Review: Man of Her Dreams

Man of Her Dreams


Man of Her Dreams by Paige Warren

rating: 4 of 5 stars
New to contemporary erotic romance, Paige Warren was a pleasant surprise. Her short story is fast paced and very H O T! Let’s just say you’ll need a bucket of ice or a cold shower on stand-by when you read her delightful tale.


Sienna Blake, a librarian, has lusted after Logan Drake for a long time. Not moving in the same social circles has made it impossible for her to get a chance to know him. Then again, she’s a bit on the reserved side so that’s probably for the best.

An entrepreneur, Logan has made millions by designing unique bookstores in the Southern California area. Dating models and starletts is getting old pretty fast. When he meets Sienna, she’s a breath of fresh air compared to the women he’s been seeing. Not to mention that he gets a boner everytime he’s near her.

The two manage to get together and things heat up really fast. As they burn up the sheets, and the pages, the reader is drawn into a budding relationship. While sex may be the first thing on their minds, it doesn’t take long for these two to discover they love each other.

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