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The Whispering Women, Book #1, A Delafield & Malloy Investigation

The Burning Bride, Book #2, A Delafield & Malloy Investigation

Secrets and Spies, Book #3, A Delafield & Malloy Investigation

by Trish MacEnulty

About the Book

“Richly drawn characters, the vibrant historical setting, and a suspenseful mystery create a strong current that pulls readers into this delightful novel. But it’s the women’s issues—as relevant today as they were in the early 1900s—that will linger long after the last page.”

— Donna S. Meredith, The Southern Literary Review

Can two women get the lowdown on high society?

“Two powerless young women must navigate a soul-crushing class system and find the levers of power they wield when they combine their strengths. These women may have been taught to whisper, but when their time comes, they will roar.”

– 5 Star Amazon Review

Louisa Delafield and Ellen Malloy didn’t ask to be thrown together to bring the truth to light. But after Ellen witnesses the death of a fellow servant during an illegal abortion, Louisa, a society columnist, vows to help her find the truth and turn her journalistic talent to a greater purpose.

Together, these unlikely allies battle to get the truth out, and to avenge the wrongful death of a friend.

What will our heroes do when their closest allies and those they trust turn out to be the very forces working to keep their story in the dark? They’ll face an abortionist, a sex trafficking ring, and a corrupt system determined to keep the truth at bay.

“If you like historical fiction and if you like mysteries, this one is for you!”

– 5 Star Amazon Review

Was change possible in 1913?

To find out, read THE WHISPERING WOMEN today!


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Often writers started out as readers. Was there a particular book that inspired you to be an author?

I loved books as a child. One of my favorites was Eloise, and I sometimes think I got my spare style from those books. I also remember being immersed in The Jungle Book, The Black Stallion and the Albert Payson Terhune books about collies. I’d love to think my books might create that feeling of being immersed in another world.

Do you tend to read the same genre you write?

Yes. Sometimes for research or review purposes, and sometimes for sheer enjoyment. Outside of historical fiction, I also love thrillers. I’m a fan of Michael Connelly and Thomas Perry. Occasionally a fantasy novel (for example, Six of Crows) will enthrall me.

Do you have a favorite time period to write about? If so, why?

So far I’ve been writing about the earlier 20th century, which I like because it has the perfect balance of unfamiliar and familiar. It’s fairly easy to research the era since it’s not so long ago. I was even able to find film footage of a few important events (i.e. the boarding of The Lusitania!). But it’s far enough in the past that many of the stories are not well known. I had no idea, for example, how prevalent gang activity continued to be into the early 20th Century in New York. And this was before prohibition.

Writers sometimes have furry, feathered, or scaled helpers. Do you have a writing companion?

I have three — one cat and two dogs! The little dog and the cat vie to be on my lap which can make writing difficult. The best thing the dogs do for me is get me out of the house every day and into nature for a half hour or so. So necessary for my mental health!

How long have you been writing, and how long did it take before your first book was published?

I have always wanted to be a writer. In college I wrote for the student newspaper. After college, I worked for a film production company writing scripts. Then I wrote for a newsletter company. Eventually I wound up back in journalism. I also won some screenwriting awards during that time. Finally, I went back to graduate school and published short stories. My first novel came out in 2000 when I was 45.

Do you have a routine you follow when you’re working on a book? A certain time of day when you write, or a snack you keep nearby?

I usually write every morning until noon or 1, when I take a yoga or pilates class. Afternoons are for editing, marketing, dog walking, reading, and napping. As for a snack, I recently started roasting walnuts. So yummy. 

Did anyone give you writing advice when you were first getting started? Do you think it helped?

It’s not so much advice that helped me. It was the encouragement. Several teachers validated my writing, and that made me want to keep going. My first writing teacher was Harry Crews, and when he invited me to join his graduate workshops while I was still an undergraduate, that gave me a big boost of confidence. My second writing teacher, Lynda Schor, was hugely significant to me. We are friends to this day. 

What is the scariest thing you face as a writer? How do you handle it?

Well, we all have to make a living, so for years I was a college professor. During that time, my creative energy went into my teaching, and I worried I would never be able to devote my time and energy to writing, but I worked hard and saved, and now I’m living my dream. 

If you could pick your top 3 favorite books of all time, what would they be?

Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky

To the Lighthouse by Virginia Wolfe

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Of course, as soon as I wrote those titles, I thought, Wait! What about Toni Morrison, Jane Austen, Jack London, Robert Louis Stephenson, Ralph Ellison as well as historical fiction authors Kristin Hannah, Kate Quinn, Madeline Martin, Libby Grant, Amor Towles, Robert Olen Butler, and so many others who have impacted my life with their stories! Truly, I can’t pick just three. 

Does your family support your writing?

My husband is absolutely the most supportive person I could possibly have in my life — financially, emotionally, and technically. And my daughter has always believed in me. (She didn’t even complain about being in my memoir, Wait Until Tomorrow!)


Trish MacEnulty is a bestselling novelist. In addition to her historical fiction, she has published novels, a short story collection, and a memoir. A former Professor of English, she currently lives in Florida with her husband, two dogs, and one cat. She writes book reviews and feature articles for the Historical Novel Review. She loves reading, writing, walking with her dogs, streaming historical series, cooking, and dancing.

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