Something a little romantic…


As it draws close to my 17 year anniversary, I’m reminded of the day I met my husband. I had recently purchased an eight-week-old Italian Greyhound puppy and had taken her to the vet. They’d discovered she had a heart defect and wanted to run some tests. So, I dropped her off on my way to work, and I was a nervous wreck. They had to put her under in order to do some of the testings. My husband was working there as a vet tech at the time and he handled the intake paperwork and took my baby from me as I rushed off to work.


I called during the day to check on my puppy and make sure that she came through the tests well and had woken up from the anesthesia. The lady on the other end of the phone laughed when I told her which dog I was calling about, and informed me that the cute vet tech who had handled my paperwork that morning was carrying my precious pooch around the clinic with him. He’d done her nails, given her treats, and pampered her all day.

When I went to pick her up, the cute vet tech came out and talked to me. We didn’t exchange phone numbers, but we both had AOL so he gave me his ID (Yes, I’m old LOL). We ended up chatting online that night, and I asked for his phone number. We talked every night after that, sometimes for hours, until the day we moved in together that March. We got married a few months later on May 1st and we’ve been together ever since. He even left the vet clinic and we worked at the same place for a short while, until we were both let go over the Christmas holidays. Don’t worry…we both moved on to jobs we loved (until I decided to be a stay-at-home mom).

So, that’s my story…How did you meet your significant other?

2 thoughts on “Something a little romantic…

  1. You can always suck me in with a puppy-facilitates-cute-meet story!

    When I want to shock people, I tell them that I met my husband in a bar. When I’m feeling prim, I say we were introduced by mutual friends.

    Both stories are true.

    Back in the 90’s, some long-time friends were really into line dancing and they encouraged me to come out with them, Bill was there, looking really hot in his cowboy hat and tight jeans. Plus, he was a great dancer. All the women in the bar were lining up to dance with him. Turned out he was also a great listener and a hard worker and a genuinely nice guy.

    In June we’ll be married 20 years. I have to say, even today, he looks great in a cowboy hat.

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