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Young Adult Romance

Date Published: 02-14-2023

Publisher: Fire & Ice YA (Melange)


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The Secrets of Constellations was selected by Barnes and Noble as a Top Indie Book for February and March, and on Amazon, it hit #1 Best Seller and #1 New Release in Teen & YA Adoption. 

 It’s been sixteen years since Norae Whelan’s adoption. She’s conquered her past by baking her way through her challenges. All that’s left is culinary school, until a unique stranger offers her an opportunity to learn the truth of her birth and with it, the trial of facing down what she thought she left behind. 

Her birth mother’s hometown is a place where memories hide beneath the floorboards of an eclectic house. Inheriting a house and all its mysteries is one thing. The instant attraction to Orion Reise is another. There’s only one problem. Orion’s blind, and the reason behind it lurks through the downtown streets, dying to take him away. 

With the end of summer fast approaching, Norae must make some big decisions. She’ll have to decide if falling in love with Orion is worth the price of letting go of her past and embracing a potentially, disastrous future. 



The creepy, old guy from Poltergeist sat on my couch with a toothy grin. Okay, so not the Devil’s henchman, but a gangly replica. Anyone with shocking white hair and a yellow smile would fit the bill, especially if they were rocking a bowler hat. My parents didn’t look soulless—score one for living in reality.

Dad stood up and waved a hand toward our guest. “Rae, this is Miles Hidifork.”

“Good evening, Miss Whelan,” the man greeted, taking tiny breaths between each word like his lungs couldn’t handle the talking. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hello.” I walked over and offered my hand. His grip was solid.

“Mr. Hidifork is here about Bobbie Jo Thatchor,” Mom said as she moved to stand next to Dad.

I frowned. “Who?”

Mr. Hidifork pressed his hat against his chest. “I was her lawyer, Miss Whelan. Bobbie Jo was your birth mother.”

About the Author

S. H. Clark is a romance author in the following sub-genres: young adult,
contemporary, horror, and fantasy.

Clark lives in Southern California with her two cats and her beloved coffee
maker. When she’s not writing, which is rare, she’s an elementary school
teacher on one of California’s Native reservations. She holds multiple
secondary degrees, including an MFA in Creative Writing, has a bookshelf
overflowing with paranormal romances, and loves to write to the sound of a

It’s been said Clark has attempted to conjure Cadbury Cream Eggs with her
Harry Potter wand.


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