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Claiming the Virgin is an erotic romance series with young heroines and older heroes. It falls under New Adult romance as well as May/December romance. If you like men who take what they want and damn the consequences, then Claiming the Virgin just might be right for you. This audiobook series is narrated by Miranda Mendius.




He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and he’s completely forbidden. I’ve been in love with my dad’s best friend since I turned five; he gave me a tiara and called me his little princess. Except, I don’t want to be his princess anymore. I want to be his queen.

I’ve taken a job at the sheriff’s department, just to be under his nose. I’ll wear my shortest skirts and my tightest shirts, and I will do whatever it damn well takes to get the sexy sheriff to notice me. Interoffice romance is frowned upon, but some rules are made to be broken.


When I walked into my office and saw the most luscious ass I’ve ever laid eyes on, the first thing I wanted to do was get under that skirt and inside her as fast as I could. And that’s precisely what I did.

Then her dad showed up and greeted his precious baby girl.

I’m well and truly fucked now. Not only did I claim the virginity of my best friend’s daughter, but I plan to take her again…and again…and again. She may be twenty years younger than me, but damn if I don’t feel eighteen again when Jilly is around.

No cliffhanger, no cheating, dual POV, HEA


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I’ve wanted Liam Doherty for as long as I can remember, even when he was married. Maybe it was the Irish accent, or maybe it was just his ripped abs. But now he’s a sexy single dad in need of a babysitter. Is it wrong that when I hold that precious baby I imagine that she’s mine and we’re a family?

But what would an Irish hunk want with a college dropout?


My tongue nearly hit the floor when I opened my front door to the goddess on my porch. And now she’s babysitting for me, and all I can think about is how spectacular she’d look spread across my bed. Watching her with my daughter doesn’t douse my desire even a little. If anything, it just makes me want her more.

But there’s twenty years between us. Why would a sexy little thing like her want an old man like me?

No cliffhanger, No cheating, Dual POV, HEA


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Killian Reid. Even saying his name makes my panties damp. He has to be the sexiest man I’ve ever met, even if he is twenty-one years older than me. I’ve been crushing on him since I was fifteen. For six years, my Christmas wish has been for Killian to notice me. I never thought it was possible – until now.


Holy hell. It was supposed to be a quick peck on the lips under some mistletoe, but damn. Little Danika Parker isn’t all that little anymore, with curves in all the right places. I’m pretty sure I’ll be reliving that hot as fuck kiss for a while. This Christmas, the only present I want to unwrap is her.

No cliffhanger, no cheating, dual POV, HEA


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Finding Forever by Lynn Burke #NewRelease #Contemporary #RomanceBooks @AuthorLynnBurke

#Contemporary #Romance #Erotic #Series #HEA


Finding Forever

Found by Fate 1

By Lynn Burke

Release Date: December 12, 2018

Keywords: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Series, HEA, Short Story

Samantha likes to bang a guy’s headboard and take off long before he bangs up her heart. Temptation returns in the form of a Zeus-like, tattooed hunk, the man whose first kiss roused her teenage hormones. His arrival carries the promise for more, but Sam’s determination to enjoy a taste–or two–without risking her heart could cost her the chance at finding forever.




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“Good Lord, will you look at him, Sam?”

With Bob at lunch, and me enjoying my assistant manager title to the fullest, I pushed up from my slouched position beside Jade and checked out the store’s entrance she indicated toward with her chin.

Good Lord, was right. Sandy blond hair and sporting full sleeve tatts, a well-over-six-foot tall Zeus strode in, shoulders back and glancing around the store like new customers always did.

Putting on my sexy smile, I sauntered over to him, Jade’s whispered, “Good Luck” spurring me on.

“Welcome to Nature’s Corner,” I said.

“Thanks.” The sound of his gravelly voice lit a fire between my legs and luscious shivers slid from lips to toes as his intense hazel-eyed gaze took its time scanning down my body. Hell, even my nipples stood at attention.

I started an appraisal of my own, enjoying the tatts covering ripped arms that disappeared beneath his tight T-shirt, but my focus snagged on the distinctive bump of a hotter than shit nipple ring on his left pec. My perusal stalled out, and I licked my lower lip. “Can I help you find something?” I hated that my own voice escaped breathy—and not in the sexy way.

A gleam lit in his eyes as he peered down at me. “Fire punch.”

“Aisle six.” I added a touch of extra sway to my hips while leading him toward the back of the store. The hairs on my nape stood to attention and weakness crept into my limbs. Oh yeah, he had to be checking me out.

“What gym do you go to?” I asked, grabbing a container of the favored, natural pick-me-up for all the iron pumpers who wouldn’t touch steroids.

“Fit and Fab.” Zeus took the bottle from my hand, a playful smirk on his lips.

Shots of electricity shot up my arm as his finger grazed mine. I had difficulty holding his potent stare. “New in town? Never seen you here before.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, kinda.”

Bad ass and to the point. My favorite kind of man. “Caddyshack’s has the best clams. O’Donnovan’s the best beer.”

A full-on grin revealed a dimple in his left cheek and lightened his gaze. “Your favorite hang outs?”

I lifted a shoulder and let it drop. “I usually grab a beer or two after work at one place or the other. Depends on how hungry I am.”

He made a sound deep in his throat, and images of riding him until he hollered his release had me clenching my thighs. “What time do you get off work?” he asked, leaning forward enough he entered my personal space.

“Five. And, it’ll be O’Donnovan’s tonight. If you were wondering.”

He tipped the fire punch at me with a wink. “Maybe I’ll see you there.”

I tried to make my grin sexy, but probably failed. “Hope so.”

© Lynn Burke 2018

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Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.










Without Condition by Lynn Burke #Contemporary #MayDecember #EroticRomance #NewRelease @AuthorLynnBurke


Without Condition

Sandy Ridge 3

By Lynn Burke

Heat Level: 4

Release Date: November 14, 2018

Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, May December, Series, HEA, Novella

*Be warned: Anal sex, spanking

Nothing but Kayla’s fingers and not-so-trusty vibrator have given her an orgasm in almost a year, and the one man she’s hell-bent on breaking her losing streak hides behind his badge. Detective “Hottie Pants” Ford thwarts her every attempt at seduction, and even though vandalisms, a trashed apartment, and physical assault keeps throwing them together, he refuses to attempt a relationship ever again.

She sees past his façade into the man hiding his pain behind unbreakable rules and inflexible conditions, but even after the fiery chemistry between them ignites, she struggles to prove to him she is nothing like the woman who jaded him for life.

Heartbroken, Kayla decides on a vacation to help her peace of mind—and ends up at Sandy Ridge. With danger hot on her heels, can the man she turns to first recognize Kayla for who she is? Will he give her the chance she needs to let him know she wants him without condition, before it’s too late?




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Detective Ford’s gaze dropped to her mouth. “I can’t do this again.”

“Do what?” Kayla whispered even though he spoke as though to himself.

A muscle in his clenched jaw ticked, and it took him a few seconds to answer.

“Get involved.”

I’m not her, she thought to argue, but what did he know beyond the truth of her life? A rich young woman over ten years his junior whose daddy spoiled her rotten… Thinking he might turn on his heel and walk out without her even getting a chance to taste his lips twisted Kayla’s stomach.

“I don’t want a house and the picket fence, Detective.” The words spilled from her.

“Jacob,” he murmured, his gaze still on her lips.

“I don’t dream about rainbows and unicorns, Jacob,” Kayla whispered, her mind set on having him, giving her more boldness than usual. “I dream about your skin pressed against mine. Your mouth on my body, giving me what I want.”

He blinked, his gaze jerking up to her eyes, and he lifted his chin just enough, it felt as though he peered down at her. “Tell me what you want, Kayla.”

Alpha and commanding… yes, please. Emboldened, Kayla looked up at him through her lashes.

“I want you to fuck me.”

Jacob worked his jaw and thank fuck, lust rose to shimmer in his eyes.

“I’m not a gentle man.”

“I don’t want gentle.”

“I don’t do the cuddle and pillow talk bullshit after fucking a woman.”

All in, Kayla wasn’t about to hold back.

“Can’t cuddle and pillow talk if you bend me over the table in the back room.”

The man didn’t even flinch. “Conflict of interest, then.”

Kayla huffed a snort and dropped her arms, determined to win her way into the damn man’s slacks. She approached on trembling legs, her heartbeat pounding in her chest. His gray striped tie beckoned to her, and she slid the material between two fingers, trailing downward until she reached the end. Her fingertips rested on his belt buckle, and she lifted her gaze.

“Bullshit excuses,” she whispered.

His breath left in a rush, fanning her face with the scent of wintergreen.


“Jacob.” She quirked the corner of her lip.

War raged in his eyes, tensing his body looming over hers. That jaded, he probably hadn’t been intimate with too many women since his ex.

“Can I touch you?” she asked, breathless as hell and soaked through the bit of satin covering her throbbing pussy. Kayla slowly slid her hand downward, and when Jacob didn’t stop her, she found his cock, hard and heavy along his left thigh.

“You want me.”

His lips pursed, and Kayla squeezed his impressive girth, drawing a groan from his chest deep enough his mouth parted.

“Yes.” The whispered confession left his lips, and he grabbed her, yanking her full against his body. He crushed his mouth to hers before her held breath escaped, his soft yet demanding lips spinning her head. One hand fisted in her hair, Jacob tilted her head, thrusting his tongue between her lips.

Kayla moaned and sagged against him as his tongue swept along hers, tasting and devouring exactly as she’d hoped.

© Lynn Burke 2018


Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.










Upcoming Releases for Jessica Coulter Smith

Brides Newsletter Banner 1-6

Nothing is set in stone, as far as dates being assigned. However, that being said, I just completed Intergalactic Loyalties #4 (Fated) last night and hope to have it to my editor no later than May 21st. If all goes according to plan, it will release in July 2016. It is under contract, but the release date will depend on edits and such. The cover art request has been turned in, but I won’t have a cover until closer to release.This isn’t the official blurb, but it will give you a little insight into the book:

This isn’t the official blurb, but it will give you a little insight into the book:

There is but one thing a Tourmalane prince wants above all else—his mate. When Lyros finds Roux on a floating brothel, he knows he must rescue the small human female. She’s alluring and yet her shyness intrigues far more than any bold beauty could have. Lyros wants to shelter her, protect her, and make her his in every way. But what if all he’s feeling is lust and not the mating pull?

When a bit of trouble on his world requires him to make a trip to Earth, he asks Roux to go with him. Once he comes to terms with the fact that she’s truly his, he will stop at nothing to claim her. As they explore her world, and one another, Lyros can’t help but fall in love with the enchanting woman he can call his own.

With a baby on the way and the fate of his world at stake, Lyros knows he must return to Tourmalane, even though Roux has fallen in love with Paris and would like to stay. Without future generations, his planet will die, as no females have been born in over twenty years. Torn between his duty as a prince and his duty as a mate, he is relieved when Roux decides to call Tourmalane her home, giving up the wonders she’s discovered on Earth.

Just when Lyros thinks he has everything figured out, Roux gives him yet another surprise. Happily-Ever-After has never felt so good.

If you prefer the Intergalactic Brides series over Loyalties, don’t despair. I’ll have another Bride book out, hopefully, by September. I have one started, but it’s still coming together in my head, which means I don’t have a blurb yet. I’m also working on another Interstellar Love Agency story, which I hope to have out by August if not sooner.

I know, it’s a lot of sci-fi. I am, actually, writing some non-science fiction books, just not under the name Jessica Coulter Smith. I have a sweeter heat level pen name for Young Adult and New Adult stories that either have no sex or closed door sex scenes (which means the sex is alluded to but not actually seen). For those of you who receive my newsletter, you know I’m talking about the name Charity West. I’ve completed two stories under that name, one of which is published (The Boyfriend Deal) and the other has been submitted to a publisher. I have a third story going under that pen name, but I’m not sure when it will be finished.

So, that’s my plan through September. At least three more alien books, and depending on how things go possibly another Charity West book. Just know that schedule isn’t set in concrete. Life happens (I lost my grandmother in March, as an example) and sometimes it derails my writing schedule. But if it’s at all humanly possible, you’ll have a book from me at least every other month (starting with Cailtlyn and the Alien Protector on May 20th).

Alien ProtectorFinalSmall

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From hot, sexy, and available to single dad, this firefighter’s life’s going up in smoke.

When Cosmir had a one-night stand all those years ago, he never dreamed that there would be consequences, but one look at small Katy’s face and he can’t deny that she’s his. His life is hectic and full of danger, but like it or not he’s now responsible for someone other than himself, and he works hard to carve out a place in his life for the adorable toddler.

Caitlyn has already felt the burn from loving a fireman once and she refuses to do it again. When a fire claims everything in her life, she’s forced to accept an offer she would have never otherwise contemplated. Moving in with Cosmir not only gives her a place to sleep — other than her brother’s couch — but she’s able to live with him rent free, in exchange for watching the enchanting little girl with the pansy colored eyes.

What starts as an arrangement of convenience turns to something more as the three spend more time together. Cosmir begins to wonder if the woman of his heart has been right under his nose the entire time, and Caitlyn realizes that sometimes you have to give love a second chance.

SPOTLIGHT: Protected


Protected, Warriors of the Light 3

Written by April Zyon

Published by Evernight Publishing

Cover and artwork by Jay Aheer with Simply Defined Art


Purchase Links

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About the book

~Editor’s Pick~


For the first time in her life, Vivian Duffy is pushing herself to the limits of her abilities. With people dying in her city she seems to be the only one willing to dig for the answers when the evidence isn’t making any sense. But when her sister fits the profile of the killer’s victims, Viv knows she may need to make some hard choices.

Jason has walked the Earth for more years than he cares to remember. Always with the singular goal of ensuring the safety of all the humans around him. Meeting the woman who was meant to be his was never even a consideration for him, not until Vivian crosses paths with him at the scene of a murder.

The danger is growing around them, and with the fate of his woman on the line this Argonaut will do whatever is needed to keep her protected.

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing


Excerpt – G Rated –

Dropping his carry-on at his feet, Jason stretched his arms over his head. The flight into Seattle had been damn long. They’d had to make an impromptu landing when one of the passengers had gotten out of hand. Then there was a wait while the local police had pried him and his pissed off wife from the plane.

There’d been further delay when a storm had blown in, leaving them sitting on a runway for another three hours. Finally, they’d made it into the air during a break in the squall and were back on their way.

It had been a very long day in the air and on the ground. He was where he needed to be, though. Now all he had to do was find James so they could get their behinds moving. Which, knowing the cowboy as he did, the other man would likely be in the nearest bar. Grabbing his bag, he scoped out the area and spotted the one that would call to the Wild West gunman.

Too easy. Rolling his eyes, Jason slung the duffel over his shoulder and made his way to the tavern. Inside, he spotted James easily. The man was holding court with a gaggle of women, who were all drooling over his authentic accent. Why Mercury had thought putting the two of them together on a mission was a good idea, he’d never figure out.

Reaching the table, he dropped his luggage again. “James.”

“Jason!” James popped to his feet and came around to hug Jason, pounding his back. “Good of you to join us. Ladies, this is Jason. Jase, these are the ladies. They’ve been keeping me company while I waited for your flight. I heard ya’ll had a bit of trouble, got stuck through a bit of a storm. Bad luck, that.”

“Yeah, to say the least.” Jason gave a slight bow to the women. “Which means we really should get going, James. We have a job to do, and I’m sure you’ve had more than your fair share of drinking already today.”

“Right, true enough,” James said with a nod. “Sorry, ladies, but the man has a point. So, if ya’ll want to give me your numbers, I’ll call each and every one of ya’ll as soon as I can.” He leaned over and grinned at a blonde. “Especially you, sugar.” He handed off his phone and collected from all six.

When he had gotten his cell back, plus a few kisses, they paid his tab and went to collect the rental car. Passing James the folder from Mercury, Jason settled behind the wheel and got them moving.

“Shit, this here’s rather thin,” James said.

“I know. There’s not a lot to go on. A few really old cases that may or may not be related, and then the two newest ones. I don’t have a clue if this is anything more than a wild goose chase.”

“Damn,” James breathed. “Well, I guess all we can really do is check them out and see if it was human killings, or if it was more. Really wish these assholes would leave us calling cards. Be so much easier in the long run.”

“Yeah, just what we need. The evil ones leaving calling cards at their murders. Then we’d have the feds on each of the cases, looking for a serial killer that apparently hops from one end of the country to the other and back again. Somehow, I don’t see that as something that would work out well for us.”

“No, I guess not,” James muttered. “So, which one do we want to look at first?”

“Given where we are, we’ll look at the scene that was out north of Jefferson Park Golf Club. It’s the closest,” Jason answered. “After that, we’ll head to the one that happened in the Lower Queen Anne district. I doubt there will be much left after all this time, but you never know.” They could get lucky, though he didn’t hold out much hope for that. It hadn’t done him a lot of good over the years.

Twenty minutes later, they were studying the scene a block north and slightly east of the golf club. As he’d surmised, there wasn’t a lot left beyond some scraggly pieces of police tape and stains on the concrete.

But Jason wasn’t really interested in the scene itself. It was what was around that counted. Moving to where the body had been found, he turned his back. He wanted to know what the victim, a young woman by the name of Katy, had seen in her last moments.

It wasn’t a horrible area, not by a long shot. A little wear and tear, but nothing that jumped out and screamed “worst neighborhood on the planet.” There was some graffiti, but again, nothing that stated they were in gang territory, or a place most folks wouldn’t enter in the middle of the afternoon, let alone after dark.

For all intents and purposes, it was an average area, in an average American city, with nothing to make it stand out. Except for one thing. “We need to get Helen to pull the video feed from the night of the murder.”

“Wouldn’t the police have done that already?” James asked him.

“Possibly, likely even,” Jason said. “They’re not us, though, and they may not see what we will. Most humans don’t want to acknowledge the strange and unusual. Their minds automatically cover it up, and they play it off as a trick of the light, a shadow, or something else that allows them to sleep at night.”

“Good point.” His partner nodded. “Well, we might as well head to the next scene. Maybe there will be video around there, too.”

Jason was hoping so on the drive into Lower Queen Anne. They needed a break on the case, if there really was one. Reaching the corner of West Republican Street and Second Avenue, they found a parking spot. Jason climbed out of the SUV and looked around. Apparently, luck was on their side this time. “We have cameras,” he announced.

James nodded. “So I see. I’ll call Helen and get her to do her thing. Be nice to know if we’re just dealing with a regular old killer or a monster. Not that a regular killer is all that great, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.”

While James made the call back to the Mountain, Jason headed for the alley between buildings, where the murder had occurred. Ten feet in, he stopped. The police tape that remained was in slightly better condition than at the last spot. Turning, he gazed up at the buildings on each side.

A lot of windows, but given what was in each building and the time of night the young man, Vern, had been killed, there wouldn’t have been witnesses. Unfortunately, he didn’t think the video would be all that helpful, either, given where the cameras were located.

Walking back out to the street, he headed for the truck and James. The cowboy was off the phone and lounging back against the bumper, checking out women as they went past.

“Tell me you’re not checking out women on the street?”

“All right, I’ll tell you I’m not checking out women on the street,” James answered. “Even though they are damn fine.” He nodded to another one, receiving a smile in return.

“Anyone ever mention you are—what is that quaint saying? Ah yes … you are a dog,” Jason said.

“Woof.” James grinned at him. “We done here?”

“Yes, there’s nothing to see. We’ll need to hope we get some video. Did you contact Helen?”

“She’ll be pulling it as soon as she can. She said she had to find it first but will call as soon as she has something for us.”

“Good,” Jason said. “We might as well go to our hotel. I doubt we’ll get anything from her today, and I’m starving. They didn’t even have those little pouches of peanuts on the flight.”

“That’s because everyone’s all paranoid by the rise in allergies. They ditched the peanuts off flights, banned peanut butter from schools, and are coddling everyone. Too many people have turned into pansies. It’s deplorable,” James muttered with a sneer.

Jason wasn’t about to argue with him. Climbing into the truck, he put it in gear and got them moving toward their hotel. Food, a shower, and then sleep. In that order.



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The Encounter by Jacey Holbrand

I’m so excited! My story The Encounter is now available!

The Encounter is the first book in a series I’ve started called: The Agency. An ‘advertisement’ for The Agency goes something like this: “Seen a ghost? Have issues with a poltergeist? Experienced a close encounter? If you’ve come across something odd and don’t know what your next step is, call The Agency. We’re here to help you regarding your supernatural needs.”

Cool, right? (: I’m currently at work on the next few stories in this series, but for now check out The Encounter available from Evernight Publishing.



The Encounter ~ The Agency by Jacey Holbrand

Publisher: Evernight Publishing  ( Twitter ID: @evernightpub )

Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary, Urban Fantasy, Gay, Erotic, May/December

Heat Level: 3

Word Count: 17, 775

ISBN: 978-1-77130-909-7

Editor: Tricia Kristufek

Cover Artist: Sour Cherry Designs


About the Book:

The Agency, 1

Evan ‘Zen’ Zenas is the top agent at The Agency and is known for his brusque demeanor. He’s also known to be tough on trainees. Those who find themselves under his tutelage usually don’t last long. When he’s assigned a new assistant, Seth Trivos, Zen’s faced with questions about his past he’s not too keen on answering.

Seth Trivos knew Evan once upon a time, loved him even, but when Evan disappeared, he unknowingly broke Seth’s heart. Now, he’s in Evan’s world as the newest recruit at The Agency, and he’s looking for answers.

Will Zen chase away another new assistant because he doesn’t want to open up about a past encounter or will being forced on a case together make him face the demons he’s been trying to hide from?

Be Warned: m/m sex



Zen threw his arms around him in a tight hold and claimed his mouth with wild abandon. Seth’s head reeled. He couldn’t believe he and Zen were kissing. Granted, it wasn’t anything like the soft moments and slow love making he’d imagined over the years, but he’d take what he could get at the moment.

Zen moved his hands up and down Seth’s back. The heated touch under his jacket and over his shirt seared his skin in a delightful way. Zen’s lips pressed upon his almost too violently. He swept his tongue out, forcing Seth to open his mouth.

Seth adored the taste of him, salty and spicy, and his scent of leather and earth as well.

God, for so long he’d waited to have Zen in his arms, his body close. Zen’s lips trailed down his neck. Seth reached up and cupped the back of Zen’s head. Zen pulled at his shirt, tugging it from the confines of his pants without breaking the kiss. In the process of kissing him, somehow Zen was able to unbutton and unzip both their pants and free their cocks out of the openings.

Desire rushed through Seth, clawing at his insides. Zen clutched at him like a drowning man scrambling for purchase on any floating thing to save him from the watery depths. Hands traveled over his shoulders, up his shirt, feeling all the nuances of his chest and back down to his rock-hard cock. The man held their dicks against each other, and Seth sucked in a long stream of air. The feel of their two satiny lengths rubbing together was a heady sensation.

Zen turned their bodies and laid them down. He stretched over Seth. Seth loved feeling the weight and heat of Zen’s strong body atop his. Still, Zen continued to kiss him, and he continued to surrender to the demand of Zen’s mouth.


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Author Bio

Jacey Holbrand believes love comes in all forms and should be celebrated. She’s committed to her muse and writing so she can share those kinds of stories with readers. Hot days. Sexy nights. Come play in her world.

Jacey loves to hear from readers! Click the link to eMail her:


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Entwined – a sneak peek

A noise startled her awake. A quick look around showed that the suns were setting. Another crash downstairs had her jolting upright. Was that Bane?

She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood slowly, making sure they would hold her weight. Surprisingly, she felt almost a hundred percent better. Whatever the doctor had given her to wake her at the hospital, combined with the food she’d had and the nap she’d taken, had done wonders for her.

She heard a chittering sound and frowned. Bane didn’t have pets that she knew of. Deciding to be brave and investigate, she made her way downstairs only to stop in open-mouthed shock at the sight before her when she’d reached the bottom step. She had no clue what the furry critters were that were bounding around the lower level, but they were blue with swirling pink eyes, pointed ears and bushy tails. They kind of reminded her of the squirrels on her home planet, if squirrels were the size of small dogs. At the moment, the beasts were intent on wreaking havoc on the few knick-knacks Bane had scattered around his home. She cringed as something else crashed to the ground, shattering on impact.

Ariana stepped further into the room. “Stop it!”

The chittering stopped. A dozen beady eyes focused on her. Was it her imagination or did the one by the window just lick its lips? What exactly did an alien squirrel eat? She hoped to God it wasn’t people.

They began to converge on her, creeping along, their eyes intent on their prey. Should she throw a stick? Did they play fetch? Looking around for an escape, she saw that they had maneuvered behind her and blocked the stairs. The path to the front door was clear, but she didn’t have the alarm codes. As the creatures inched closer, those eerie eyes glued to her, she realized she had little choice but to make a dash for the yard and hope they scattered when they hit the outside.

Sprinting for the door, she burst through it, alarms blaring. She’d just cleared the walkway, with a dozen blue fur balls of fury on her heels, as Bane zoomed into the driveway. He looked startled at first and then amused. She didn’t see the humor in the situation. A bunch of overgrown neon rodents were about to devour her. Where was the humor?

She ran for him and launched herself into his arms.

“I take it the zirrels got into the house again,” he said, a trace of laughter in his voice.

“Zirrels? Is that was that those things are called?”

He nodded. “We actually engineered them from the squirrels on your planet about fifty years ago. One of our warriors saw them, thought they were cute and brought some back with him. Something went horribly wrong with the cloning process though, and that’s what we ended up with. They’re mischievous, but they won’t harm you.”

“I’m not convinced. They chased me from the house! Did you see the looks in their eyes? They wanted to eat me!”

Bane laughed. “They eat plants, and occasionally get into my kitchen pantry and eat my fruits and vegetables I have stored there. They have the ability to shift from one place to another, sort of like teleporting so walls aren’t a deterrent.”

“Are you trying to tell me those fur balls from hell can just come in the house whenever they want?”

His smile broadened. “Pretty much.”

She shivered.


Entwined (Intergalactic Loyalties #1)

by Jessica Coulter Smith

Published by Changeling Press

Available February 6, 2014

Buy Link:


She’s his everything, and he’s nothing without her.

Bane has wanted Ariana since the first moment he met her, except she belongs to his brother Arko. When a tragedy happens, Bane steps forward to claim Ariana as his own, but Keshpan law states a slave can never be a bonded mate. That isn’t going to stop Bane from loving her every day for the rest of his life, though.

When Ariana is kidnapped by space pirates, Bane is determined to rescue her, no matter the cost. But things are getting bad back home on Keshpa. A political storm is brewing that just may rip Ariana from his arms the moment he returns with her. Bane will walk away from everything he knows to have the woman he loves by his side.

The next Ashton Grove Werewolves book is here!

Book 6 in the Ashton Grove Werewolves series releases this month! I know it’s been a long time coming, and hopefully you won’t be disappointed. I struggled with this one, deleting it and starting over several times. I know some people are going to be angry with me by the end of the book, but just remember that everything happens for a reason.

Moonlight Warrior AGW6 cover small

The Ashton Grove pack has been on the verge of war for months, and now the time has arrived. The Skulls of Hell are on their way to the small sleepy Georgia town with destruction on their minds. But a new voice in the pack wants to know why.

Kendall Wright has lost one battle with the Skulls already and she isn’t anxious to face them again, but as Colin’s mate she knows it’s her place to fight by his side. But if she’s going to forfeit her life for the good of the pack, she wants to know why.

Colin has to admit his mate brings up a good point. Why travel such a great distance to wipe out a small pack of werewolves? There’s nothing special about the Ashton Grove pack, or is there? Can the mystery be solved before the war begins?


Kendall leaned against her car and tried to get a signal on her phone. She was stranded in the middle of nowhere with no way to contact anyone. Her car had died and refused to start again. She fought the urge to smack her phone against the car. Not only did she not have any reception, her 4G was out as well. Not that the internet did her much good, but at least she could’ve emailed her friend and hoped he got the message. If it hadn’t been daylight, she would’ve just shifted and found the nearest town. Then again, she’d be naked when she shifted back so maybe that wasn’t such a great idea.

Just when she was giving up hope, she heard a loud engine. Shading her eyes from the sun, she smiled when she saw a large truck rumbling her way. With any luck, the owner would be a guy. A guy knowledgeable about cars, she amended. Maybe she’d be on her way in no time!

The truck pulled over to the side of the road just behind her car. But as the doors opened, she realized her mistake. She should’ve waited for them inside her car. Now she was in the open and exposed. She watched as five of the hardest looking men she’d ever seen got out of the vehicle. Despite the hot June weather, three of them wore black leather jackets. She had a really horrible feeling about this.

The way they moved told her they were something other than human, but she wasn’t sure exactly what they could be. They didn’t smell like shifters. There was a foul, almost rancid, smell coming from them and it made her want to gag. She edged closer to the driver side door of her car, wondering if she could make it in time, but one look at the approaching men put a nix on that idea. They were too close and she had a feeling they were faster than they looked.

They circled her, penning her in, making her feel like a trapped animal. Her other half, her animal half, yowled in protest. She could shift, but that would only make her more vulnerable. Sure, she’d get in a few good licks, but her cat was small and they would overtake her quickly. There was little doubt in her mind that the more she fought them, the more pain they would inflict. Now that they were closer, she could see the evil lurking in their coal black eyes. There was only one type of being with eyes like that – a demon. The skull and crossbones on the front of the leather jackets gave her a clue as to who she was dealing with.

Fear snaked through her, seizing her. They tightened their circle, closing in until they were near enough to touch her. Her brain was telling her to flee, but her body was locked in place. A tremor ran down her spine, shaking her from head to toe as the leader reached out to touch her, running his fingers through her spiky red hair. Another ground against her from behind and she nearly wet herself. What were they going to do to her? Would she survive?

“Tie her up,” the leader commanded.

The demon behind her grabbed her hands, jerking them behind her back. Another produced a length of rope and tied them together, nearly cutting off her circulation. Next, they tied her feet and she was slung over someone’s shoulder and carried to the truck. Dumped in the bed of the truck, one of the demons launched himself into the back, presumably to keep an eye on her. As if she could escape like this! Bound as she was, it would be impossible for her to shift. Had they tied her on purpose, perhaps knowing she was a shapeshifter?

She stayed silent, not voicing the multitude of questions she had, doubting that she would receive any answers and would most likely be punished for daring to speak. Her heart raced as the worst possible scenarios tumbled through her mind, one following the other in rapid succession. They hadn’t gagged her, which meant they didn’t care if she screamed, perhaps even wanted her to. She didn’t know a lot about demons, but what little knowledge she did have told her she didn’t have a prayer of escaping. They would torture her, and possibly kill her, but one thing was certain, she would not give up her soul. With there being five of them, chances were, they didn’t even want it. Which meant they’d captured her strictly for torture.

Bile rose in the back of her throat and she forced it down. She didn’t want to show any signs of weakness, no more than she already had. They would try to break her, and if she gave in too soon, if they thought for one moment they’d already accomplished their task, her life would be forfeit. And she wanted to live! Oh how she wanted to live. There was so much she hadn’t done yet, so many places to see, people to meet. There weren’t many who would miss her if she were to disappear. She had one close friend at home, a guy that really fell into the “friends with benefits” category, but there was no love between them. She’d never been in love and the thought saddened her.

She felt the truck bump along and looked up. The sky gave nothing away, but the position of the sun seemed off. Had they gone off-road? She broke out in a sweat at the thought of being taken further into the desert, where no one would hear her, no one would find her. They would be completely isolated, left to do to her whatever they pleased without interference. Not that a mere human could stop them even if they tried. No, maybe it was better this way. At least she would be the only one at their mercy.

After what seemed like hours, but was surely only twenty minutes or so, the truck came to a stop. The demon beside her rose and hefted her over his shoulder. Once more, she was looking at the world upside down, mostly seeing his denim-clad rear. A sight that made her ill. After stepping around a cactus and a small rock formation, she was dropped, her bones rattling as she landed on the hard ground.

Looking around, she resigned herself to her fate. They’d bolted manacles in the rocks, the perfect way to detain their prey, and an assortment of tools lay nearby. The sight of a branding iron made her flinch and she hoped and prayed that she either passed out before they used it, or that her life would cease before then. She didn’t think she could handle the pain of such torture. The other items didn’t look pleasant either, but they didn’t terrify her as much as the thought of her flesh burning, of being marked for all eternity as their plaything.

One of the demons, whom she’d come to call demon 3 in her mind, cut the ropes binding her and dragged her over to the rock. Snapping the manacles in place, he ripped her shirt, dropping the shredded garment to the ground. Cutting her jeans from her body, he gave her a salacious look that made her skin crawl. Left bare except for her skimpy bra and panties, she shivered in anticipation of the atrocities yet to come.

Demon 2 picked up a long whip, the kind she’d always associated with cattle drives and cowboys, and flicked it, making it snap. She flinched, unable to stop the involuntary motion. Demon 4 picked up a large knife that looked like it had been sharpened to within an inch of its life. The others settled in, obviously wanting to observe, and more than likely wait their turn. She didn’t doubt for one minute that this was only the beginning.

The whip sang through the air, the crack making her tense, waiting for the pain to begin. The next flick sent it across her tender stomach, leaving a long red welt in its wake. Kendall clenched her teeth, determined not to utter a single whimper or cry of pain. The whip whistled through the air again, landing across her right breast. She ground her teeth and bit her tongue, each lashing making it harder and harder to keep quiet.

The whip kissed her flesh again and again, harder each time until it drew blood. Demon 4 licked his lips and moved in closer. She knew the real pain was about to begin. The closest she’d ever come to pain was a broken ankle when she was a kid, courtesy of a trip off a trampoline, and a bad cut to her palm when she tried to stop her forward momentum by slamming her hand into a window pane. None of that compared to now. She wasn’t sure anything could have prepared her for this.

The first cut was small, down the inside of her right arm, and made her hiss, despite her intent to remain silent. The demon grinned even bigger, his eyes growing even darker, if such a thing was possible. The blade of the knife caressed her breasts, but didn’t break the skin. He moved down her abdomen and made a vertical cut that stopped just shy of her navel.

Silent screams echoed in her head, making her ears ring. The taste of blood filled her mouth from biting her tongue so hard. The knife moved down her body, sliding over her panties. She broke out in chills just thinking of the damage he could do to her there, but he moved on. Digging the tip of the knife into her upper thigh, he broke the skin and sliced downward, leaving a four-inch gash in her leg.

Unable to stop herself, she whimpered and jerked at the manacles. The demon threw back his head and laughed before tossing the knife aside. She watched as he sat and another rose in his place. The leader brought her worst fears to life. Picking up the branding iron, he plunged the hard metal into an open flame nearby. She watched in absolute terror as the metal turned orange. When the demon was satisfied it was hot enough, he removed it from the fire and approached her, an unholy light in his eyes, his lips twisted in a sneer.

“Not going to make any noise, are you?” he taunted. “We’ll just see about that.”

Placing his meaty hand on her ribs, he held her still as he placed the red-hot iron against the skin of her hip. Kendall did the only thing she could. She screamed long and loud until the pain overtook her and she blacked out.

Shifter Paradise

Not My Shifter

Not My Shifter and Sinfully Cursed are the first two books in a brand new shifter series written by Jessica Coulter-Smith and Kate Allenton.

Paradise Falls is a town where misfits and shifters collide and these are their stories.

Not my Shifter

Devlin St.Claire is a whole lot of trouble, with a badge. Kicking ass and arresting unruly paranormals is all in a day’s work for Devlin. Her hatred for the shifter population has gotten her into more trouble than not, especially with her boss. She’s a little spitfire just waiting to explode on the first shifter who crosses her path. Imagine her surprise when that shifter turns out to be her mate. So what happens when her new mate is accused of not one murder but two?

She has no choice but to fight back the only way she knows how – a bit of detective work and a little brute force. One way or another, she’s going to prove that Jameson Starke is innocent.

As the sexual tension becomes damn near unbearable, only one question remains. Will she be able to walk away from one night of passion, even if his life depends on her staying?

Sinfully Cursed

A wingless fairy, a demon, and a crystal sound like the making of a bad joke. When hardnosed cop, Quinn Montgomery, unknowingly walks right into the middle of a P.I.T.S. investigation where he discovers all three in an abandoned alley, there was no way to prepare himself for how his life was about to change. When a newfound destiny is thrust upon him, he falls into a chaotic world filled with unfamiliar rules and a bossy fairy he’d like to seduce.

Fairy, Parker McKenna, has worked hard her whole life to overcompensate for her short comings. Proving herself everyday by catching the bad guys has become second nature to the P.I.T.S. Detective. When one bad bust goes wrong and a human almost dies on her sting, she deserves whatever punishment she has coming. Nothing could have prepared her for the curve ball thrown her way. With off the charts sexual tension, and a witch’s warning to keep her hands to herself, what’s a fairy to do?

A curse. A family secret. A hidden agenda. Against all odds, Parker will do anything to save Quinn, even if it means saving him from himself.



Devlin narrowed her eyes at the large shifter, his meaty arm pressed to her throat, his bulk blocking out the other bar patrons. The sounds of the raucous crowd hadn’t dimmed since their altercation began, so she doubted anyone was paying them any attention. She knew she shouldn’t have let him goad her into a fight, but she hated shifters, especially werewolves, and hadn’t been able to pass up the opportunity to put big and smelly in his place. He’d gotten in one or two licks but hadn’t done any permanent damage. She’d have a bruise or two by morning, but that’s all.

Shifting her hips, she angled her leg between his, hooking her foot behind his knee. Devlin gripped his arm and twisted her torso, throwing her shoulder into him. She knocked him off balance and took him to the ground. It was a textbook maneuver and would’ve gone down smoothly if the fucker hadn’t hung onto her like he was Velcroed to her ass. A quick elbow to his gut released his hold on her, and she rolled to her feet.

He grabbed her leg with his ham-like hand, his fingers sliding up toward her thigh, and she saw red. Baring her teeth, she drew back her foot and nailed him right between the legs, feeling more than a little satisfied when he dropped his hand to grab his crotch, howling long and loud in agony.

“The next time you grab a lady on the ass, make sure she wants your attention, asshole,” she spat at him. “The amount of alcohol I’d need to consume in order to sleep with you would probably kill me.”

She stepped over his body, now curled in a fetal position, and strolled up to the bar. Signaling the bartender, she ordered a shot of whiskey. Her body was still thrumming with excitement, every nerve alive and screaming for more action. She needed something to calm her down. About the only way she was going to burn off this energy would be a hard night at the gym, or a long night of lovemaking. Seeing as how she was between boyfriends, she didn’t see that as an option. Not that she’d ever truly had a boyfriend. Fuck buddies were more her style. Unfortunately, her last one had decided he’d had enough of playing the field and had gotten married two days ago.

Slamming her shot glass down on the bar, she turned and surveyed the room. The werewolf was still down, but he’d drawn a crowd of sympathizers. More shifters.  Just what she needed. The place was crawling with them. Hell, there was even a vampire at the end of the bar. But she wasn’t here to bust anyone tonight. She’d come to O’Leary’s to kick back and relax, blow off steam. A smile spread across her full lips. She’d blown off steam all right.

Her eyes cut to the werewolf again. Hmm. Trouble seemed to be brewing. Two shifters separated from the group and were ambling toward the bar with her in their sights. One was short and wiry, probably a cat shifter. His spiky hair was gelled to perfection, and his skin held the honeyed glow of a warm tan. The other was taller, with lean muscles and a hard edge to him. His eyes were shifty, his nose blade thin. Werewolf? No, that wasn’t right. He seemed cagey, as if he wasn’t used to being in civilized company. Coyote.

They stopped in front of her, hatred burning in their eyes. The smaller one looked her up and down, his look both lascivious and insolent. It was clear that he wanted her yet didn’t want to want her. Not that she gave a rat’s ass what he wanted. If he laid one finger on her, she’d feed him his teeth.

“Can I help you boys with something?” she asked.

“That was a cheap shot,” the bigger one said. “In a fair fight, you’d have never taken down Big Mike.”

Big Mike? Seriously? She snorted. “Yeah, well, Big Mike cries like a little baby.”

The smaller one gave her a chilly smile. “If you’re so sure of yourself, maybe you’d like to go up against a real fighter.”

“Sure. When one gets here, you let me know.” With a smirk, she turned around, dismissing them. She wasn’t completely stupid though. She could see them in the mirror over the bar and watched as they made a move on her. Spinning around, she kicked out at the bigger one, sending him staggering back several paces. Hmm. Not the result she was going for. He should’ve been knocked on his ass, possibly even been thrown across the room. Her kicks had been known to do some serious damage.

The smaller one attacked, coming at her with a right hook. She brought up her arm, blocking him effectively, and slammed the heel of her hand up into his nose, breaking it. She watched as his eyes teared and he grabbed his broken snout. But she didn’t have time to do anything more because the coyote was on her again.

Everyone had cleared a path for them, giving them more than enough room. A few cheered them on, some yelling for the men to put the bitch in her place. If they weren’t careful, they’d be on her list next. She could do this all night long and never get winded.

The coyote howled and rushed her, his hands out, fingers curved like claws. She braced her feet, bent her knees, and waited. When he was close enough, she dropped her hip and launched a punch to his solar plexus. It didn’t stop him, but it stunned him momentarily. While he was confused, she snapped a sidekick into his stomach, sending him backward several feet.

Devlin advanced on him. He came at her with a swinging punch, but she blocked it and nailed him with one of her own, right across his left cheek. She felt the bone give under her knuckles and smiled at his roar of pain and fury. He launched himself at her, shoving his shoulder into her stomach and knocking her back a few paces, but she didn’t falter. She brought her elbow down hard where his neck met his shoulder. When he released her, she brought her knee up into his face, clipping his chin before he had a chance to raise his head.

The coyote rose to his full height, towering over her five-foot-three-inch frame. Before he could come at her again, Devlin spun, her leg arcing. A moment later her heel connected with his temple, knocking him out cold. The shifter fell to the floor in a boneless heap.

The shouts and cheering stopped as everyone stared in both horror and fascination. One pint-sized woman had just taken out three men – shifters – who were much larger than her. She could tell by their faces that they weren’t sure if they should be in awe or be afraid. Fear worked for her.

“Anyone else?” she taunted. “Is there anyone else who wants to get their ass kicked tonight?”

The crowd moved back, giving her space. They parted like the Red Sea as she made her way back to the bar. Devlin smacked the wood bar top twice, and the bartender slid another whiskey down to her. She caught it easily and threw it back in one gulp. It burned going down, the fire licking its way down her throat and into her chest. Throwing some cash down, she stepped away from the bar and sauntered to the exit, feeling every eye in the place on her.

She slammed her hands against the door, shoving it open and stepped out into the brisk night air. The black stiletto boots encasing her tiny feet clicked on the concrete as she made her way to her pride and joy. As she slid into the candy apple red Mustang, her black leather pants squeaked against the leather seats. Closing the door, she engaged the locks and started the engine, smiling as her baby purred to life.

Tilting the mirror down, she fluffed her long red hair, wiped away a smudge of lipstick, and winked at her reflection, her green eyes sparkling with mischief and mayhem. Her blood was still pumping from the fight, and she wasn’t ready to go home.

A commotion across the lot caught her attention. Two men were arguing, the smaller one gesturing wildly. But it was the larger one who held her attention. He was tall, which was enough to draw her eye, but she found she liked the overall package. Longish brown hair, a tattoo covering one arm, and a glint of something at his ear. An earring perhaps? He had bad boy written all over him.

Devlin licked her lips. If he weren’t in such a heated discussion, she’d get out and go introduce herself. She needed a diversion tonight, and she had a feeling he’d be more than adequate in the sack. Just looking at him set her on fire.

Mr. Lickable hefted the smaller guy by his neck, and she wondered if she should step in. She reached for her door handle, but her phone went off, the ringtone indicating it was the chief. Tearing her eyes away from the scene before her, she answered the call.

“St. Claire,” she said, holding the phone to her ear.

“Do you want to explain to me why I just received a call from O’Leary’s that you’ve been in a bar brawl with not one but three shifters?” the chief yelled into the phone.