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Dodge, Black Dagger MC

The second book in the Black Dagger MC series, Dodge, is a redemption story with a second chance romance, and a secret pregnancy with a childhood sweetheart.

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Someone made the deadly mistake of abducting Dodge’s son.

When Dodge’s Old Lady suddenly wants out, and his brother goes to prison for murder, all Dodge has left is the Black Dagger MC. Abandoning the club that gave him acceptance and safety is simply out of the question. Six years later, his old childhood sweetheart, Kira, returns with a surprise — their son. What should be a happy reunion is cut short when the boy goes missing.

Kira once found club life thrilling, but as a nurse, she saw first-hand how quickly things get bloody. After becoming pregnant, she left town and made a clean break from everyone. But the freedom for her son only lasts until a tragedy befalls them and she must return to Charleston.

Now Kira’s only chance at happiness is to confess everything she hid from Dodge. With his help, they might be able to rescue their son. But with both of their lives shattered by Henry’s abduction, can they learn to forgive one another and finally become the family they were meant to be years ago?

Standing with their brother, the Black Dagger MC rides together to find the child and make the abductors pay.

Dodge is the second book in the Black Daggers MC series, featuring a second chance romance with a childhood sweetheart, an accidental pregnancy, and a happy ever after proves a little danger is always worth the trouble.


Rogue cleared his throat. “I remember you, Kira. See, Dodge and I Prospected for the Daggers around the same time. We didn’t hang out much, because I lived at the Club House and Dodge lived with Jericho in that little shitty house his dad had owned. We crossed paths and did jobs together. He made it clear from the start you were part of his life. That was cool, you know. You guys were together for a few years after we got our colors, so I remember seeing you at Blades with him. I even remember you had your property cut. You were Dodge’s Old Lady.”

Kira squirmed in her seat. To this day, she kept the leather vest in her closet. She hadn’t looked at it until she packed to move home. Part of her hoped she’d get to wear it again, then reality set in and she nearly tossed it in the trash. “Yeah, for years. Three years, seven months, and seventeen days. Not that I was counting.”

The biker sat down and leaned forward, placing his forearms on the table. “Not long after you left, a few days actually, we had a charity ride. Jericho had just gotten his colors, and this was his first ride as a patched-in member. Everyone could see Dodge was in a bad way, but rules are rules. Ride or die. At the dinner that young and stupid kid killed a Wicked Warrior over the man’s Old Lady. When we decided to keep the peace between our clubs, something inside Dodge broke.”

Kira felt anger, but she wasn’t sure who to direct the emotion toward. “Oh, God.” She wiped the sweat from her forehead. “His entire life he fought to belong, to be part of something. The only people in his life who gave a damn about him, me, his brother, his club, we all abandoned him.” Hot pain lanced through Kira, leaving her breathless. “When I left, I thought he’d have Jericho and his MC to support him, and you all let him sink. We let him sink.”

“Look, I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t like Dodge.” Rogue drained his coffee. “After Jericho murdered Alvin, Dodge became an ass. He barely followed the laws of the club, drove his bike like a maniac, dropped off the radar until charity rides. Hell, he’d even start fights with other Daggers inside Blades.”

Kira stood, her anger on behalf of Dirk boiled over. “You can’t be serious, Rogue? An ass?” She put her hands on the table and leaned down to make eye contact. “You called him an ass. You probably treated Dirk like he was scum, didn’t you? Never mind, I can tell by your face you did. I know you bikers are all full of macho bullshit. None of you talk or, God forbid, express feelings, I get that. Did none of you take a moment to recognize a man who had nothing left to lose? A desperate man mired in pain, who could never ask for support. He acted out, hoping to hell one of you would recognize his cry for help. When no one did, he did everything he could so someone would put him out of his misery. Dirk Hodges became a man with a death wish! And you all stood back and watched it happening, then blamed him for it.”

Rogue sat back in his chair, his face changing from anger to chagrin as her words sank in. “Jesus f_cking Christ.”

“When you joined the Black Dagger MC, you all took an oath. You sealed it with that stupid black dagger tattoo on your forearm that you’re all soooo proud of. You promised to protect the club and all your Dagger brothers. I understand you had to let Jericho pay for his crime, but none of you protected your brother, Dodge. None of you gave a shit for what he was going through, did you?”

Kira stood and straightened her scrubs. “My break is over. No one is allowed in the lounge who doesn’t work here. There’s the door. Get out.”

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