Websites, Blogs and Book Trailers – Oh My !

It seems to me that selling a book is getting harder and harder.  First, you put all of your blood, sweat, and tears into the thing getting it written, edited, submitted to fifty publishers before it’s accepted… you think, “Ah, a reprieve!” only to learn that nope, it’s just beginning.  So you open a MySpace and Facebook page, join a few groups, and do your best to network.  Next thing you know, you’re hearing “Do you have a webpage?”

Ok… so then you find a free service to set up a webpage to see how things go before you start spending money on the thing.  Step number one is now checked off and you’re feeling pretty good.  Then someone else comes along, “Do you have a blog?”

A website .. a blog ..  ok, ok.  So you do some research to figure out this whole blogging mess.  I mean, what exactly is the point of a blog?  (shakes head)  But you set one up and figure, hey, I can talk anyone to death… talking on a blog shouldn’t be too hard!  So  now step two is checked off….  Uh oh, here comes another one of those people … “Do you have a book trailer?”

A WHAT ?!?!???  Book Trailer ???  Aren’t those for movies?  I mean, come on!  Get serious!  Who on earth wants to watch a video clip about a book?  Sheesh ….  but then you think about it, do even more research …  aha!  So it’s easy to create and you discover that the software is free, so, why not?  After some grumbling, tongue biting, threatening the computer, voila! Your book trailer is complete!  Um… now what?  Back to the internet you go …  Ah .. ok, so you can upload these things on your website and on YouTube.  So after registering for yet another site, you are set to go!  Item number three is now checked off!

You sigh deeply, feeling relieved and somewhat accomplished.  You have a website… you have a blog… and now you have a book trailer.  Peace and quiet at last! 

Then again, maybe it’s time to get back to that book you’re working on …. an author’s work is never done!