February Buy One Get One FREE!

Yep, you heard me right, I said Buy One Get One FREE!  From Monday, February 9th, until Monday, February 23rd, if you purchase a copy of Moonlight Protector, written by yours truly, on either Amazon Kindle or Wild Horse Press, you can receive a free copy of Angel’s Fire, Demon’s Blood, written by Tamela Quijas. Or, vice versa … Purchase Ms. Quijas’s book and you get mine free!

This offier is only good on E-Books!  All you have to do is purchase one of the above titles at Amazon Kindle or Wild Horse Press, email the receipt/proof of purchase to wildhorsepress@gmail.com, and they will send a PDF copy of the other book completely FREE!

Be sure to jump on this excellent Valentine’s Special!

Update with my new publisher …

Things are moving along rather well with Wild Horse Press.  I sold over 40 e-book copies and 1 paperback copy of Moonlight Protector in January.  Since the paperback wasn’t released until later in the month (and paperback sales just don’t seem to be doing all that well right now anyways), I’m happy with the end results for January.  It seems that Moonlight Protector is already off to a good start for February as it has already sold 10 e-book copies this month.


I’ve seen the Wild Horse Press name on several sites, a few blogs, and they even have a MySpace page …  My book was submitted for review at several places, one of which responded with a 5 out of 5 rating (Satin & Lace Reviews) and I’ve seen it posted by Wild Horse Press in more than one group as a current release.  I’m happy with the promotion that’s been done thus far.

Over all, I’m very satisfied with the progress of Moonlight Protector.  2009 seems to be bringing good things my way!

New Publisher

I’m sure we’re all tired of the infamous “publisher hunt.” We find one, think it’s great, then find out things aren’t as wonderful as we thought. So we begin our search again. The plus side? Your books are published by various publishers. Why is this a good thing? Each publisher has their own marketing strategy. By being published by various places, you get more exposure. A good publisher will not have an issue with you submitting to other places (as long as it isn’t the manuscript you sent to them!). 🙂

A new publisher for romance and erotica is Wild Horse Press. You can find them at http://www.wildhorsepress.webs.com or you can google them. They have published my latest novel, Moonlight Protector, and will be doing the whole series. However, Whispering Lake is with Hearts on Fire Books.


Does this mean Wild Horse Press will publish all of my future novels? I’m not sure. I may still submit non-series titles to other places just to keep my options open and get my name out there a bit more. After all, marketing at Hearts on Fire is different than marketing with Wild Horse Press, just as I’m sure the marketing at places like Wild Rose Press and Samhain Publishing is different than other places. Each publisher is unique in their own way.

Bottom line? If you write romance or erotica, check out Wild Horse Press. Yes, they’re new and therefore unknown, but you’ll get a “yes” or “no” out of them quicker since they won’t be back-logged like a lot of places. In addition, you may find they satisfy all of your publishing needs. Worse case? You give them one book and send your next one elsewhere.

Personally, I think I’m going to aim for 3 or 4 different publishers. The more the merrier (or maybe the more publishers, the more insane I’ll become). 🙂 Only one way to find out!