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BOOK REVIEW: Betraying Her by Jordan Marie #multicultural #mcromance #bookreview

I should break it off and push her away, but she’s just too addicting.

The heart wants what the heart wants, and Thomas West has always wanted Gabby to be his.
He didn’t think it would ever happen.
Thomas knew she had feelings for his brother, Dom.
Why wouldn’t she?
Dom is great. Hell, he lives in awe of his older brother, too.
All the girls fall at his feet and he doesn’t have anything to hold him back.

Thomas isn’t jealous of his older brother, but he does wish things could be easy in his life, too.
Still, he just wants Gabby, and when she seems to give him the green light, Thomas has never been happier.
Yet, appearances aren’t always what they seem.

Betrayed, bruised, and broken, Thomas goes off to lick his wounds.
The last thing he expected was to find a woman staring at him with hunger in her eyes—a woman who looks so much like Gabby that, at first, he thought she was.

It was wrong, but it felt good for a woman to want him around for a change–him and not his brother.

Lyla didn’t mind the way he spoke. She accepted him. Thomas didn’t count on Lyla being so potent—so irresistible…

Now… it’s much too late.

Welcome back to the Savage Brothers 2nd Generation! Dragon may have got his woman rather easily, but Thomas is finding out things aren’t ever going to be easy for him. Luckily, with his parents’ blood running in his veins he’s sure to rise to the occasion.
This is a prequel to Breaking Her and should be read first as it ends where Breaking Her will take up.

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Baby boy Thomas is definitely conflicted about his feelings but what he doesn’t know is, there’s no confusion, he has a broken heart, and because of it, he may lose the love of his life Lyla. She’s the sweetest person alive who just want someone to love her for her. These characters will be in for a world of pain, but at the same time I’m rooting for them, they’re so perfect for one another. Author Jordan Marie packed a punch with this one and I’m loving it!! Five flipping amazing stars all the way, I need more, GIMME GIMME GIMME…..🔪💔🔪

*Disclaimer: This book was purchased/borrowed through Amazon. The author did not request a review.

BOOK REVIEW: Loeb’s Fall by ChaShiree M. #eroticromance #BDSM #bookreview

Loeb has dedicated his life to this country. Putting his own life in danger as he destroyed the enemies trying to destroy us. Then, the tables turned and the enemies are closer to home and cost him a friend.

On his quest for vengence, he found the enemy, but he also found more. He found HER. He was knocked backwards. Thrown for a tailspin. Given no warning that his life was going to change, he did the only thing he knew how. He moved in the shadows to find out all he could about her, before he took her.

Now, the enemies know he and his group are circling and the prey has become the hunter and the hunter becomes the stalker. He is in a race against the clock to not only take down the bastards that tried to take out his whole team, but also to protect the one thing in his life that is worth more than all he held dear. He just hopes she doesn’t run when she finds out the lengths he went to secure her.

Trigger warning: This is a dark-ish stalker romance with an HEA. There is bondage, nighttime visits where the h is unaware, masturbation while the h is sleep and stealing of underwear. H watches, invades, reads things he shouldn’t and b and e. He doesn’t come clean until the end, so yes, she is a bit naive and head over heels. There is violence, but not from the H to the h. Obviously there are also ‘lies.’

This is safe, insta and OTT. There is a bit of O/W and O/M drama, but not because the H or h cheats or is involved with someone. They can’t help that they are both desireable. J/S.

So with all of that above, if you still want to read…you have been warned. Sit back, grab a glass of ice and prepare to be overheated.

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Wow, author ChaShiree M did her thang with this book. Book started off hot from the get go, Nova is young comes off a bit naive but when you know you just know. She didn’t know who she was dealing with in Loeb, the stalker brute of a man (but my kind of Brute, if you know what I mean😈😉). But he loves her like crazy, they’re perfect for each other, Loeb’s a hard man that live a hard life in a not so secret kind of life and with Nova he gets that softness he needed.

This book is really good, you have a lot of characters that get along very well, they’re funny and I’d definitely recommend Loeb’s Fall. I mean it’s author ChaShiree M, so why not? I’m really looking forward to more in this series, I can tell it’s going to be epic💜💜💜