Moonlight Savior, an Ashton Grove Werewolves novel

Ramsey has returned to Ashton Grove with Luna. They’re only friends, but she wants to be much more, and she isn’t shy about letting people know. Knowing that Ramsey doesn’t want her, Luna will stop at nothing to make him her own.

But Ramsey has someone else in mind as his mate. When he meets his best friend’s sister, he can’t take his eyes off her. While having Harper by his side is wonderful, they have a bumpy road ahead of them. Especially when a werewolf from her past moves to Ashton Grove.

Moonlight Savior is book 5 in the Ashton Grove Werewolves series and will release mid-December 2011 in e-book. Look for it at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon Kindle.

2 thoughts on “Moonlight Savior, an Ashton Grove Werewolves novel

  1. Hi Jessica! I love your Ashton Grove Werewolves series! I have a question though. At the end of the 4th book it said that the next book would be about Colin and the demons chasing them. Now it is saying that Ramsey is book number 5. I am just trying to figure out if I missed something.


    • Mandy,

      You didn’t miss anything. The publisher decided it would make more sense to have Ramsey’s story as book 5 rather than book 6. Otherwise, too much time would have passed between his departure from Ashton Grove and his return. Colin’s story will be next.


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