SPOTLIGHT — Unexpected Wife by Paige Warren



Ainsley McCullough has been running from her past for a while. When she stumbles across an abandoned farm house, she thinks that maybe things will start to look up. Getting a job in the small Texas town, she’s surprised to learn the man who owns her home is in jail. 

Braedan O’Connor was falsely accused of a crime and has spent the past year in jail. He’s anxious to get home and see what kind of damage has been done to his home. When Braedan enters his home and smells homemade apple pie, he’s surprised to say the least. Spotting the woman responsible for the mouth watering smell, all of his senses come alive. 

Ainsley hadn’t expected to get caught in the man’s home. Face to face with the handsome stranger, she isn’t sure what to expect. Knowing he was in jail frightens her, almost as much as his good looks turn her on. Just how far is Ainsley willing to take her charade?

The Murphys

I’m working on a western historical mini-series with Paige Warren called The Murphys. The first book, Ellie’s Cowboy, is scheduled for an August release. There will be a total of four books in the series, set in the 1880’s in Texas. This is something a little different for me and I’m excited to try something new.

Here’s a little about Ellie’s cowboy….

It’s the 1880′s in Texas and Ellie has run away from her family and an unwanted marriage. Nearly blind, she knows that she’s no bargain. But if she can find work and make a way for herself in the wild lands of Texas, then maybe she’ll be all right. What she didn’t count on was Tucker Murphy. Ellie always knew she had a lot of love to give. She just never thought she’d find her very own cowboy.

Tuck is the local Sheriff in Blue Springs, and also her hero. After rescuing her from an attack her first day in town, he takes her to his home to care for her. Ellie is unlike any woman he’s ever met before, and Tuck finds himself drawn to her. When he hears of her troubles, he thinks he just may have a solution that will suit the both of them.

While circumstances may bring them together, only love will make it last.