COVER REVEAL: Cry of the Grackle by Lee James #SiFiFantasy

Check out the cover for the upcoming Cry of the Grackle by Lee James!

Cry of the Grackle

by Lee James

Genre: SciFi Fantasy

Let me vanish into the void that bore me. There I will find peace.

Born into the violent confusion of the human race, Rosh is defamed, abused and alone.
Is he destined to save us or die trying?

**Releasing Soon!**

Lee James writes stories of hope and redemption. Whether it’s fantasy, mystery or historical fiction, her beautifully awkward characters traverse a dark labyrinth on their journey to a hopeful end.

She is vehement about the importance of creating and preserving the sanctity of the written word. In that vein, she supports literacy programs and her local libraries.

Most importantly, she supports her fellow writers. When not writing, she enjoys photography, watching The Simpsons, and of course, reading.

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BOOK BLITZ: The Trials of Imogene Sol by C.L. Walters #NewAdult #SciFi

The Ring Academy: The Trials of Imogene Sol
C.L. Walters
Publication date: August 1st 2023
Genres: New Adult, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Imogene Sol has had to work twice as hard for everything she has earned as a cadet at The Ring Academy on Serta. An orphan of notorious parents who killed hundreds of thousands of people in a bombing against the Federation, most people hate her by name alone, others have gone out of their way to make her life difficult. Though she’s managed to acquire a handful of trusted friends over her years at the academy, most of her peers loathe her. But she’s made her mark in the top ten of her cadet class and she’s ready to compete for what’s next.

As the Year Seven Final Trials begin—a series of tests to determine placement within the Federation—Imogene knows all her hopes are riding on her performance. But when she’s framed for an offense that could not only get her expelled from the academy but also incarcerated, Imogene must discover who’s behind the threat against her. When her greatest competition, Timaeus Kade, offers to help her solve the mystery to clear her name, Imogene must decide if she’s willing to trust him. The stakes are high. Only the mysterious saboteur strikes again, justifying she needs his help, proving the stakes aren’t just her future anymore but her life.

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Imogene raced across the room to grab the bo staff leaning against the wall, her opponent just steps behind her. The zip of his staff buzzed the air near her head as she ducked, rolled across the mat, and grabbed the weapon she needed from the holder. She turned and crouched with her back to the wall, wielding her staff to block her attacker. The clack of his weapon against hers vibrated up her arm through her elbow, jarring her teeth, but she ignored the discomfort—she was used to it—and shot forward.

“That’s all you’ve got?” She smirked at her opponent.

Vempur growled, showing his sharp incisors. His stark, black hair curled against his umber-toned temple slick with sweat as he followed it up by stabbing the end of the staff toward her face. His eyes, usually green flecked with sparkles of gold, turned completely black as he swung.

She blocked and went for a jab.

Vempur parried, then swung the staff at her head, once more with a loud grunt and frustrated huff. “You’re too quick,” he snapped.

Imogene smiled at her best friend but subdued the laugh. She knew he wouldn’t take it well in the middle of a fight. Not with everyone watching. Their silent, judgmental gazes were enough of a deterrent to keep Vempur’s temper in check. Besides, she wouldn’t have appreciated his humor at the moment either. There was too much on the line.

“You’re stronger. Taller,” she grunted out as she ducked once more. It wasn’t to feed his ego. “Find my weakness.”

“What weakness?” he snapped, frustrated more with himself than her, it would seem. “You haven’t lost yet today.”

“Exactly. I’m tired.”

Vempur growled, surging forward.

But she couldn’t afford to lose and that was the difference.

She rocked back, arching as the staff narrowly missed her gut, then swung her stick out to catch Vempur’s feet. He jumped and brought his bow down to the mat barely missing her back as she rolled out from under his strike.

“Stars!” Halo Mins—their instructor—yelled across the sparring room. “It shouldn’t look like a dance. It should look like a fight!”

Several of the other Year Sevens in the room snickered, and she knew it was at their expense.

“Shit,” Imogene swore, resetting as she hopped away. “He’s going to knock me down.”

“He won’t. He can’t.” Vempur punched out, and Imogene blocked the weapon. They pushed against one another and locked, resting for a beat. “You’ve dominated everyone today.”

“Not everyone.” She pushed, using her momentum to twist and swing, the pole wide, catching Vempur’s ankles. His giant frame slammed against the mat, and she went in for the kill, feigning a stab into his throat.

Vempur opened his hands against his bow staff in supplication and frowned. “Everyone knows you belong on the leaderboard, Imogene.”

Author Bio:

As a kid, CL Walters, world revolved around two things: stories and make believe. She’s built a real life around those two things: a teacher of stories and a writer of make believe.

With four books now published, she’s looking forward to her fifth release October 13, 2020, a YA Contemporary Romance called The Stories Stars Tell.

Sign up for her newsletter for news, goodies, and fun (

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BOOK BLITZ: Phoenix Rising by Mark T. Wellington #TechnoThriller #SciFi


Action, Adventure, Techno-Thriller, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Military Thriller,

Date Published: May 2023


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Unveiling the latest sensation in the world of Short Form Novels: Phoenix
Rising by Mark T. Wellington!


This high-octane, adrenaline-pumping thriller will transport you to the
year 2035, where mind-controlled space-age drones reign supreme, and one
man’s quest to save the world takes an intensely personal turn.

Immerse yourself in the gripping story of Tony Simmons, a fearless Air
Force major with the extraordinary ability to control three of the most
powerful drones ever created – the Devastators. When his family is
kidnapped, and he finds himself betrayed and hunted, Tony is forced to push
his powers to the limit in a desperate race against time.

Phoenix Rising is the perfect embodiment of the Short Form Novel,
delivering a relentless, fast-paced narrative that will keep you on the edge
of your seat from start to finish. Mark T. Wellington masterfully weaves a
tale of suspense, intrigue, and heart-stopping action, combining futuristic
technology and geopolitical complexities with raw, human emotions.

In this compact literary masterpiece, every page is packed with tension,
danger, and unexpected twists, as Tony navigates the treacherous world of
betrayal, espionage, and simmering romantic tension with his colleague,
Adrianne. As the line between reality and fabrication blurs, Tony must
unravel the shocking truth behind the conspiracy that threatens his life and
the safety of his family.

Don’t miss out on this exhilarating new addition to the Short Form Novel
revolution! Grab your copy of Phoenix Rising today and join Tony Simmons as
he battles insurmountable odds to save his family and uncover the sinister
truth that lies beneath the surface. Are you ready for the ride of your


About the Author

Mark T. Wellington is a US Air Force Veteran with the Electronic Security
Command who held an SCI/SBI Top Secret clearance—his experience in the
military has given him the tools to tell exciting stories. His expertise in
cyber and electronic warfare, as well as his practices in Krav Maga and
kickboxing, inspired his turbulent and exciting novel, Phoenix Rising.

A citizen of the world, Mark’s passport is a mosaic of global experiences.
He has journeyed from the bustling streets of Istanbul to the steep inclines
of Mount Everest, and from the historic heart of Berlin to the vibrant
culture of Barcelona. Having resided in six different countries, he has
absorbed diverse cultures, engaged with intricate art forms, and navigated
awe-inspiring landscapes.

Despite his technological acumen and AI engineering expertise, he is never
one to be confined within the digital realm. His creativity spills over into
his passion for scuba diving, rock climbing, and racing, each providing
unique inspirations for his storytelling. Moreover, his interests in
cooking, gardening, and painting reveal an individual who fully embraces the
blend of art and science, making his work as varied and colorful as his

With his extensive world travels, deep technical expertise, and unbounded
creativity, Mark is a true renaissance man, promising many more exciting
stories to come.


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Author Website


Facebook Group


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BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY: Golden Cord of Light by Heidi Skarie #SciFi

Golden Cord of Light
Heidi Skarie
(Star Rider, #6)
Publication date: June 17th 2023
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction

When darkness descends can a few courageous heroes save their planet?

Princess Morisa’s world is turned upside down. She planned to be a priestess living at a monastery for the rest of her life. But now she’s being sent to a foreign country and is expected to use her special powers to entice the prince to marry her. How can she seduce him when it goes against everything she’s been taught?

Prince Everette is embroiled in the world of politics and rebellion. With his father leaving for war and his mother ill, he’s the regent ruler and head of the military. As if that isn’t enough, he’s expected to be polite to the feisty Princess Morisa, who is staying at the palace for the summer.

Everette and Morisa’s stormy relationship intensifies as the warring world around them erupts. Can they put aside their differences long enough to keep the most dangerous sorcerer in the galaxy from destroying their planet? Or will the galaxy plunge into darkness?

Golden Cord of Light is the thrilling sixth book in the Star Rider Universe. If you like bigger-than-life heroes and heroines, evil sorcerers, space battles, romance, and mysticism, you’ll love Heidi Skarie’s exciting novel.

Buy Golden Cord of Light for an amazing adventure full of passion and excitement set among the stars.

Goodreads / Amazon


A dark shadow moved somewhere above them. Morisa looked up, thinking it was an animal or perhaps a guard who’d followed them. The shape left the cliff top and came flying down toward Baymond. It happened so fast she didn’t have time to react. The being landed on Baymond and they both fell to the ground. Baymond’s head slammed against a rock and he lay still. The other figure, a man, rose and turned to her. In the moonlight, Morisa’s knees weakened as she stared at the huge man before her. His cold eyes held dark power and she instantly knew he was a sorcerer.

She moved past her fears and readied herself for battle.

His fist flew toward her face. She twisted aside and slammed her heel into his gut. He gasped, doubling up, and she kneed him in the chin. Her robe hampered her movements as she dodged away from him.

He came after her and dealt her a forceful kick, sending her sliding across the rocky shoreline. She rolled with the fall, then sprang up and defensively put her fists in front of her face.

The sorcerer sent out a blast of psychic energy that knocked her to her knees. The spell held such power that she couldn’t escape. In agony, she focused on breaking his incantation. Her whole body began to feel hot as she chanted a counter spell. When her power hit his spell, they both flew backward.

Trembling, Morisa rose and pulled her crystal out of her pocket. She held it in front of her, calling upon its energy. Before she could activate it, the sorcerer hit her wrist. The crystal flew out of her hand and onto the sand. He slammed his fist into her temple and she collapsed onto the ground. She rolled onto her stomach, trying to ignore her throbbing headache as she searched for her crystal. He kicked her in the ribs and her side exploded in pain. A cold chill went through her — this was a real fight, not a match. Her life and Baymond’s depended on her skills and training.

Morisa expected to be struck again as she hunted in the dark for her crystal. Instead, she heard movement behind her. Glancing up, she saw Baymond had regained consciousness and fought the sorcerer. She turned her attention back to her search and spotted a gleam of violet light where the moonlight touched her crystal. She crawled forward and grabbed it, then drew on its healing energy to give her strength. Still weak, she looked back toward Baymond and watched the fight in fascination. Baymond moved with a grace, skill, and fluid control she’d rarely seen. He fought on a level beyond mind and body. His strength radiated out from the center of his being as he delivered forceful blows.

The sorcerer’s foot slammed into Baymond’s chest and the youth staggered backward, barely retaining his stance and breathing raggedly. He looked like his body couldn’t withstand much more abuse. Blood flowed from a wound on his forehead and dripped into his eyes. He wiped it aside and blocked another kick, then slammed his fist into the sorcerer’s throat. A killing blow if delivered with enough force, but with Baymond’s declining strength it only knocked the sorcerer to the ground.

As he fell the sorcerer stuck out his leg and hooked it against Baymond’s. The youth fell to the sand, landing hard enough to knock the wind out of him.

The sorcerer was instantly on him and closed his hands around his throat. Baymond struggled frantically to pry open the man’s hands. Morisa concentrated on the power of the crystal. The psychic powers surrounding them had caused it to turn black in her hand. She visualized the crystal clearing as she called on the Lady Mother for help. Soon, she felt vibrating energy and the crystal glowed violet again. She pointed it toward the sorcerer and sent out a beam of light.

The sorcerer cried out in agony as if he’d been stabbed in the back, then he collapsed across Baymond. The crystal’s power sliced back into Morisa’s hand and went through her being like a bolt of electricity. She collapsed.

When she regained consciousness, she saw Baymond’s anxious face above her. “Get up quickly,” he said in a rasping voice. When she pushed her blistered hand against the sand to rise, she winced in pain.

The sorcerer stirred next to them. Baymond grabbed Morisa’s arm and pulled her to her feet. “Let’s get out of here!”

The sorcerer also rose, standing between them and the pathway up the cliff. He raised his hands in the air, drawing on dark powers.

“Get to the ocean. Swim back,” Baymond yelled. When she hesitated, he said, “Run! Now.”

Author Bio:

Heidi Skarie’s life as a writer began when she had a dramatic dream about a futuristic world at war. The vivid dream was like watching an action/adventure movie. Excited about the dream, she recorded it upon awakening. That night the dream continued where it left off. After six nights, Heidi had a hundred-page journal recording the series of dreams. This awakened her interest in writing, which continues to be one of her greatest passions today.

Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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BOOKB LITZ & GIVEAWAY: The Fall of Mu by R. Halderman #SpaceOpera #SciFi


Galactic Pact Series, Book 1


Science Fiction / Space Opera

Date Published: 01-01-2023

Publisher: Bookbaby

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


The Fall of Mu is the captivating first book of the Galactic Pact series.
This multi-generational epic blends science fiction and historical fiction
to transport you to a pre-historic era where humanity built an interstellar
empire. With vivid scenes, rich characters, and chapters that defy
expectations, this book takes you on an exciting journey across the

Michael is sixteen when his homeland is destroyed in a nuclear attack, his
parents are murdered, and he is the one responsible for ensuring his
people’s survival. Throughout Michael’s struggles with alien overlords,
apathetic allies and godlike creatures, we follow him as he discovers what
it takes to lead in a dystopian universe and how hard it can be to cling
onto hope in times of despair. But this is only the beginning!

About the Author

R. Halderman is a fiction writer and engineer with a passion for
philosophy. He is the author of exciting and provocative literature, blazing
a trail for a new style of fiction for a new generation. His writing draws
on science fiction’s past and present to create a unique voice in
contemporary fiction.

You can learn more about R. Halderman at You can also
find him on Gab: @RussellH and Minds: @rhalderman


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BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY: Runners by Justin Hale #Cyberpunk #SciFi

Justin Hale
Publication date: June 27th 2023
Genres: Cyberpunk, Science Fiction

A high octane, cyberpunk thrill ride that will have you hanging on to the edge of your seat!

On the planet Nera, a world of towering metropolises powered by nano technology and controlled by corporations, Mr. Zan and his misfit crew have trained for five years to be Omegas, the greatest and most elusive assassins on the planet. However, disillusioned with their mission, they went rogue and killed their handler, Nancy. Now, they run guns to survive, while racing to stay one step ahead of the living Shadows that hunt them. After a tragic, traumatic attack, Zan and his crew find themselves on the outs with Dietrich Boateng, one of the most powerful men on the planet.

But when Dietrich suddenly risks everything to warn them of a new, dangerous threat, events are set in motion that threaten to spiral out of their control. To make matters worse, Deputy Marshal Akira Sudo is hot on their trail, after a coverup leads her to believe that there is more to this case than meets the eye.

If they can complete Dietrich’s mission, they might secure the tools they need to survive the next Omegas that show up to exact revenge. If they don’t, they might not survive to see tomorrow. For fans of Neuromancer, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, and Altered Carbon, this action-packed, dystopian Sci-Fi romp will leave you breathless and wanting more!

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

Author Bio:

Justin Hale is an author who lives in the Bay Area of California with his wife, Candy, and crazy dog, Maya. He is originally from the small, coastal city of Brunswick, GA and is a diehard Georgia Bulldog football fan. After suffering a mental health crisis, Justin left his full-time job, using his recovery time to finish and release his debut novel, RUNNERS. In his free time, he enjoys video games, watching pro wrestling, and making his wife laugh.

Justin first wanted to be an author at seven years old. He participated in a class project to write letters to The Polar Express author Chris Van Allsburg. The project was to draw a picture of what the students thought Chris Van Allsburg looked like and to write him a small message. Justin drew a grey version of Frankenstein’s monster, writing “I didn’t know what you looked like, so I drew you as Frankenstein[‘s monster], because he is weird and so are you.” His teacher was not impressed, but the experience made him interested in becoming an author, even if it would take 30+ years to arrive at that goal.

Website / Goodreads / TikTok / Instagram

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BOOK TOUR: ReInception by Sarena Straus #dystopian #SciFi @SarenaStraus @RRBookTours1

If you enjoyed the Divergent series or The Uglies, you are going to want to read ReInception by Sarena Straus! Read on for more info and a chance to win a fantastic giveaway!


ReInception Publication Date: October 2022 Genre: NA Sci-Fi/ Dystopian REINCEPTION WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND…whether you want it or not A hundred years in the future, ReInception is used to modify the brain and eliminate unwanted behaviors–everything from overeating to the worst criminal impulses. Unmodified 20-year-old Leandrea Justus feels ordinary compared to her perfect friends who like living in a ReInception world. Not everyone is in favor of modification–some remain quiet, while others are outwardly insubordinate. After a protest turns violent, a rogue member of the serving class known as The Prole saves Leandrea and exposes a new reality to her: The true purpose of ReInception may be far more nefarious than advertised. Now, her free will may be her greatest asset. But Leandrea’s discoveries about ReInception are putting her life at stake. Can she save society or will the secrets she uncovers start a Civil War? ReInception is a fiction-debut, the first in a new, action-filled sci-fi trilogy with surprising twists, and a story that may be closer to reality than we think. Add to Goodreads Available on Amazon

About the Author


I write novels for the curious and adventurous, for people who are intrigued by a “what happens if,” scenario, and who like to explore the outcomes. My characters are ordinary people who find out that they are capable of extraordinary things and discover that one person can truly make a difference. After receiving a BA in art history and political science from Barnard, I graduated from Fordham University School of Law. I then worked for five years at the Bronx District Attorney’s Office (BXDA), where I prosecuted sex crimes and child abuse cases. After leaving BXDA, I published a true-crime memoir, Bronx DA: True Stories from the Sex Crimes and Domestic Violence unit (Barricade, 2006). In 2010, my book sold as a TV Pilot to CBS/Paramount. I’ve gone on to publish numerous legal articles and works of poetry, and I was an editor for a legal magazine. For a few years, I was also a talking head, commenting on current criminal cases in the media on tv and radio. Today, I live in the Hudson Valley, NY with my husband, our two children (also budding writers), two naughty Labrador retriever ladies, and two barn cat boys. I’m now working on sequels to my debut novel ReInception and will keep you posted about them on my site. When not writing or lawyering, I love to scuba dive, take photographs, and travel off the beaten path. I’ll swap diving or courtroom stories with you all day long or happily talk to you about books–writing them or reading them!

Sarena Straus | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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BOOK TOUR: Soul Sucker by Kayla Maurais #YAFantasy #SciFi @RRBookTours1

SoulSucker copy

Welcome to the tour for Soul Sucker by Kayla Maurais! Read on for more, and make sure to visit one of our Bookstagram hosts for a chance to win a hardcover edition and some other bookish goodies!


Soul Sucker

Publication Date: February 17th, 2023

Genre: YA Sci-fi/ Fantasy

If the horror planet they’re trapped on doesn’t kill them first, their sibling rivalry just might . . .

For siblings Dash and Shea, stealing and selling rare artifacts across the galaxy is the family business. Meticulous planner Shea yearns to make her father proud, while chaos comedian Dash secretly wishes to be a normal teen.

When Dash fails to return from a classified heist on a planet in the Realm of Shadows, his negligence falls on Shea, and it’s up to her to rescue him. Again. Locating her brother is tricky enough, but upon her arrival Shea discovers that not only has Dash lost the portal key that was meant to deliver them home, the vile creature he was sent to steal has latched onto him and now feeds on his soul.

To save her brother, Shea must enlist the help of a runaway spellcaster in order to find the cure. Nobody else can guide them across a treacherous terrain filled with viscera-laden rivers and forests lurking with carnivorous predators. Relying on someone else means being vulnerable for the first time. And as Shea’s confidence in herself and her tolerance for her brother’s mistakes start to waver, she must decide what’s more important—being the perfectly-polished leader her father raised her to be, or letting her guard down to save her siblingship and her little brother’s soul.

Add to Goodreads

Get Soul Sucker Here!

About the Author


Kayla Maurais is a Young Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy author from New England. She first started writing creatively when she was thirteen. Since then, she’s gone on to get a Masters in Screenwriting. When she isn’t writing, Kayla enjoys spending time in nature and going on road trips to discover new places. She is also a certified TEFL teacher, birth doula, and an intuitive empath.

Kayla Maurais

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BOOK BLITZ: Resonate by Erin Wilkerson #dystopian #SciFi #YoungAdult @XpressoTours @timebombchica

Erin Wilkerson
(The Avalon Series, #1)
Publication date: May 1st 2023
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Sixteen year old Tamar Linsky has had enough!

After surviving twenty-two devastating quakes on an increasingly unstable Earth, she leaves the slow destruction of her world behind for an internship as far away from tragedy as she can get—humanity’s first lunar colony.

Lunar Base One is a high-tech research facility brimming with the brightest young minds from all over the world, but through it all, she will beat her peers and make a name for herself as a groundbreaking scientist. Even if a good-looking prankster threatens to distract her—knowing relationships are forbidden—bringing more secrets and drama than Tamar can bear.

Just when she thought she was getting a grip on the pressure, a geological catastrophe wipes out civilization back home.

Now cut off from the Earth she was desperate to escape, Tamar and her crew must find a way to survive on their own.

Goodreads / Amazon


River fell, grabbing a firm hold of the rovers bumper while hanging off the side of a hole in the moons surface. A deafening scream followed from the girl.

He caught her outstretched hand. The remote rover and core sample smashed into pieces below. She dangled in a frenzied panic. The rover shifted from their weight. “Don’t let go of me!” she screamed.

“I’ve got you!” he shouted back.

That calmed her a little, but she still whimpered. The rover stopped, hung halfway off the side of the cliff.

He studied it. It wasn’t going to hold much longer.

“Tamar! River? What happened?” Ringo cried out through the commlink.

“Stay back! It’s a cave-in!” River scoured the cliff for a spot he could jump for. If he just didn’t have the princess clinging to his arm, he could get out of here easy.

Big John, Ringo, and Ginger showed up at the edge of the rocky cliff. The three stood motionless.

“Hold onto her River!” Ringo’s frantic voice howled, with his hands on his helmet. Ginger began to radio the control room, explaining what happened.

“I’m trying.” River gripped Tamar’s hand tighter. “Are you going to do something?”

“Let me think!” Ringo screeched back, his hands tense at the sides of his helmet.

River’s eyes narrowed. “This thing’s not going to hold much longer.”

“Ringo, the trekkers!” Big John’s voice boomed. The two disappeared from the edge.

“It’s going to take them both to hold that beast.” Ringo explained through their steady huffs. River didn’t remember the trekkers being close, but at least they were doing something other than standing there.

He examined the pit below, studying the surface. Then, he spotted it.

“Okay listen to me,” he said to the girl, gazing down at her petrified face. “There’s a small patch of soft moon dust off to the right over there. I’m going to toss you onto it.”

“Over there? You can’t throw me that far,” she screamed.

“No, River. Don’t let go of her. We’re almost there,” Ringo shouted.

“Shut it, Ringo!” He softened his eyes, hoping she would understand. “Don’t listen to him, you’ll be fine.”

“River, stop! It’s too deep! We’ve got the trekkers,” Ringo shouted through Tamar’s constant screams and pleas. She murmured a weak, terrified wail, begging him not to do this to her.

Why was she acting like this? Did she think he was a monster? “You want to live, don’t you?” River yelled.

She nodded, gripping his hand so tight it went numb through his glove.

“Then listen to me!” The rover inched forward, its weight crumbling the rock side, and he no longer cared for her permission.

He swung his arm back, focusing on the point of impact, then tossed her toward the dust pile. She flew, screaming the whole way.

Her bottom landed safely, just as he said she would. But time had run out for him. The rover dove off the cliff, leaving him no other choice but to ride down with it.

Author Bio:

“Erin Wilkerson is a writer of YA fantasy and science fiction stories, which often feature fierce, comedic, and sassy female characters ready to take on the world and kick butt. She aspires to hole up somewhere with her manuscripts, writing in isolation for hours, but there is no way that’ll ever happen since she is the proud ringleader of this traveling troupe of rambunctious monkeys. Life swallows up her time, but it makes for hilarious stories to share with her readers. She resides in Texas with her circus. Her debut novel, RESONATE, is set to release on May 1st.”

— Written by close friend and fellow author Ari Augustine.

Website / Goodreads / Twitter

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BOOK BLITZ: Wooded Discovery by B.B. Swan #SciFi #YoungAdult @XpressoTours @BB_Swann

Wooded Discovery
B.B. Swan
(Spellbound Chronicles, #1)
Publication date: April 29th 2022
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

Previously published as Out of the Woods by B.B. Swann.

His senior year just turned magical. Now if only he can win his crush’s affections without getting killed.

Seventeen-year-old Zaidyn Mitchell would rather not be weird. But nothing can be stranger than when the self-proclaimed bookworm wakes up one night, floating several feet above his bed. Still desperate to fit in after his parents unceremoniously unlocked his abilities, all Zaidyn wants is to date the girl of his dreams.

With his magic a little uncontrolled, the budding wizard finally makes a move and promises his beautiful classmate to help stop a construction project from destroying the nearby woods. But when an unknown force attacks and tries to separate them, Zaidyn fears this supernatural world is about to send them to their doom.

Can the teen would-be hero find a way to save them both?

Wooded Discovery is the delightful first book in the Spellbound Chronicles YA urban fantasy series. If you like humor and drama, fun twists and turns, and a dash of danger and romance, then you’ll love B.B. Swann’s coming-of-age adventure.

Buy Wooded Discovery to awaken hidden enchantment today!



The towel I’m wrapped in smells like Mom’s favorite mountain-scented fabric softener. A clean air smell drifts from the wet terry cloth, mixing with the biting scent of chlorine from the pool water in my hair. Both normal smells. Both familiar. Neither helps me relax after hearing their detailed description of what I am.

Mom sits across from me at our kitchen table, sipping from her favorite purple coffee cup. Dad sits in the chair next to Mom. Take out the trash. Pick up your dirty underwear. Oh, by the way, you’re a wizard.

“Congratulations.” Dad toasts me with his cup. “You’ve transmogrified.”

He slurps his coffee. The clock ticks on the wall over the counter. The refrigerator hums as the ice maker kicks on.

And I’m a wizard.

(Note to self: J.K. Rowling was full of crap. Finding out you’re a wizard sucks.)

“What does that mean?” More Latin?

“Changed, honey, into a wizard.”

We sit in silence for a moment. Mom crosses her legs and kicks her foot back and forth, wiggling the table with her. Dad shakes, too, bouncing his knees. Vibrations from their movements travel through the wooden tabletop. Like they’re five and Christmas has come early.

All I want is to wake up from this weird dream, finish high school, and go away to college.

But as much as I want to argue with them, I can’t. Mom froze my body with her mind. I jumped out a window and flew. Dad flew after me. On a scale of one-to-ten, that’s enough weirdness to score a one hundred on the weird-shit-o-meter. Finding out I’m a wizard sounds less insane by comparison.

Author Bio:

BB Swann writes books for the young and the young at heart. She is devoted to giving her readers characters they can relate to who overcome their struggles with hope, love, and sometimes a touch (or two) of magic. After twenty-seven years of teaching, she now represents authors as a literary agent with The Purcell Agency and helps others achieve their dreams—no magic required, but she does feel like a fairy godmother at times. She loves to hear from readers. Visit her website at or find her on social media from her Linktree here.

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