Author Interview, Bob G. Stidham

What first interested you in writing?
My granddaughter was turning 13 yrs of age. We were closer than just my being her grandpa…more like a father/daughter arrangement. I wanted to do something special for her. I dedicated this Y/A book, (Summer of Sara Sue), to her. It was a tough FIRST work for me. I couldn’t capture the language of the teenagers of the 1980s. That book is in our high school library today and the kids have worn out two copies. They loved it.
 How many novels do you currently have published? What genre are they? Where are they published?
I have eight published. Two novels are on the Kindle system. Two more books were published by Publish America. Gate Way publishers have published three books. One book has recently been published by Hearts On Fire Books. I’m not into any particular genre. I have three Mystery/Cop/Action things. One Sci-Fi/Western/ Time Travel novel is at Gate Way. I did an easy reading Western for them also. I did an ESP book entitled “In Your Dreams” that was never very received, but it was ahead of its time in several ways.
What goals or dreams do you have for your writing career?
I have already built a small following. I want to increase the number of readers that search for my books. This is the only goal I hope to reach. It can be done, but it takes time.
What is your favorite genre to read?
I have no favorite genre actually. I enjoy any genre except Horror. We have enough Horror going on in the world every day. We need not give it a push through readership. 
Do you have any favorite authors? What do you like about them?
Zane Gray gave me my first interest in reading. I also got totally engrossed in “Twenty Thousand leagues Under the Sea” but I doubt if you know that one and Jules Verne was way before your time.
How hard was it to become a published author?
It was extremely hard. If it were not so, I would never have accepted Publish America as my first Publisher. I was a total unknown writer and certainly/or obviously rough around the edges…perhaps I still am.
 Do you have any suggestions for writers who wish to be published?
Only one…make certain that no foolish errors appear on the first manuscript that you send to the publisher. If you can’t edit your work, have someone else do it. There will always be a few acceptable errors that can be corrected without the Publisher cursing and tearing up your copy.
Do you recommend using more than one publisher?
If your publisher accepts any genre that you write…why change and have to learn the ways of another publisher?
How do you typically promote your books?
I have some good friends at the Libraries. Most of these friends know of Book clubs and writing groups. They are usually happy to set something up for me. I have done several book signings in the past…both at libraries and bookstores.
Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?
Certainly, I do appreciate your taking time out of your very busy schedule to interview me. I’m happy to do anything I can do to create more interest in “The Martin Files” and Hearts On Fire Books.



Bob G. Stidham, Author
November 2008 Release, The Martin Files
December 2008 Release, Tenacity
Current Publisher: Hearts on Fire Books

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