SPOTLIGHT: Daddy’s Kitten by Wanda Violet O #erotica #DaddyDom

Warning: This is a Razor’s Edge Daddy Dom BDSM Erotica short story. Expect limited plot and character development, and lots of heat. If you’re looking for a lengthy plot driven erotic romance, this is not it!

Life doesn’t always happen as we expect. When I found myself in the hands of a sexy Daddy Dom in the form of a powerful billionaire, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was more pleasure and satisfaction than I’d ever known. But my Daddy pushes me. Sometimes further than I ever thought I could go. How I respond is up to me. But the last thing I want is to disappoint the man who’s come to mean everything to me.

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My name is Isabella. Not so long ago, though it feels like a lifetime, I was a college student floating through life with no real idea what I wanted — no ambitions or goals. Twenty years old, in my fourth semester, my major still Undecided, I knew I was going nowhere fast. An only child born to older parents, I had been pampered and coddled all my life. When they were both killed in a car accident, I was left with but no one to take care of me.

Until Daddy. He offered me protection. He offered me a life of luxury. He offered me everything I’d ever dreamed of, including love and acceptance. A life free of worry. But his offer came with a price.

Daddy told me he wanted me to be the little girl and pet to his Daddy Dom, but not until I was ready. As I was to find out, that wasn’t all he wanted of me. Soon, he’d demand so much more. Was I willing to give what he demanded? Could I?

My first week in Daddy’s mansion was like a dream. I was grieving hard and had trouble focusing on what he wanted, but he was patient. At night, he held me while I wept. During the day he spoiled me beyond belief, buying me anything I desired. “Anything to make my little princess smile.”

He bought me clothes — a few cocktail dresses and sexy shoes, but mostly he bought me cute frilly panties, adult onesies with my choice of color and design, tight little shorts with sassy sayings across the ass, and tiny T-shirts that showed off my tiny tits. My nipples are rather prominent, especially when I’m aroused, and being near Daddy always made my pussy cream, so I was always walking around with my nipples sticking out. At first, it was uncomfortable, but Daddy always praised me for wearing what he wanted.

“You’re so beautiful, princess. So fucking beautiful. I’m looking forward to sucking those pouty little tits. When I do, I’ll make you scream.” Daddy has a growly voice when he’s turned on. He never tried to hide his cock from me either. When he was hot for me, his dick would stick out proudly from his expensive slacks. He’d yet to show himself to me completely naked, but I’d felt his cock snuggled against my ass more than once as he held me.

Nighttime was the worst. The first night, I cried myself to sleep only to wake up with Daddy wrapped around me, his cock nestled between my cheeks, but doing nothing but drying my tears and petting me into relaxation. After that, he always had me sleep with him. He moved all my clothes into his room, but kept my toys and anything I didn’t need at night in my room.

After the first week, I was feeling better. Daddy still hadn’t made a move on me, but I knew he wanted to. Apparently he was looking for a signal from me, so I wandered through the enormous walk-in closet to select an appropriate outfit. There were so many to choose from! And all of them were brand new. Chosen specifically for me.

One outfit caught my eye. A black top that said “Daddy’s Little Kitten” written in white, with a black-and-pink plaid skirt, black-and-pink-striped socks and pink combat boots. There was a black satin choker with a pink bow and black thong panties that said “Kitten” on the front over my mound. To top it off, there was a pair of barrettes with black furry kitten ears to fasten on. In my blonde hair, they stood out beautifully. Just the thought of Daddy seeing me like this made me long for his cock in all the appropriate — and inappropriate — places.

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