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Paperback vs. E-book

Which is preferable?

Ever since my first novel was published, I’ve faced the issue of paperback vs. e-book. Some people sneered when they found out my book could not be purchased through Barnes & Noble or another large book retailer. As far as they were concerned, that meant I wasn’t really published.

Well here are my thoughts, for whatever that’s worth…

E-books are coming a long way.  If you check out some of the larger e-book stores like Books on Board, Bookstrand, Fictionwise, Kindle, and All Romance Ebooks, you will see that the larger publishers are starting to sell e-books too.  With new e-readers coming out all the time it’s no wonder that the previously sneered at e-books are starting to become rather popular.  You don’t have to drive to the store to purchase it (and who couldn’t stand to save some gas money?) and you don’t have to find a place to store the book when you’re done reading it. 

There will always be people who prefer to have a book in hand, but some of us are starting to adapt.  While I still purchase books from the bookstore, I also purchase several e-books per month.  They’re convenient, inexpensive, and I don’t have to leave home to buy it – not to mention you can start reading it immediately.

And if you’re an author looking at it from a sales stand point, the bottom line is this — if you don’t promote your book, chances are it won’t sell regardless of the format it’s in. 

I do guest blogs, have my own blog (obviously, since you’re reading it), post on myspace and facebook, hand out business cards, give away booksmarks, request at least 15 reviews per title (since chances are less than 5 requests will actually be completed; and quite a few of those will take over a month), and I’m part of over 20 groups that discuss books of my genre (and am currently a moderator of 2). 

I spend about 15-20 hours a week promoting my novels online and by word of mouth.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s paid off.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not raking in the dough by any means, but my checks have gotten a little bigger each month.  Overall, I think things are progressing nicely.

So … what do you think? Paperback? or E-book?

I would love to hear your opinions so please take a moment to comment below …