Like Magic by Anne Holly


A contemporary/paranormal erotic-romance for Halloween

By Anne Holly

Published by Rebel Ink Press


Ian Hannigan was having the worst day of his life. A real estate prospect turned out to be a prank, his car has been stolen, and he’s stranded in the worst neighborhood he can imagine on Halloween night. If he believed in magic, he would swear he’d been cursed. Nothing could possibly make this day any worse or better… That is, nothing but Raven, a mysterious occult shop owner who not only claims to be a witch, but insists that she summoned him as the answer to her aching loneliness. Ian’s night just got a lot weirder. And his love life just got a lot more interesting.



Excerpt (18+):

It had been one hell of a day.

The leads on development properties that Ian Hannigan had wasted his afternoon tracking down turned out to be bogus. Then the drizzle that had been coming all day had grown into torrents. Finally, as darkness fell, he made his way back to where he remembered parking his car only to discover it gone. His call to the police resulted in an inordinately long response time, so he deduced the Halloween whackos were starting their fun early. The twenty minutes he’d been on hold left him just barely enough cell phone battery left to call a cab that hadn’t arrived. This was how he found himself wandering around in what looked like the worst possible neighborhood for someone wearing a Rolex.

Now, soaked through his conservative suit right down to his underwear from the bitter rain, he sought out a semi-dry refuge to regroup. It looked like his only recourse was to huddle in the deep, covered doorway of a darkened ‘Occult and Curio’ shop to wait in case the police managed to come by. This wasn’t a part of town in which cabs would troll for fares.

When he selected the seemingly unoccupied alcove, he hadn’t expected company. So when the temptingly rounded figure of a young woman appeared to pop up out of nowhere beside him, he jumped. He stifled a small curse and thought to say hello, but she began working her magic on Ian without saying a word. There was a look in her shining eyes that stole the words out of his mouth. When she palmed his stirring cock without invitation, his instinct was to pull away, but the rapid intensity of his reaction seemed to paralyze him. He leaned against the entrance hall in a fog and rode the wave.

The woman was ethereal, dressed in floaty feminine clothing with unbound hair and wild motion. She looked like a red headed angel who’d fallen from heaven just for him. She rode his trouser-clad thigh as if in heat as she traced his neck with her lips. Ian thought it would be ungentlemanly of him to disoblige. Always a savvy businessman, he was never one to turn down a good offer, or perhaps he’d simply gone too long without a woman. Grasping her breast through her hippie linen peasant blouse, he felt where his drenched jacket had soaked her to the skin.

Sex with strangers might have its appeal for some men but it didn’t normally happen to Ian, not since his glory days on the college swim team, in any case. Still, here he was – with what appeared to be a flower-child nymphomaniac plastered to him like some horny variety of a clinging vine. And something in his pulse carried him along without protest. It was out of character for him, he’d always been so cagey and in control, but her passion seemed to overtake him. Perhaps it was recent disappointments or the stress of the day, but Ian was unable to resist.

Before the sex starved siren tackled him, Ian believed absolutely nothing could possibly make this day any better. Just before he captured her unpainted, coral lips and let his animal instincts take over, he thought to bless the taxi driver who never showed up.

He didn’t even know her name, but at that moment he figured it didn’t matter. What’s in a name, anyway?




LIKE MAGIC is available as a single in ebook, and also in Anne’s new Rebel Ink Press anthology, ALL I WANT: THE ANNE HOLLY-DAY COLLECTION.




Anne Holly is a Canadian writer of romance and erotic-romance, as well as a mother and teacher. She has been published by Wild Horse Press, Decadent Publishing, Rebel Ink Press, and Pink Petal Books. You may visit Anne at her blog or website, or find her on GoodReadsFacebook and Twitter  (@anneholly2010). Email: