BOOK TOUR: Under His Spell by Luv Lubker #VictorianFiction #HistoricalFiction

Under His Spell, The Rival Courts

By Luv Lubker

Audiobook (coming soon):
Ella McNish, Jamie Collette, Max Mustache, Christian Stark, Ju Thomas, Philip Zielinzki, Michael Garamoni

A beautiful love story between the Princess Royal Victoria and Fritz Wilhelm, Frederick III of Prussia

A lonely young man attends the first World’s Fair – the Great Exhibition of 1851 – and meets a family who changes his life forever.

Follow the young Prince Fritz – later Friedrich III – of Prussia and his wife, Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, Vicky, (parents of Kaiser Wilhelm II) through their courtship and the joys and struggles of their first four years of marriage.

Fritz and Vicky dream of a peaceful united Germany, but Fritz’s uncle Karl has his own dreams of power…

Discover often hinted at but unrevealed secrets of the Prussian Royal court…

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“It is Papa’s home… and yours.” She looked down, blushing slightly and speaking the last words more softly. “Shouldn’t we be going? Mama is probably waiting for us.” She looked around. “Here is Lady Flora Macdonald. She will be joining Mama. We should go on soon.”

“Vicky!” She had again been gazing at the heather-covered mountains, but turned to face him at the sound of his voice. It must have been strange, he thought; it hadn’t sounded like his own voice. He knelt, picking a bunch of white heather. “Would you like to go to Germany, always… always…?” He couldn’t speak any more, his throat had gone dry; his hands shook so much that he nearly dropped the flowers before he pressed them into her hand.

She looked at him, her eyes growing wider, her face turning bright red. “I didn’t say anything to offend you, did I, Vicky?”

She shook her head. “Would you like to come to Germany, with me?” She nodded, still blushing deeply, and buried her face in the bunch of heather. She pressed it to her heart, then, separating a few stems, kissed them, and held them out to him. Her hand trembled visibly, and her fingers felt hot as they touched his. She squeezed his fingers as he took the flowers back.

Meine Vicky.” His voice wouldn’t come out above a whisper, as he held up his arms to help her dismount. She swung down gracefully and stood before him, her face still crimson, her eyes on the flowers on the ground.

He stepped closer. He gently put his right arm around her to draw her to him, but hesitated, letting her stand where she was. He put his hand on her shoulder; with the fingers of his left hand he touched her cheek for the first time, running his thumb over her lips. He stroked her chin, hoping she would look up at him.

She glanced up, and then down again, blushing more deeply than ever, then looked up to meet his eye, her lips parting slightly. The wind blew coldly, but he felt warmth flood through him as he closed his eyes and gently touched her lips with his.

He felt her hand on his chest. He opened his eyes. Several of the little heather-bells clung in her hair, and her face smelled sweet from the flowers. She was smiling, but looking down again. She stepped closer and hid her face against his chest. He felt her hand on his back; her arms were around him. He felt her shiver as the wind blew harder. Finally, the space between them had closed, and he embraced her tightly, kissing the top of her head.

“Vicky,” he whispered, as he stroked her cheek again. She raised her head, and he bent down to kiss her again. Their lips had barely touched, when she turned her head.

“Oh!” It was not really speech, but something between a sigh and a sob.

About the Author

Luv Lubker has lived in the Victorian era half her life, making friends with the Brontë sisters and the extended family of Queen Victoria. Now she knows them quite as well as her own family.

Born in a cattle trough in the Appalachian mountains, Luv lives in Texas – when she comes to the modern world.

When she isn’t living in the Victorian era, she enjoys being with her family; making and eating delicious raw food, riding her bike (which she only learned to ride at 25, though she’d ridden a unicycle since she was 7), and watching animals – the passion of her childhood.

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