BOOK REVIEW: Of Shadows and Elves (Of Goblin Kings #2) by Emma Hamm #bookreview #fantasy @EmmaHammAuthor

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Freya couldn’t have known she would destroy the entire faerie court by beating the Goblin King. All she wanted was her sister back, not to imprison the king. But with her sister refusing to return home, Freya is left trapped in her own mess. She has to fix what she broke or the faerie realm will get infinitely more dangerous.

Bring the Goblin King back. Save the people she harmed. And do her best to avoid the temptation of falling into the Goblin King’s arms. Considering the Goblin King is locked away in a magical prison, at least one of her goals may be impossible to achieve…

…unless she’s willing to go through hardships unnumbered.

Fans of Sarah J. Maas and the Labyrinth will be left guessing at every turn!

Freya already beat the Goblin King. But can she defeat the Goblin Queen?

My Review:

5 stars

A Goblin King and Goblin Queen, a mortal who is maybe something more, and the adventure of a lifetime…

Freya is on another journey, this time to fix what she’s broken and restore the Goblin King to the throne. When she bested him at his own game, she never realized it would leave the land of the fae destroyed, or put a monster on the throne. As she learns more about the Winter Princess – now turned Goblin Queen – she must decide if she’s capable of seeing things through to the end. Does she have the courage to do what must be done?

The story is full of intrigue, adventure, and romance…although the romance is definitely front and center. Freya’s struggle to admit her feelings about the Goblin King takes up a bit of the story, but the main focus is on Freya herself, and whether or not she has what it takes to bring a happy ending to the tale. Can she free the fae or will she fail?

If you’re looking for an epic adventure with a heroine who is stronger than she realizes, a hero who will happily let the heroine save the day, and an abundance of magic, you can’t go wrong with Of Shadows and Elves. But be warned, you may be somewhat lost if you don’t first read book one – Of Goblins and Gold. It’s my sincere hope there will be a third adventure for Freya, the Goblin King, and all the other wonderful characters we’ve met so far.

*Disclaimer: The review above is only my opinion. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.