BOOK REVIEW: Songbird by Jenn Larson #childrensfiction #NetGalley #Songbird

A Story About Having the Courage to DREAM BIG!

In Songbird, author Jenn Larson encourages kids to believe in their dreams—even when no one else does. With delightful illustrations and an inspiring message, this book shows kids what it looks like to set a goal and work hard to reach it.

While most birds dream of being seed gatherers or nest builders, Sydney Sparrow has a dream that is a little bit out of the ordinary. She wants to be a great conductor with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra! But when the other birds start questioning her dream, Sydney wonders if she has set her sights too high.

With a little courage and determination—and a whole lot of practice—can Sydney Sparrow turn her dream into a reality?

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Published by National Center for Youth Issues

Book illustrator: Polona Lovšin

E-Book – 9781953945389

MY REVIEW – 5 stars

Songbird is a delightful read that will leave readers full of hope and excitement!

Sydney Sparrow has a dream, different from any other sparrow. Her family and her teacher discourage her from trying to become a music conductor… because sparrows are meant to build nest, gather seeds, and guard eggs. But Sydney refuses to give up, and through hard work and determination, she’s able to realize her dream.

All too often, children (and adults) are told their dreams are impractical. I love the fact this story encourages readers to chase their dreams, no matter what others might think. Anything is possible with hard work and determination.

*Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley. The review above is only my opinion.