SPOTLIGHT: Alien Abduction – SciFi Erotica by Eva DeMoan #SciFi #Erotica

I ran away from home at the age of fifteen, only to be lured in by a pimp.

My life has been hell since then.

But not once did I ever consider being abducted by aliens.

Different location, same situation.

I’m still a whore.

Except… these alien males want more than to just get off.

They want to make me come – a lot!

Maybe being abducted by aliens wasn’t such a bad thing after all…

WARNING: For adult audiences only!
Limited plot or character development. This is 100% pure smut!


Copyright 2023, Eva DeMoan

Bright lights hurt my eyes as I came to. My head pounded, and my mouth felt like someone had stuffed cotton inside it. I smacked my lips together and tried to sit up. After the fourth attempt, I realized someone had strapped me down. Everything slowly came into focus, and it looked like I was in some sort of medical facility. What the hell was going on?

Had that bastard sold me as a lab rat? What the hell were these people going to do to me?

“Hello?” I called out, my voice croaking.

A sharp pain behind my ear made me wince as I looked around the room again. Everything appeared to be metal and glass, except the padded table I’d been fastened to. My thighs were parted, and I realized my feet were bound to stirrups. Had they taken me to a gynecologist? Why?

No, you idiot. They wouldn’t tie you down for that.

The cool air on my skin had my nipples puckering. Whoever had taken me, they’d removed my clothes first. I didn’t like being exposed like this, and unable to defend myself. It brought back nightmares of being trapped in the room Bart used for punishment. Shit. Bart. He was going to be furious. If I did manage to get out of here, these people better pay well. Otherwise, I’d be dead anyway.

Someone entered the room, and as I stared at him, my eyes went wide and I knew I had to be drugged. Because there was no way a tall, blue man had just walked in. Bald. Broad as a barn. Naked torso and what looked like scrub pants on his lower half. Barefoot. Muscles bulging everywhere. The longer I looked, the more I noticed other changes to my body. Like the fact, I was getting aroused.

I felt my pussy grow slick, and my nipples ached to be touched. What the fuck? What. The. Fuck??

“You’re awake.” His voice was deep and guttural. “Can you understand me?”


He nodded. “Then the translator works. Good. I need you to answer my questions as I proceed with the exam.”

Translator? Exam? Oh hell. Was I about to be probed by an alien?


Eva DeMoan loves erotica, both writing and reading it. The filthier, and the kinkier, the better. While Eva has always loved monster books and movies when she saw the World of Warcraft movie she fell head over heels for Durotan, the orc Chieftan. That’s when Eva decided to start writing some monster stories of her own.

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