Interview of Hearts on Fire Books, a small press in Missouri

Melissa Miller, owner of Hearts on Fire Books, previously known as Hearts on Fire Press, agreed to do an online interview.  I hope that as a writer, you will find this information to be informative.  If you’d like to contact Ms. Miller, she has provided her email at the end of the interview.

What genres does Hearts on Fire publish?
We accept all genres except for erotica and picture books.
Do you have an open submission policy? Do you accept books from anywhere in the world?
Yes, we have an open submission policy. You can find out requirements on the FAQ sections of the website. At this time, we are only accepting submissions from within the U.S.  However, that may change in the future so please keep an eye on our FAQ section for any changes.
Does Hearts on Fire publish just e-books or also print books? Are all of your books in print or just certain ones?
 We are an ebook publisher, as well as a print publisher. Since we are a small press, not all of our books are in print. The main deciding factor is word count and the popularity if your genre. Short stories are not in print at this time.  That does not mean that your book has to be a huge novel. However, the shortest books that we have in print are on average 150 pages in length. We may look into exceptions on a book by book basis.
If you have a top seller list, what are your top three best selling books?
At this time, my top three sellers would be: Casino, My Sister’s Keeper, and The Martin Files.  The first two are romance novels and the third book is a detective mystery.
Where can customers find your books? Any plans on where they will be found in the future (such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc)?
Hearts on Fire Books, Amazon, Coffeetime Romance, Manic Readers have listings of our e-books. Both Hearts on Fire BOoks and Amazon also have titles in print.  E-Titles on Fictionwise will be available in the near future; Barnes and Noblewill have print copies in the near future.
What do you look for in a prospective writer?
I look for well written stories that only need minimul editing. We don’t mind doing some editing, but we don’t want to sit down and rewrite an entire story.  We look for writers that don’t mind hearing some advice on how to better their work.
How many books do you put into print each month on average?
On average our policy will be 1-2 a month in print more in ebook. The number can vary depending on how many we have that needs to go into print. Our release date is the 15th of every month. We have been working around the clock getting books in as many places as we can but for a general rule: It will be just a couple a month.
Anything else you would like to say? Any suggestions for writers out there who are hoping to be published?
My advice for any writers that want to be published would be this: Take your work seriously, because if you don’t then editors won’t. Don’t send in sloppy work. Make sure you work has been edited and fine tuned to the best of your ability before sending it in. We want to see the very best from writers not their first rough draft copy that they spent a couple of hours on. If you feel are you ready to be published, we would be happy to look at your work. Send your submissions to