BOOK REVIEW: The Voices are Back by Lani Lynn Vale #mcromance #newrelease

The Voices Are Back

Gator Bait Series 5

Lani Lynn Vale

RELEASE: April 11, 2023




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About the Book

Her: Just a word, yet one person came to mind.

Morrigan St. Pete.

The woman that’d been hounding my every step since the day she was born. From the moment we first comforted each other in the hospital, to the day that I left her to follow her dreams, I knew that she was my one.

Through marriage, divorce, and a prison sentence, I had low expectations when it came to her ever coming around to my way of life. What kind of woman wanted a man that’d been to prison, had a child that disliked him and everything he stood for, and had zero prospects in life?

But then she popped into my life again, and that feeling of suffocation slacked off for the first time since I let her go.


The first time I tried to come back to Aodhan, I found him married with a kid on the way.

The second time I tried, he was heading to jail.

As one would say, the third time is the charm, right? Wrong.

The third time, he was divorced, fresh from prison, had a kid, and was again with his ex-wife.

That was the final nail in my coffin. I decided to give up.

I would do anything and everything I could to avoid him. Hiding wasn’t beneath me.

I only wish he’d stuck with my plan, because the moment he sees me again, it’s like he’s seen the light. Avoiding him is impossible when he goes out of his way to insinuate himself into every aspect of my life.

If only life was as perfect as my dreams.

My Review – 5 stars

The Voices Are Back was an enjoyable read that hooked me from the beginning. For me, this seemed a little lighter on suspense and action than of Ms. Vale’s books, and heavier on the dramatic. It didn’t detract from the story in any way. In fact, it’s what worked best for these particular characters.

We once again have a perfectly imperfect heroine with health issues. It’s a common theme with Ms. Vale’s books, and one that works for her. I like that her characters have issues more complex than the usual things you find in romances. Despite Morr’s POTS, she doesn’t let it hold her back. Sure, there are things she can’t do without harming herself or others, but she finds a “new” normal and keeps moving forward.

I thought the romance between her and Aodan was so sweet! There was heat, but there was so much more to their love story than just sex. They’d had a connection all their lives. I cheered them on from the very beginning, anxious to see how their happily ever after would unfold.

If you’re looking for a dramatic romance, with a timeless love, and secondary characters that will add to the comedy and theatrics, then you can’t go wrong with The Voices Are Back!

*Disclaimer: I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving a review. The review above is only my opinion.