BOOK REVIEW: Building a Family by M.L. Uberti #contemporaryromance #agegap @MLUberti_writer

Jamie knows to Daniel she’s just the babysitter for his brother’s children. She’s too young, too inexperienced, too shy for him. But she feels safe when she’s with him, and she wishes they could have more.

Daniel knows he’s too old, too rough, and far too wary for a beautiful young woman like Jamie. She should run away from him and what he wants and needs from her.

Unless they’re both wrong.

Available at Changeling Press

MY REVIEW – 5 stars!

Tension. Angst. And an alpha-hole… Get ready to one-click this bad boy!

I’ll admit there were times — okay, A LOT of times — I wanted to bash Daniel over the head. He was so busy trying to run from his feelings, he didn’t stop to consider how his actions destroyed Jamie each and every time.

Jamie was sweet, loving, and a little too angelic – except when it came to Daniel. She couldn’t resist him, and the two of them nearly set the sheets on fire! But Jamie wants more than steamy nights with Daniel.

So. Much. Drama. But in an awesome way. Building a Family will make you scream, make you cry, and most importantly, it will make you beg for more. Two thumbs up… Five stars… And zero rotten tomatoes for this delightful read.

*Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.