Review: Night of the Loving Dead

Night of the Loving Dead: A Pepper Martin Mystery

Night of the Loving Dead: A Pepper Martin Mystery by Casey Daniels

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Casey Daniels has done it again! As always Pepper Martin is sassy, funny, spunky and sarcastic…. all the qualities I love in a heroine. True, she gets herself into a bit of trouble, but what fun would the novel be without that?

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The ability to communicate with the dead wasn’t something that Pepper asked for, it just sort of happened to her. But, she’s coping… Ghosts keep popping up and asking her for favors. In this latest Pepper Martin mystery, the ghost isn’t as sweet as she may seem, she has a hidden agenda. But when that hidden agenda brings the light to Pepper’s eyes when it comes to a certain hunky guy, maybe that isn’t such a bad thing.

Over all, this was one of the best Pepper Martin books to date! I can’t wait to see what Ms. Daniels will come up with next!

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