BOOK REVIEW: Late as a Rabbit by Kendra Moreno #fairytales #horrorromance

Jupiter only ever wanted an adventure, but she never should have gone searching for one. It finds her in the form of a white rabbit with silver eyes.
When that same white rabbit turns out to be the White Rabbit from the story books, she can’t contain her curiosity. She follows him down the rabbit hole and drops right into Wonderland. But this isn’t the Wonderland she hoped for. The world is filled with danger, horrifying creatures, and a prophecy that speaks of her role.
Jupiter never thought her adventure would include blood-thirty Bandersnatch, a Vengeful Red Queen, or a sexy White Rabbit. Nor did she ever think she was an important part of saving such nightmares, but a certain Rabbit drew her into this gruesome world, and she’s determined to stay by his side.
Jupiter has to act quickly. The Red Queen is growing more desperate to stop the prophecy from coming true. Jupiter is only the second . . .
. . . and Wonderland is running out of time.

***This is a horror romance retelling of Alice in Wonderland. It includes descritions of gore, violence, and a sexy Rabbit. Please be advised, there is a trigger warning for this novel for the above mentioned violence and gore, as well, as brief mentions of sexual assualt.***

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MY REVIEW – 5 stars!

I would gladly fall down the rabbit hole, especially while chasing a sexy rabbit, and Juniper does exactly that…

The fated mate to the White Rabbit is a geeky scientist who will do whatever it takes to save Wonderland, even if it means losing her own life. Juniper is strong, courageous, and sees the good in people. She compliments the White Rabbit perfectly.

Late as a Rabbit is a fast paced, Insta-love story full of danger, steamy scenes, and more than a little madness. It was an absolute delight! 

*Disclaimer: I purchased/borrowed this book from Amazon. The author did not request a review. The review above is only my opinion.