BOOK REVIEW: The Case of the Cursed Crop by Michael Anthony Steele #childrensfiction #TheCaseoftheCursedCrop #NetGalley

When Batman and Mystery Inc. arrive at the same farm outside of Gotham City, they soon find themselves in for the fright of their lives! Every time an eerie fog rolls in, fearsome farm monsters come out to play. Can the Caped Crusader help Scooby and the gang crack this case of cursed cropland before the creepy creatures carry them away?

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MY REVIEW – 4 stars

Cute story for kids who love Scooby and Batman.

Mystery Inc is off to solve another case, this time near Gotham City. They accidentally use the Bat Signal and the Dark Knight arrives. The story just spooky enough to thrill young readers, but not scary enough to cause nightmares. If your children love solcing crime with Batman and mysteries with Mystery Inc, they’ll enjoy The Case of the Cursed Crop!

*Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley. The review above is only my opinion.