RELEASE BLITZ: Its A Wonderful Dog by Keri Salas #HolidayFiction

A Christmas Tail


Animal and Holiday Fiction

Date Published: November 16, 2023

Publisher: Acorn Publishing




It’s Christmas Eve in western Kansas and a snowstorm is gaining
strength as Bear Bailey, a devoted Great Pyrenees, tries to comfort his
beloved owner Mary. She’s in hot water with the local business
villain, and Bear’s earlier altercation with this miser only seemed to
make things worse. When Mary blurts out that she wishes for a different
life, Bear blames himself for her despair and runs away.

Meanwhile Jiff, a Labrador patiently waiting for his own human to meet him
at the Rainbow Bridge, sees Bear shivering alone in the blizzard. Knowing
Bear won’t survive the night without intervention, Jiff agrees to act
as Bear’s guardian angel on Earth. He is determined to show the Great
Pyrenees what the lives of the humans around him would have been like
without his presence over the years.

A holiday “tail” for those who love the season but feel the
deep loss of loved ones (both furry and human), It’s a Wonderful Dog
shines a light on the power of love and community, and reminds us that
miracles do exist.

About the Author

Keri Salas grew up a small town girl with a sense of grand adventure. After
marrying her childhood sweetheart and starting their first business on a
shoestring budget, she went on to spend the last two decades as a life coach
helping others reach their dreams.

The greatest joys in her life are exploring London, snuggling with her dogs
(past, present, and future), and spending time with her husband David.
Though not necessarily in that order. She believes that people will knock
your socks off with their kindness, and life is filled with miracles and
serendipitous events to rival any great fictional book.

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