Dominguez: Demon Guardians — An Excerpt

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Dominguez: Demon Guardians
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“They can’t harm you, Amara. You’re safe now.”

“How did you find me?” she asked. “How did you know I was in trouble?”

“I’m your guardian. I always know when you’re in trouble.”

Her brow furrowed. “Like a guardian angel?”

I chuckled. “Yes, except I’m a demon.”

“I don’t care if you’re a purple alien. You rescued me. I can only imagine what would’ve happened to me if you hadn’t come along when you did. They would’ve forced me, I’m sure. I was stupid to go with them, but it seemed like harmless fun. They didn’t seem like men who would hurt me.”

“You should never enter into something like that unless you know the person and trust them. You could’ve been seriously hurt tonight.”

She shuddered in my arms.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” I picked up the soap and placed it in her hand.

She swiped the soap down her arms in jerky movements, missing more of her skin than not. Taking the bar from her, I lathered my hands and soaped her skin, using slow, easy motions. I didn’t want to scare her. When I reached her breasts, I wasn’t sure what to do. In a normal situation, I wouldn’t hesitate, but this was far from normal.

Amara took my hands in hers and guided them over her breasts and down the valley between them. As my palms slid down her torso to her hips, her gaze flicked up to meet mine. With her eyes steady on mine, she slipped my hand between her legs. Her pussy was bare and oh so soft. I longed to taste it, to feel that smooth skin against my tongue.

Lust hit me, more mine than hers. I felt uncertainty from her, and from what little I could glean from her thoughts, she wanted reassurance that sex wasn’t about violence. I wasn’t sure what to do… give in to my desire or push her away?

Trying to gain control of myself, I washed her as quickly as possible. The water beating down on us rinsed her almost as fast as I could soap her skin. I held out a hand to help her stand, but instead she curled her arms around my neck. Not knowing what else to do, I embraced her, giving in to my desires. The feel of her soft, supple body pressed tight against mine was creating havoc with my self-control.

“I want you,” she whispered, pressing her lips against mine.

I could do little more than return her kiss, parting her lips with my tongue before delving inside for a taste. She even tasted of sweetness, innocence, all things good. It drove me to want to possess her, own her, make her mine in every way. But she’d already shown she wasn’t up for that. I couldn’t give in to my demands.

“We can’t,” I told her.

“Why not?”

I lightly stroked her throat. “Because the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen was you kneeling at my feet with that collar around your neck. Because I’d want to tie you up and have my wicked way with you. Have you submit to me completely. And it’s obvious to me that you aren’t into that kind of thing.”

She toyed with my hair, and I found I liked it.

“What if I let you do those things to me? What if I said that I wanted that with you, that I knew you wouldn’t hurt me, but you would keep me safe? You claim you’re my guardian, after all.”

I caressed the silky skin along her ribs. “You would trust me that much? Even though we just met? Even after what you’ve been through today?”

“If you’re truly my guardian, you would never bring me harm, right? I couldn’t be safer than I am right now.”


“Then, yes, I trust you.”

Kissing her like a starving man, I shut off the water and lifted her out of the tub. When I pulled back, her lips were swollen and pink, making me want to kiss her again. I reached for a towel and quickly dried both of us before leading her back into the bedroom. Her bed wasn’t very large, but it would have to do, at least, for now. I didn’t want to scare her by taking her to hell just yet. I did, however, wish I had some of my toys, or at least a very good pair of handcuffs or some rope.

A scarf half hanging out of a drawer gave me an idea. I walked over to the dresser and pulled the drawer open. A multitude of scarves were thrown in haphazardly, an explosion of color and texture. Choosing two long silk ones, I turned to her with a smile.


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