloons. “Yay! They’re here.” She looked behind me and the smile drained from her face. “Where’s the guy?”

“What guy?” I asked.

“Didn’t the party store send a balloon-arch-maker guy?”

“No guy,” I said.

Logan Murphy swaggered in behind me. “I’m a guy.” This was the understatement of the trimester. Logan wasn’t just any guy. He was Mount Lebanon Middle School’s “It Guy.” Logan worked in the school office on his free periods, like now, which gave him access to hall passes, which was a big deal. At The Mount, hall passes were gold.

“Hi Abby,” he said to me without a hint of flirtation, yet I felt my cheeks blush.

All the girls at The Mount liked Logan. So far, he hadn’t asked anyone to the dance, and lots of girls were holding out in hopes he’d ask them.

“How’s it going?” I asked.

Before he could answer, Jess said, “Well, that’s not gonna work. Logan can’t build a balloon arch. He couldn’t even build an Egyptian pyramid out of Legos in Social Studies.”

Logan said, “Legos are rectangles and pyramids are triangles, so it’s not as easy as it sounds.”

As if Jess hadn’t heard his defense, she said to me and Paige, “Look, he might have an awesome smile and be captain of the basketball team, but he is NOT a balloon arch builder. We need a professional.” Then, she added, “Just sayin’.”

Logan didn’t seem offended. “You don’t have to apologize for thinking I have an awesome smile. People tell me that a lot.” He showed off the famous grin. Geez, he was cute.

“Okay,” Paige said. “Slight problem with the crème de la crème of our decorations. And as chairwoman, I have a solution. We’re going to make this arch ourselves with directions I’m going to download and print right now.”

Nothing would stand in Paige Bakenya’s way of transforming this gym into a Peppermint Twist Dance Wonderland.

“Okay committee, stripe the next wall. I’ll be back before you can say ‘peppermint.’”  With that, she took the one coveted hall pass Mr. Valdez had given us for the day.

“I’ll let you girls handle this stripe business,” Logan said, “and I’ll get more balloons from the office.”

“Paige just took the hall pass,” Jess said.

He chuckled. “Dude, it’s me. I navigate these halls like a stealth weapon.” On his way out, he was decked by Chloe, who entered the gym dancing and singing.

“What the heck?” Logan asked, picking himself up and wiping gym floor dust off his basketball shorts—yeah, he wore shorts all winter.

Chloe ignored him. “He likes me!” she said and twirled.

“Uh, yeah, so I’m outta here.” Logan left the gym.

“Who?” Jess and I asked.

Chloe said, “Tao.”

WTW? Paige’s Tao?

This was shocking. So shocking that I couldn’t get words out to ask for clarification.

Chloe continued pirouetting, as if she were in a magical love trance. “I love love. Don’t you?”

Luckily, Paige wasn’t around to hear this because she would’ve choked on her Peppermint Twist planner at the idea that her boyfriend, who she’d recently kissed for the first time, liked Chloe. This was so Chloe to stir up drama.

Jess asked, “What are you talking about?”

“You heard me right. Sorry for your friend Paige—actually, sorry, I’m not sorry—but here’s the harsh reality, Jessica Sawyer: Tao likes me.”

Lots of girls were jealous of Paige. She was pretty, friendly to new kids, handed in assignments early, and had the best-decorated locker. She always shared her homemade cookies with everyone, and somehow they always seemed just out of the oven, even when it was late in the day. It was a mystery no one’s ever been able to solve.

“Everyone knows Tao and Paige are boyfriend and girlfriend,” Jess said. “Where did you even get this idea? I’m just sayin’, the idea is ridiculous.” Sometimes Jess not having a filter was good because it got her point out in the open rather than beating around the bush.

“Ridiculous, you say? Then why did he give me this?” Chloe held up a paper that Jess snatched and read to herself. When she was done, she handed it to me. But I didn’t have to read it.

I already knew what it said, because Tao hadn’t written it.

I had.

The Girl Who Ruined Christmas

by Cindy Callaghan

Award-winning middle-grade Christmas novel from the author of Just Add Magic and Saltwater Secrets . . . .

Imagine you’re a tween visiting a small town that loves nothing more than its prize fir—a perfect Christmas tree destined for the White House. Now picture yourself accidentally destroying that tree, making you public enemy number one. Lastly, imagine that to repay your debt, you have to remain in said town for the Christmas season.

That’s what happens to Brady Bancroft.

When Brady ruins Harper Hollow Fall’s prize tree, she’s sentenced to stay in the holiday-festooned town for the month of December. At first, she couldn’t be more depressed about the whole situation; but during her month there, she is surprised to discover that there’s much more than pine needles to the little town holding her captive. In the end, Harper Hollow Falls reminds Brady of the true meaning of Christmas—and she, in turn, saves the town.

Amazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo * Bookbub * Goodreads

Cindy Callaghan is the award-winning author of eleven MG novels including JUST ADD MAGIC and JUST ADD MAGIC 2: POTION PROBLEMS, which were made into an Emmy-nominated Amazon Original series now in its fifth season and distributed world-wide via Nickelodeon. She’s well-known for the best-selling Lost In… books: LOST IN LONDON, LOST IN PARIS, LOST IN ROME, LOST IN HOLLYWOOD, and LOST IN IRELAND. Her Agatha award-winning stand-alone SYDNEY MACKENZIE KNOCKS ‘EM DEAD sells out every year around Halloween.

Her 2020 book SALTWATER SECRETS, which is nominated for an Agatha Award, won Delaware Press Association and National Federation of Press Women’s awards, and two International Book Awards, is set up by a major studio.

Triple-award-winning THE GIRL WHO RUINED CHRISTMAS, (October 2021) sold out its first print run before Thanksgiving. MY BIG HEART-SHAPED FAIL has won three awards since it’s 2022 launch. These books along with original concepts are actively being shopped to producers, networks and streamers along with Cindy’s robust portfolio of original features and series.

A Jersey girl at heart, Cindy lives in Delaware with her family and rescued-pets.

Website * Facebook * X * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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SPOTLIGHT: ‘Tis the Season by Gale Stanley #LGBT #HanukkahRomance

‘Tis the Season (Passages 1)
A Contemporary Hanukkah Romance

Is it possible to be both a good Jew and a gay man? Jonah Dillon doesn’t think so. He can’t reconcile his faith with his attraction to men so he turns his back on Judaism. Away at college for the holidays, he plans to lose his virginity to Christian, the blue-eyed, blond, goy of his dreams.

But fate intervenes when Jonah meets Aaron Beck, an observant Jew, and they end up celebrating Hanukkah together. Aaron tells Jonah they’re beschert—meant to be. Jonah not sure he believes, but he’s lonely and welcomes Aaron’s company even if he has to celebrate Hanukkah to get it.

Can Aaron bridge the gap and convince Jonah to take a leap of faith? Or will they have to give up their desire for a future together?

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Copyright ©2023 Gale Stanley

The man’s image in the mirror, framed by small twinkling lights and swags of spruce and holly, appeared to be just the sort of ornament Jonah had been looking for all his life — or at least the part of his life that spanned the years since puberty. The phrase “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” came to mind, making him smile. I should be so lucky.

Unfortunately, Jonah’s plan to remain on campus for the holidays and lose his virginity to a non-Jew, a goy, wasn’t going according to plan, although he’d gone to great lengths to make it happen.

The worst part had to be when he told his parents that he wouldn’t be coming home for Hanukkah. None of the excuses he came up with felt right and he procrastinated for a long time.

Finally, he could wait no longer. Working up the courage, he called his mother and blurted out the dreaded words, before he lost his nerve. “I’ll be staying on campus for the holidays.”

Dead silence followed his announcement, followed by a worried, “Why?”

Jonah had never been good at lying. He struggled to sound believable. “I have so much to do. The workload in grad school is much heavier and the holidays are the best time to catch up.”

“Bring your work home.”

Also not good at asserting himself, Jonah hemmed and hawed. “I’d be way too busy. No time to interact.”

Unfortunately, his mother was way too good at guilt-tripping him.

Her voice wavered, and she sounded on the verge of tears. “We just want to see you. We don’t ask for much. And we’ve always spent Hanukkah together. I’m making your favorites, latkes and sweet kugel.”

A knife pierced his heart, but Jonah thought fast and stayed firm. “One of my friends is stuck on campus, too, and I promised him we would study together.” Another lie.

“Bring him home.”

“I can’t, Mom, He’s… it’s just that…”

“He’s a girl, isn’t he? Well, if it doesn’t work out, you can always change your mind and come home.”

“Sorry, Mom. I’ll talk to you soon.”

Jonah hung up before his mom could ask any more questions. Damn, she sounded like her world had come to an end. If only he wasn’t an only child. If he had a sibling to pick up the slack, it would make his life a whole lot easier. Taking a few deep breaths, he calmed himself. There would be other holidays.

Now, sitting alone at a bar, he wondered if all the grief he’d caused his mother had been for nothing. Not many students or professors had remained on campus, so Jonah had ventured off campus to find a hook-up. Happy Hour at a bar seemed the best option, but Jonah didn’t have an ounce of gaydar in his body, and gay guys didn’t go around wearing sexual ID tags. Luckily, he’d found a gay watering hole in the small college town. The rainbow flag flying out front had been a dead giveaway, and the name, The Rainbow Room. Could it be any gayer? When he first saw it, he wanted to take off like a scared rabbit, but he’d been doing that for far too long.

Jonah had forced himself to open the door and go inside. It was a gay bar, so what? Nothing remarkable, nothing to be scared of, just a neighborhood bar, a place where a guy could have a conversation without screaming over loud dance music. Actually, there was no dance floor, and that was all good too. Jonah Dillon didn’t dance, especially with other men. The only thing that differentiated The Rainbow Room from any other corner dive was the fact that it was devoid of women.

Wooden stools butted up against a foot rail at the bar and the mirrored wall behind the bar threw back his reflection. A bearded bartender, sleeves rolled up over hairy forearms, filled orders. Holiday decorations were minimal. Other than the lights around the mirror, there weren’t any, and that was okay because he’d been born and raised Jewish, and a man assimilated a lot of attitudes and beliefs in twenty-one years. Ridding himself of them would take a lifetime. At least.

Having to stare at a Christmas tree or a Nativity scene while flirting with a blond goy would have made him feel even guiltier. Ironic, that the thought of sucking an uncut cock didn’t inspire quite the same guilt. Or maybe he was just too fucking horny to care anymore. Lost in thought, Jonah wondered if he was normal. Between waking up with morning wood and masturbating before bed, it seemed like he was always thinking about sex.

When he got to college, he’d settled for hurried blowjobs with other students. It took the edge off, but Jonah wanted more. It was time to let someone put their dick in his ass so he could lose his anal virginity. Finding a willing partner who made him feel comfortable was primary. One thing he was sure of, he wouldn’t be comfortable having sex with another Jew.

So here he was, trying to fit in with the goyim, to the point of actually shopping for one of those ugly red and green Christmas sweaters with prancing deer. Seeing himself in the dressing room mirror shocked the hell out of him, but he bought it anyway, and ran out of the shop before he could change his mind. He wore it like a costume, thinking it would make him feel less inhibited and able to take some risks.

But as Jonah discovered, the sweater didn’t help him blend in. His appearance in the bar had triggered a few snickers, and after glancing around at the jeans-and-sweatshirt crowd, he’d regretted his choice.

His inner voice told him he was trying too hard and he looked like an asshole. At the time, it’d seemed like a good idea. Now, he just felt dumb, but he forgave himself for not getting it right and toughed it out. Fuck it.

Jonah ordered a beer. The bartender set down a mug wet with condensation, and a bowl of peanuts. Jonah took a few and cracked them out of their shells. He tried to look like he belonged, but nobody looked like him and everybody seemed to be with friends. Ignoring the conversations around him, he glanced at his watch every so often, as if he were waiting for someone. It made him feel less alone. Pathetic.

What would his mother say if she could see him now? Come home, boychik. You don’t belong there. Thank goodness, she was miles away and oblivious. He’d never told his parents he was gay. Hell, it had taken years to admit it to himself.

He concentrated on today’s goal — find a guy to have sex with. How hard could it be? Pretty damn hard, even in a place that was user friendly.

Jonah took another swallow of his beer. God, he hated this time of the year. The holidays always made him feel more alone than ever. His back was to the room, but he could still see the crowd in the mirror — guys of all shapes and sizes, pairing up like animals ready to board Noah’s Ark, while he was mooning over a stranger. It was damn depressing.

Finishing his beer, he scanned the mirror for the blond. Yep, still there, but focused on the two men who framed him like bookends.

Hooking up with the man in the mirror didn’t seem likely. Jonah would not, could not, make the first move, and for sure he didn’t expect the hot blond to hit on him. Why would he? Jonah was a man who didn’t stand out in a crowd, unless it was for all the wrong reasons. After a lifetime of doing stupid shit, he’d become an expert at sabotaging himself. Too bad State College didn’t offer a course in How Not to Embarrass Yourself.

The hot blond was exactly the type of man he could see himself with. He had the sun-kissed good looks of a surfer dude — blond, blue-eyed, and cherub-cheeked — a nice contrast to Jonah’s dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and stubbled jaw. The nerdy guy and the goy. Pitiful. More than the width of the bar separated them.

But looking couldn’t hurt.


Gale Stanley grew up in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil.

Some things never change.

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BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY: Rise Like a Phoenix by Tammy Lowe #YoungAdult #TimeTravel

Rise Like a Phoenix
Tammy Lowe
(The Acadian Secret, #3)
Publication date: November 22nd 2023
Genres: Time-Travel, Young Adult

When Elisabeth London travels back in time to the 14th century, she is transported to a world straight out of the pages of a fairy-tale. Swept away by the adventure and romance, Elisabeth follows her heart—and Aquarius—into this whole new world.

But Elisabeth soon learns her father has discovered where (or rather when) she is. He’s sent a bounty-hunter to bring her home. Although a million questions buzz through her mind, there’s one thing she’s certain of—her parents will never let her hang out in the 14th century with a guy she met in Ancient Rome.

With her heart at stake, can Elisabeth avoid the bounty-hunter and find a way to stay in this fairy-tale world?

Or is her love-life about to take a rather grim twist?

Find out in Elisabeth London’s timeless story of love, danger, and adventure.

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When Crooked Nose punched, David blocked. Then, with a quick elbow movement, he smacked the man’s face with the end of the rope before stepping back. The effect was rather comical.

Crooked threw another punch.

David pounced, wrapping the rope around the man’s wrist. Yanking the tied arm back made him double over. His eyes turned cold and hard. “Who sent you?”

The man’s breath sawed in and out. “You’ve no idea whose daughter you’ve run away with, do you?”

He pulled Crooked’s arm straight back some more. “Enlighten me.”

“Make her tell you,” he hissed.

David swallowed a lump in his throat. “She hides nothing from me.” He then snapped the man’s arm at the elbow, and grabbed Elisabeth’s hand, pulling her to a run.

Her breath hitched, and the colorful bouquet of wildflowers dropped.

“By the gods!” David led the way through a field of grazing sheep, toward a grove of trees. “Your father is here?”

“No…” She shook her head in denial. “No, he can’t be…can he?”

“You tell me!”

Elisabeth let out an uncontrollable whimper.

If Dad found out she was time-traveling—she was so grounded.

Author Bio:

An adventurer at heart, Tammy has explored ruins in Rome, Pompeii, and Istanbul (Constantinople) with historians and archaeologists.

She’s slept in the tower of a 15th century castle in Scotland, climbed down the cramped tunnels of Egyptian pyramids, scaled the Sydney Harbour Bridge, sailed on a tiny raft down the Yulong River in rural China, dined at a Bedouin camp in the Arabian Desert, and escaped from head-hunters in the South Pacific.

I suppose one could say her own childhood wish of time traveling adventures came true…in a roundabout way.

Website / Goodreads / Instagram

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RELEASE BLITZ: A Barista for Christmas by J Hali Steele #LGBT #HolidayRomance

Title: A Barista for Christmas

Author: J Hali Steele

Publisher: Changeling Press

Release Date: Dec 8, 2023

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 64 pages

Genre: Romance, Christmas Romance, Gay, Second Chance, Age Gap

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With a lot of hard work, Aspen Ferris’ dream of owning his own coffee shop has finally come true. Unfortunately, renovations are almost complete on a nearby mall that will house a chain coffee establishment. Not only that, Christmas is a few weeks away! When the electricity goes out at the mall, the construction company’s owner visits Asp’s store. Insulting the pushy brute gets Aspen thoroughly told off and… kissed! A kiss he can’t forget.

Dandridge St. Clare speeds to his worksite to handle an electric outage and misses his morning coffee. Locating a place to grab his caffeine fix, he’s offended by the barista at Your Coffee Cup. Anxious and upset, Dan pulls the man over the counter and can’t resist kissing the handsome jackass. On top of that, he enjoys the best cup of coffee ever. More unsettling still, he can’t erase the taste or feel of the man’s mouth. Dandridge returns for more of both.

The holidays are approaching and neither man expects much. Both get more than they bargained for.


A Barista for Christmas
J. Hali Steele
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2023 J. Hali Steele

Three stores from the corner, a wall of plate glass gave Aspen Ferris a great view all the way to the end of the block. He removed his net cap as he watched a big silver pickup emblazoned with a Rayburn & St. Clare Construction logo tool around the corner, causing a car to slam on brakes in the intersection. Tires screeching turned pedestrians’ heads. “Did you see that?”

“Wow!” Eric Winters, Asp’s oldest friend and partner, gawked over the counter. “Close call.”

“Animals. They’re animals.” Asp finished restocking the sugar packets in the ceramic bowls on each table, checking napkin holders and filling glasses with wooden stirrers as he made his rounds.

“Asp, don’t stoop to the level of name calling.”

“It’s true.” His mood darkened under Eric’s scolding. “They’re stone-aged he-men.”

“For goodness sakes. Stop.”

Almost complete, the renovations to the stores in the nearby strip mall included competition Aspen resented. The Bean and Leaf had already opened, and they were hanging dreadfully festive Christmas decorations all over the damn store. Aspen hated Christmas. Morning rush at his shop, Your Coffee Cup, had dwindled to a crawl. Staring out the window brought him no comfort. “Can you believe The Bean and Leaf is already prepared for the holidays? Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and I haven’t even purchased decorations.” Malls nearer the city were probably alight with holiday cheerfulness and teeming with shoppers Asp had no wish to join. It seemed a trip to Walmart was in his future as he’d volunteered to shop for decorations, thinking it might help him get a handle on his angst regarding Christmas.

“At least business was brisk this morning.” Air huffed from Eric’s mouth. “Get prepared, Asp. It is our first winter open and people will decorate all around us. I know it’s not your thing.”

Not anymore. Aspen ignored his partner’s hint. “Traffic is picking up. It looks like the whole town is heading to grab a fancy cup of coffee and factory-produced pastry.”

Eric wiped around the coffee pot he had filled before coming to stand at a table near Aspen. “Most travel past here to get on the highway into Philly. You know that.”

“They’re going to kill our business just when we hoped to hire permanent staff.” Open twelve hours a day, six days a week, Aspen and Eric took turns working Saturdays with help of part time high school students. Sundays they were closed. “If we only had a few more months to get established. Why did the section of the building housing The Bean and Leaf have to be finished with its renovations before other shops?”

“Asp, Rayburn & St. Clare Construction provides jobs for struggling families in town.”

“We can’t compete with chain shop prices.” Asp sat on the windowsill. Pulling his legs up, he tucked knees under his chin.

“Don’t put your dirty shoes up there!”

“Sorry.” He settled his feet back on the floor. “Our coffee is better. Richer.”

“More expensive. Lowering prices, we might scrape by until people discover Your Coffee Cup serves the best in town. For now, Asp, we could buy pastries in bulk and forego homemade from the bakery across town. Maybe we should consider staying open later.”

Your Coffee Cup is not a restaurant, Eric. We agreed six in the morning to get the early traffic and close at two. Now we’re coming in at five to set up and staying after five cleaning up since we serve food until four.”

“Business is better.”

“I yielded to your suggestion of salads and sandwiches along with a soda fountain, but this is a coffee house and we’re green. Doesn’t the environment mean anything?”

“Adding food, I don’t know if we’re just a coffee shop anymore. Our bottom line has improved with regular customers stopping in for meals to take home.” Eric sighed. “Hell, I don’t know if the idea of serving only coffee was ever feasible.”

“Our salads have become popular and most folks seem to appreciate our meats are sliced fresh for each sandwich.” Shaking his head, Asp added, “They’ll want french fries and a pickle next.”

“You’re right. We better order potato chips.” Eric laughed so hard, the table he rested his hip on squeaked against tile.

“Smart ass.”

Eric sighed. “If we had a dime for every time someone asked for a carryout coffee cup…”

Your coffee cup. Bring your favorite travel container or we provide mugs they can use should they remain on site. And we do have carryout cups.”

“Go-green paper cups which sometimes spring a leak before they get out the door. And I’m doubling them to alleviate complaints.”

“I hoped we could make a difference.”

“I hoped to entice more of the workers from the site to at least see what we have to offer,” Eric shot back.

“Last thing we need. A bunch of rowdy construction workers tracking in.”

“If I recall correctly, big with an air of rowdiness is just your type. Anyway, they’ll be gone soon enough.” Eric winked. “Your loss. You need to get laid, my friend.”


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Meet the Author

Growl and roar — it’s okay to let the beast out. — J. Hali Steele

J. Hali Steele wishes she could grow fur, wings, or fangs, so she can stay warm, fly, or just plain bite the crap out of… Well, she can’t do those things but she wishes she could. A winning ex-quarter mile drag racer, J. Hali often angles to get her butt back in the driver’s seat!

Multi-published, best-selling author of romance in Paranormal, Fantasy, and Contemporary worlds which include ReligErotica and LGBTQ stories where humans, vampyres, shapeshifters, and angels collide—they collide a lot! When J. Hali’s not writing or reading, she can be found snuggled in front of the TV with a cat in her lap, and a cup of her favorite beverage of the moment.

Website | Facebook | Goodreads


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BOOK BLITZ: Pariah’s Lament by Rickie Billing #YAfantasy

Pariah’s Lament
Richie Billing
Publication date: March 17th 2021
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Young Adult

“So often it’s the forgotten who possess the power to change the world.”

When an attempt is made on the life of Ashara, Keeper of Yurr, his young, hapless advisor Edvar must uncover and stop those behind it.

With enemies in the capital city and the belligerent Tesh, Keeper of neighbouring nation Karrabar stirring trouble in the Borderlands, can Edvar hold together Ashara’s brittle reign?

The troubles ripple throughout Yurr, affecting an ancient race of people known as the Amast, who in their time of utmost need, turn to pariah Isy for salvation. Rejected by society, kith and kin, can Isy guide the Amast to safety during the greatest turmoil Yurr has known since the War of the Damned?

Pariah’s Lament will take you on a rollercoaster of an adventure ‘that will keep you spellbound as you traverse the world alongside Isy and Edvar’ (Books Behind The Title). And along the way you’ll experience ‘intense fighting scenes, a little romance and flawed characters’ (Sarah Lillian Books).

If you love to explore fantasy worlds, this book won’t disappoint. Part of a shared universe populated by other authors, the setting in Pariah’s Lament has proven a huge hit with readers, with some praising the ‘insane level of detail’ (The Book Suite) and vividness of its descriptions.

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Like a flock of dive-bombing gulls, the great stones of the Yurrish trebuchets and catapults twisted and turned in the air. One jagged chunk struck the bow of a Karraban galley and splinters and shards burst forth to a chorus of cracks and screams. Another great boulder obliterated the masthead of a nearby ship, hurling those upon the deck overboard.

More missed than struck. The yellow tide did not falter.

Driven forward by oars, the Karraban fleet ate up the water, moving in a diagonal line. The trebuchets were taking an age to reload. From his vantage point, Jem could see those on the quay hurrying to winch back the catapults. At the sound of a frantic horn, the arms of the catapults were unleashed and clusters of iron balls, stones and rocks rained down on those ships leading the Karraban charge, puncturing hulls, sails and decks.

Still they came.

The trebuchets, ranges adjusted, loosed again and once more struck a destructive blow. The Karrabans still persisted. Yurrish archers upon the quay walls unleashed their first volley. Unfortunate rowers upon the open decks screamed, and the momentum of a number of ships waned, oars falling slack or tangling with others. One talented, or lucky, archer struck a helmsman and the galley veered into another, scraping its side and snapping its oars, and, no doubt, the arms of a few oarsmen too.

The Karrabans answered with arrows of their own, their archers placed in crow’s nests and platforms built amongst the rigging. The air quickly grew thick with darts. The persistent shouts and cries of men were incrementally drowned out by the great crashes of stone against wood as the loads of catapults and trebuchets fell. The frenetic scene around the quay wall absorbed Jem’s attention. Creeping into the top of his vision, looming behind the chaos, came the first of the great galleons. Its rowers slowed, turned portside, level with the quay gate.

“Sir, the galleon carries the thunder. You must stop it!” Jem shouted.

Gundar looked to where he pointed and nodded. He dispatched messengers to the quay and artillery stations. Jem spotted hatches opening on the portside of the ship. Catapults continued to fire at the galleys, though some quick-thinking engineers had turned their aim to the galleon. Their loads fell short. The trebuchets were still reloading. They were the only ones who had a hope of hitting it, if any of their operators had the presence of mind to know where to aim.

One by one, their great wooden arms swung forwards. Huge rocks hung in the air like eagles. Everyone upon the wall had their eyes upon them, hoping they struck, willing them to do so, and despairing as they watched each one splash harmlessly into the water.

Author Bio:

Richie Billing writes all kinds of stories, but mostly fantasy fiction. His tales often explore real-world issues, zooming in on his characters and their troubles.

His short fiction has been widely published, with one story adapted for BBC radio. And his debut novel, an epic fantasy called Pariah’s Lament, was published by Of Metal and Magic Publishing in March 2021.

Richie also hosts the podcast The Fantasy Writers’ Toolshed, a venture inspired by the requests of readers of his acclaimed craft book, A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook.

When not writing, Richie works as an editor and digital marketer and teaches creative writing both online and in his home city of Liverpool.

Most nights you can find him up into the early hours scribbling away or watching the NBA.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Newsletter

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BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY: Christmas with the Cowboy by Shantal Sessions #HolidayRomance

A British cowboy bachelor, the rodeo queen he’s been crushing on, and fateful family entanglements threatening to keep them apart…

Christmas With the Cowboy

A Cowboys and Tiaras Romance Book 2

by Shantal Sessions

Genre: Small Town, Second Chance Christmas Romance

A British cowboy bachelor, the rodeo queen he’s been crushing on, and fateful family entanglements threatening to keep them apart…

While visiting his former Oxford flat mate, British bachelor James Davenport falls in love not only with the small town of Primrose, CO, but with rodeo queen Isabelle Pomeroy. But a family crisis sends James scuttling back across the pond leaving Isabelle without an explanation.

Isabelle Pomeroy spent the last year touring the state as Miss Rodeo Colorado, and comes darn close to winning Miss Rodeo America. But her tenure is over and she’s anxious to come home to her family for Christmas. Helping at her family’s ranch is a welcome distraction from the heartache left by a handsome Brit who left without so much as saying goodbye.

Without warning, James returns, working hard to become a true-blue cowboy and anxious to win her back. Isabelle is determined to avoid another heartbreak, but it seems a tall order amidst her small town’s festive traditions and everyone brimming with holiday spirit.

Will James weave some Christmas magic and convince Isabelle of what’s truly in his heart? Will Isabelle allow herself to heal, so they can finally forge a real relationship?

Christmas with the Cowboy is a heartwarming second chance romance bursting with Christmas magic, charming holiday traditions, and an emotionally satisfying happily-ever-after.

**On Sale Now! Get it fast before the price goes up!**

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Caught by the Cowboy

A Cowboys and Tiaras Romance Book 1

A disillusioned rancher, a runaway rodeo queen, and two old flames who could burn them both…

After his father lost their ranch in a high-stakes poker game, Will Hawkins fought for his job as general manager at the Hayfork River Ranch. With his inheritance now in the hands of a California billionaire, he’s determined to make sure it doesn’t get developed into luxury ranchettes and shopping centers. And try to forget about the woman who betrayed him and broke his heart.

Emmy Jo Jackson is hiding from her ex-fiancé and a raging social media storm. As a rodeo queen vying for the state title, it’s only a matter of time before he finds her and tries to take revenge. She seeks refuge in the Hayfork River Canyon where she hopes the beautiful vistas and wide-open spaces will allow her a chance to steel her resolve and train at the ranch for her upcoming pageant.

Will is resigned to his life and bent on not getting distracted by another pretty heartbreaker. Emmy Jo is determined not to let a grumpy cowboy who’s easy on the eyes derail her from chasing her dream. Except spending time together on the ranch weakens their defenses, like a rail fence coming undone, and pretty soon they’re both questioning their previous notions. When their pasts come-a-calling, can Emmy Jo and Will round-up the lies and see them for what they are? Or will the love that blossomed on the ranch be lost forever?

Download Caught by the Cowboy today and get roped into this sweet and clean, grumpy/sunshine romance, breathtaking scenery, and an unforgettable cowboy guaranteed to make you swoon.

Praise for Shantal Sessions–

“Caught by the Cowboy combines the charm of a rodeo queen, Emmy Jo, with the rugged allure of Will Hawkins, a ranch manager who should have been the heir. Both have their guard up, but the chemistry between them is electric as they move from antagonists to swoony kisses. The wit and banter as Emmy Jo and Will challenge each other leads to some hilarious outcomes.The author includes a gorgeous ranch that I’d like to go visit, as well as authentic rodeo details. Add their despicable exes causing more havoc, and you’ve got a book you can’t put down. Recommended.”
~Jen Peters, award-winning author (Black Rock Ranch series)

“Sessions does a great job of pulling the reader into life on the ranch and shows the dedication it takes to become a rodeo queen. Caught by the Cowboy is a captivating, authentic, small-town romance that will keep readers turning pages well past their bedtime.” ~Jill Burrell, Author of the Best-selling Finding Providence Series

“Caught by the Cowboy is everything a sweet romance should be–complete with vivid characters, flirty banter, and sizzling chemistry.” ~USA Today Best-selling Author Kimberly Krey (Sweet Montana Bride Series)

“The chemistry between Will and Emmy Jo is palpable, as their blossoming relationship forms the heart of the story. The author expertly crafts scenes that are laden with tension, emotion, and a genuine sense of connection, captivating readers and drawing them into the characters’ lives.” ~USA Today Best-selling and award-winning author Donna K. Weaver

**Get it FREE for a limited time!!**

Amazon * Bookbub * Goodreads

Shantal is hopelessly romantic. She adores writing ALL THE FEELS right up to the first kiss and beyond saying, “I do.” She is a multi-genre sweet romance author who engages in her two great passions: reading and writing heart-soaring romance, charming characters with chemistry, and scintillating kisses that will steal your breath away. Originally drawn to writing young adult Medieval romance, she’s since written contemporary romance, all sweet and clean.

Happily living in a love story all her own, she lives in Utah with her husband, near her two married sons and amazing daughters-in-law, and her two granddaughters. Shantal loves the great outdoors and can be found gardening in summer and skiing in winter. She’ll come inside to hunker down for a Jane Austen book or film (or romance, romcom, and costume drama), and to make the most delectable pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on the planet. Learn more at https://www.shantalsessions.com.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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TEASER TUESDAY: Iron (Hades Abyss MC) by Harley Wylde #MCromance


A Dixie Reapers Bad Boys Romance

Hades Abyss MC, Book 11

Motorcycle Club Romance

Date Published: November 24, 2023



Nari – Pain. Humiliation. Those are the things my father taught me,
and every man I’ve met since. Running away from home didn’t fix
anything. Now I’m nineteen and back in the town my family calls home.
I haven’t told them I’m here, and I don’t plan to. But I
also didn’t count on a biker giving me a ride, and leaving me at the
Hades Abyss compound. They say they’ll help me, but can I trust them?
What if they’re just as bad as all the others?

Iron –I’m no stranger to the darker side of life. Sometimes
I’m the monster lurking in the shadows. Still, there’s a line I
won’t cross. I will never harm an innocent woman or child. The moment
I saw the tiny Asian woman cowering in front of Titan, I wanted to protect
her from the world. She’s been beaten, yet she’s not broken.
I’ve never met anyone like Nari before. Despite how timid she appears,
she’s stronger than she realizes. I know I’ll do whatever it
takes to make her smile and keep her safe, even if it means getting blood on
my hands. The moment her family tries to take her from me, I’ll show
them what it means for Nari to be mine.


WARNING: Iron is intended for readers 18+ due to bad language, violence,
and adult situations. There’s no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a
guaranteed happily ever after.


Copyright ©2023 Harley Wylde



My cheek pressed into the carpet as Gio held me down. I knew I’d be
covered in bruises within the hour, if I wasn’t already. Nothing new.
It seemed all I had to do was breathe in order to piss him off. I’d
only stayed due to a lack of options. Leaving Gio would only mean taking a
chance on someone else. Men didn’t help runaway teens for nothing.
They either made us drug mules, thieves, or prostitutes. I couldn’t
think of a way to escape. Everyone I’d ever trusted had betrayed me.
Why should that change?

If things had been different, if my family had cared even a little, I never
would have run away. Living at home had been awful, but my life on the
streets was far worse.

“You stupid, worthless cunt! Where’s my money?” he asked
for the fifth time. As if my answer was suddenly going to change.

“I told you I don’t have it. I couldn’t find any work
today, Gio.” Or more accurately, I hadn’t found a mark. Stealing
was my forte.

He leaned in closer. “Then you have a choice, Nari. You can pay the
money by spending a few nights at the house on Spruce, or you find a high
paying job before morning. Which is it going to be?”

I swallowed hard. It wasn’t really a choice at all. I refused to go
near drugs, and I really didn’t want to be a whore. I couldn’t
understand the girls and women who chose that path. I didn’t look down
on them for it, but it wasn’t something I’d ever voluntarily do.
Of course, if I wanted a legal job, there was always the strip club. Except
I hadn’t really been blessed in the curves department. I didn’t
even need a bra. Who the hell would pay to watch me take my clothes off?
Now, letting him use me as a whore in his brothel? That was a different
story. Those men didn’t much care what a woman looked like, and I knew
he wouldn’t be sending his top customers my way. All they wanted was a
living woman to fuck, although it wouldn’t surprise me if some
didn’t even care if I was alive when they fucked me. I’d learned
the hard way just how screwed up people could be.

“I’ll find a job,” I said. “Please, Gio. I really

He finally released me and stood. “Fine. By sunrise, you better have
something lined up. If not, don’t bother coming home. You either take
your ass over to Spruce, or you better run.”

As if running would do me any good. He’d track me down and things
would be even worse. But I had to try. I refused to go down without a fight,
or at the very least a last-ditch effort. If only I’d known I was
heading this direction the moment I walked out of my dad’s house. Not
once had I seen my picture on the news or in any papers. He’d never
bothered to search for me. Why would he when he had his precious Joon?

Maybe I could go home. Or at least back to my hometown. I didn’t
think Gio would ever think to look for me there. He knew how much I hated
that place, and the hell I’d been through while I lived at home. Yeah.
I should go back. I didn’t bring in enough money for him to chase me
across state lines.

I waited until Gio left, then packed a small backpack. It wasn’t like
I owned much anyway. Grabbing the little bit of cash I’d managed to
hide, I shoved it into my satchel and left the house for the last time. One
way or another, I was leaving this place behind. I didn’t care if I
had to hitchhike all the way back to Mississippi.

Every step made pain explode through my body. I stopped to put on my hoodie
and made sure my face was mostly covered. I didn’t need anyone seeing
the marks on my body and stopping to ask questions. A rumble of a motorcycle
came up behind me and slowed. I quickly glanced toward the street and
realized the man was eyeing me.

I assessed his overall size and wondered if I could outrun him. Men
prowling the streets for women always spelled trouble.

“Do you need a ride somewhere?” he asked.

I took in every detail of his appearance, from his Native American genes to
the leather cut declaring him part of the Reckless Kings MC. I hadn’t
heard of them, but there was a group of bikers in my hometown. They’d
been a little scary, but I’d never heard of them hurting kids or
anything. Was his club the same? Just because he looked rough and little
scary didn’t mean he was a bad guy. Sometimes, the ones who looked
like wholesome decent men were the most vicious.

He sighed and inched the bike closer. “Look. My name is Crow.
I’m not going to hurt you, but it looks like you’re in some
trouble and trying to get out of here. So you can get on the back of my bike
and I’ll take you as far as I can. Or you can keep walking and hope
whoever you’re running from doesn’t catch up. With the way
you’re moving, I’m going to assume someone beat the hell out of

I winced. He noticed that? “I’m going to

“What part?” he asked.

“Ever heard of a club called the Hades Abyss? I’m going to that
town,” I said.

He nodded. “I know them. Get on and I’ll make sure you get
home. It’s a little out of my way, but it’s fine.”

Without another thought, I climbed on behind him and put my arms around his
waist. It wasn’t my first time on a motorcycle, even if it had been
years ago. It also wasn’t the first time I’d put my trust in a
stranger. He’d either keep me safe, or I’d trade one abusive
asshole for another.

“I’m Nari,” I said. “Thanks for the

“Sure thing, kid. Hold on tight.” He twisted the throttle ,
revving the engine, then eased the bike forward. As he picked up speed and
shifted gears, the wind whipped the hood off my head. I closed my eyes and
pressed my forehead to his back. For the first time in forever, I felt

I didn’t know if I’d made the right choice, but there was no
going back now.

About the Author

Harley Wylde is an accomplished author known for her captivating MC
Romances. With an unwavering commitment to sensual storytelling, Wylde
immerses her readers in an exciting world of fierce men and irresistible
women. Her works exude passion, danger, and gritty realism, while still
managing to end on a satisfying note each time.

When not crafting her tales, Wylde spends her time brainstorming new
plotlines, indulging in a hot cup of Starbucks, or delving into a good book.
She has a particular affinity for supernatural horror literature and movies.
Visit Wylde’s website to learn more about her works and upcoming events, and
don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter to receive exclusive discounts
and other exciting perks.

Author’s Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook: @harleywylde

Author on Twitter: @HarleyW_Writer

Publisher on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @changelingpress

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