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Not only does Andromeda go where no man has gone before, she resides there. Boredom is null and void in her line of work — the entertainment of space marines who seem more than a little hungry for a warm and willing female form. Yet, something has been… missing. That something might have just strolled through the doors of her station…

Warning: This is a Razor’s Edge Sci-Fi Erotica Story. Expect limited plot and character development, and lots of paranormal heat. If you’re looking for a lengthy plot driven erotic romance, this is not it!

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If there was one thing Andromeda loved, it was a big cyborg space marine. They always had those delicious muscles that made her mouth water. Every one she’d ever met had never refused the optional “equipment” that went with the cybernetics. It always made for one delicious ride indeed.

The station orbiting Earth had more traffic than any other station in the sector. Which meant more space-weary customers starving for a woman than she knew what to do with. But Andromeda wanted a space marine. Besides being starved for a female body, they paid well. They always demanded much, but the perks far outweighed the demands.

“I want to fuck.”

The deep, gruff voice brought her out of her musings. Not that she minded. Looming over her was the biggest, meanest looking space marine she’d ever seen, complete with outer armor and a big gun at each hip.

“Lucky for you, I’m on duty, big guy.”

“Not you,” he grunted. “Not now.”

She rolled her eyes to cover her irritation, crossing her legs and propping her chin on her hand. “Sorry, big guy. We’re busy tonight. It’s me or nothing.”

He looked frustrated, but a few seconds later, he swiped his hand in front of the reader. The scanner deducted the appropriate amount for an hour of her time. Andromeda smiled. She could definitely spend more than an hour exploring, but some was better than none.

“Weapons in the locker.” She pointed to a large storage locker where he could store his suit and other weapons. The man was already working to get himself out of the bulky body armor, eyeing her up and down as he went. As she’d hoped, the enhancement between his legs was a huge bulge contained in the tight under armor he wore underneath his outer suit. “Well, all but that one.” She nodded to his crotch. “We’ll definitely need that.”

Instead of responding, he merely grunted, not bothering to try to hide what looked like a massive erection. Andromeda led him to her assigned room, palming open the door and allowing him to enter first. Space marines liked to check their surroundings before getting comfortable. It was a quirk everyone knew and respected. The marines were all that stood between the civilized worlds and the Soth in the outer worlds. Their survival depended on being careful.

She stayed outside the room until he’d completed his inspection. Then he turned his full attention on her. Excitement coursed through her at his perusal. He looked at her with a mixture of lust and trepidation. It was kind of cute, if irritating.

“I’m not made of glass. I promise I won’t break.”

“You might,” he responded, “but I’ll do my best to be gentle.”

Andromeda chuckled. The door slid shut behind her as she crossed the room to him. She swayed her hips in what she knew was her most enticing gait. “What if I don’t want you to be gentle? I’ve been looking for a space marine to push my limits. Are you the man I’ve been waiting for?” As she spoke, Andromeda let her filmy robe slide off her shoulders.

Again, lust flared in his eyes, but he clenched and unclenched his fists in agitation. “You are tempting fate, woman. You’re too fragile to deal with what I need you to take today.”

“Why not try me? You have an hour. I’ll wager your payment I can take anything you want to enjoy with me.”

“You’re assuming I’m interested in your enjoyment. I’m not a nice man. I’m paying for my pleasure. Not yours.” He sounded almost angry, but Andromeda merely smiled, not in the least bit intimidated.

“If that were true, I seriously doubt you’d be worried about hurting me. Marines may be the most feared warriors inside the sector, but they also adhere to a strict code. I’m betting you take that code very seriously.”

He bared his teeth at her, stripping off his under armor. “Then I’ll take your wager. But, if you survive, I’ll be wanting the rest of the night.”

“Not a problem, big guy. Just give me a good fucking and I may even throw the rest of the night in for free.”