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Happy publication week to author Cassandra Diviak! Both books in the Laws of Love duology are now available!

Love on the Docket

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Enemies to Lovers

Publication Date: November 20, 2023

A prosecutor. A defense attorney. An unexpected love story of second chances and taking risks.

JANUARY QUINN has lost her groove. Her career as a prosecutor crossed the five-year mark, and she questions whether applying for an internal promotion in the office is worth her time. Her social life consists of bad double dates with old friends and solitary hours spent with her dog. But when she uncovers an unresolved bucket list from her late mother, she resolves to get her groove back and live life fearlessly as her mother would want for her.

How to do that? Scoring the coveted promotion. But beyond the internal office competition, the universe seems keen to throw her into the path of her least favorite defense attorney more often than desired—Dean Yearwood.

DEAN YEARWOOD has everything all figured out. Within the year, he expects to make associate at one of the best criminal defense firms in the state. His social life keeps him satisfied, and he makes enough money to live the dream. However, his family worries about his lack of a romantic relationship and intentions of finding someone. Dean has no intention of changing his mind unless he meets someone who checks off all the boxes.

Yet, the one woman who comes remotely close hates his guts with a fiery passion, too much of a risk to gamble on. Dean swears the feeling is mutual because January and he would rather die than imagine each other as anything but opponents on opposite sides of the law.

But when their paths continue to intersect in meaningful ways beyond the courtroom, the lines between enemies begin to blur. Whether the mutual hatred can stand will be left to the jury of their hearts.

Love thicker than Water

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Enemies to Lovers

Publication Date: November 20, 2023

When a charming attorney encounters a newly single woman saddled with the difficult task of guardianship, he must do whatever it takes to keep the line friendly.

NINA BYNDEL struggles to see the silver lining in the cards she’s been dealt. After losing her sister in a freak accident, Nina is appointed the guardian of her young niece. That, coupled with a broken engagement to a fiancé she swore would be her forever, Nina knows that her life will never be the same.

But when she learns of her estranged family’s intentions to sue her for custody of her niece and their underhanded intentions for doing so, she prepares to fight. She won’t allow the family that turned their back on her sister when pregnant to take her niece, which leads her into the life of one Cole Yearwood.

COLE YEARWOOD is the last man standing in his family—the last one without a life partner. He feels the pressure to find someone, enhanced by his older brother’s wedding fever, but isn’t sure where to start. However, his life is taken over when Nina consults his office for help.

Nina is a dream girl, but Cole knows that neither she nor he should step past a professional line. Yet, he and Nina keep finding their way back to one another in everyday life. Neither are looking for something serious, so being friends seems harmless enough.

But will they stay “just friends” as the court battle for Nina’s niece brings them closer than they’ve been to anyone in a long time?

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Cassandra Diviak is an indie fantasy and romance author, writing in the new adult demographic. Her debut series, The Shadow and Soul Series, is available for purchase now on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble.

Cassandra Diviak

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