No Greater Love

No greater love ever existed. At least, that’s what Draco and Lacey would like to think. When fate stepped in and put Draco in Lacey’s path, it made her realize that despite her current situation and haunted past she still wanted the dream – a man who loved her unconditionally. She wasn’t sure if that would be Draco, but one look in his eyes and she knew her life was forever changed.

Step into the world of Moonspell and experience the love between Draco and Lacey. A love that shows anything is possible.


Her psychiatrist would probably say she was looking for acceptance and love, as she had experienced neither in a very long time. And maybe to some degree she was. But it was more than that. Draco made her feel special. For all she knew, she was just one in a long line of women, but he claimed she was different, that she was his. Those two words — you’re mine — had sounded so wonderful.

“You don’t have to romance me, Draco.”

“Yes, I do. You’re my mate and I want our first time together to be a memory you’ll cherish always. It isn’t like I do this all the time.”

She wanted to ask if there had been many women in his life, but she was afraid of the answer so she kept quiet. He was her first and that was all that mattered. Her first and her last. Her only, if she understood him correctly. What could be more special than that?

“Draco, there’s something you should know.”

“You can tell me anything.”

“I’ve never… I mean, I…”

He stroked her jaw and waited patiently while she found her words.

“I’ve never been with anyone before.”

His lips tipped up in a slow smile. “You’re going to be my first, as well.”

Her eyes widened in surprise and her lips parted. To say he’d shocked her was an understatement. How could a handsome, virile man like Draco be a virgin?

“How? Why?”

“There was never anyone who interested me enough. I’ve only dated a handful of women, and never more than three dates. I was looking for someone, and I couldn’t find her. I was looking for you.”

She wasn’t sure what to say to that. What could you say? It was sweet and romantic. Draco of the sexy body, piercing blue eyes, and oh so kissable lips wanted her and only her. He’d waited for her. It made her want him even more. She was even more certain than before that she was doing the right thing.

“Make me yours, Draco.”


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