Winter Reading…

I don’t know about you, but when it’s cold outside I tend to stay inside more than usual. And what’s the best thing to do when indoors? Read of course!

This winter I discovered Michele Bardsley and Gerry Bartlett. Both of these talented women write humorous vampire romance novels. Their characters are as real as you and I, which is what makes them so wonderful.

If you haven’t already read them, give Ms. Bartlett’s Real Vampires series a try. You won’t be disappointed! The heroine is a size 14 vampire who trys to blend with the times… the fact that the heroine wasn’t a size 6 always disparing of her size was a relief! I personally am tired of teensy tiny women in every romance novel you pick up. It’s about time the heroine was the size of a real woman! (not that those born with a smaller frame aren’t real women , but the average size woman in the US is a 12 – not a 2)

In Ms. Bardley’s series, you will fall in love with the characters of Broken Heart, Oklahoma. You can even hear the Oklahoma accent when the characters speak. The women manage to get themselves into absurd situations that will have you laughing from beginning to end, and yet they still manage to fall in love some where along the way – as all good romance heroines should. 🙂

Now, that’s all just the opinion of one person. However, Library Thing has Ms. Bardsley listed with 3.75 stars (average for all of her titles) and Ms. Bartlett has a 3.83 rating with Library Thing. This site will allow you to click on the individual titles to see the reviewers opinions of each book.