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Welcome to the tour for the newly released thriller, Once to Die by T.S. Epperson. Read on for more!

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Once to Die (The Other Side of Dead Book 1) Publication Date: March 28th, 2023 Genre: Thriller He imagined his death would be the end, but there is no rest in the afterlife… Perry is homeless, and desperate to get off the streets, after losing his best friend Bobby to gang violence. When Perry witnesses a drug deal, he finds his own life in peril. Father John is exhausted. Burned out after fifteen years of ministry, he seeks a sign that he is on the right path. At the driest point of his spiritual life, a beautiful woman is tempting him. He knows he is a soul in danger. When a murder victim shows up begging for help, he fears all hell is breaking loose. A young man wanders an existential maze between heaven and hell, good and evil. He darts between worlds involuntarily, terrifying a Catholic priest, a college professor, and a world-famous musician. Evil wants him, and time is running out. Mind-bending events erupt to threaten the spiritual foundations of both the living and the dead. Life, sanity, and salvation hang in the balance. With the veil between here and there in tatters, the very fabric of the universe seems to be unraveling. Available on Amazon

About the Author

T.S. Epperson is a pen name for Tom Epperson, a respectful nod to one of his literary heroes, T.S. Eliot. Everyone is on a unique journey. Tom was born the seventh of twelve siblings. He was an altar boy beginning at age seven, and a bar band musician beginning at age eight. His childhood was a happy rhythm of walking to daily Mass in the mornings and participating in music rehearsals in the evenings. On Friday and Saturday nights, as a young boy, he closed down the bars with the band and then served or attended Mass again Sunday morning. His life has been and still is, a constant effort to balance the worldly with the spiritual, as his writing reflects. He is fascinated by colorful, complex characters, and has had the privilege and challenge of interacting with many along the way. Tom is a hopeless optimist and a romantic realist. He is the proud father of two adult sons, the finest of the finest, and lives in South Carolina with his wife, who is his companion in a sweeping time travel adventure. So far, they have traveled nearly four and a half decades. Together, they strive to live more in the present than in the past, and his favorite activity is to stand in salt water and teach his grandchildren how to lure exotic creatures from the sea. Connect and learn more at Book Tour Organized By: R&R Button R&R Book Tours