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Vintage: The Reincarnation Series Book 2

by Laura M. Baird

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Reginald Cast, a former slave, will do anything to be reunited with his love, Charlotte. Including becoming a vampire.

Renata Charles has visions of another life. When tempted by an appealing mysterious man, she learns she’s Charlotte reincarnated.

Will Renata acknowledge Charlotte’s spirit within her and accept Reginald’s gift of eternal love? Or will the past continue to haunt them and threaten their chance at forever?


December 1860

Reginald Cast wept without shame while kneeling on the snow-covered ground, his pitiful wails competing with the howling wind. Fingers-turned-to-ice gripped the frigid monument he pressed his head against as he tried to conjure images that usually warmed his soul.

Sparkling blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and a sunshiny smile given freely to everyone she met. His lively Charlotte Tremmington.

Until seven days ago. The amount of time that had passed since she’d been viciously ripped from his world. Her light snuffed, no longer able to glow with endless joy.

When he’d discovered the true cause of her demise, his rage had kept him from landing in the ground alongside her. Although he would’ve gladly rested beside the one he loved if it meant meeting her spirit in Heaven. But he knew that would never happen. Rest beside her, that is. He, a lowly slave, buried in the Tremmington family cemetery, one of the elite families in the Richmond, Virginia area. Even now the thought caused him to scoff amid his cries. Never mind the Tremmingtons were the kindest people he’d ever known.

Unlike those he served.

The Barclays.

Julius Barclay, son of plantation owner, Simmion Barclay. Julius, the man responsible for the death of Reginald’s beloved Charlotte.

Anger and hatred burned anew, causing Reginald to grit his teeth and squeeze the cold stone so hard he thought for sure it’d crumble at his feet.

With steely resolve, he liPed his face, bracing the bitter weather as he stared at the script on the tombstone.

“I love you, Charlotte,” he began, his voice filled with heartbreak. “I will end Julius and live in the hope of seeing you at the end of whatever journey God lays out before me.

He pressed his lips against the scroll of her name then rose, keeping his gaze on the words carved into stone for eternity.

Beloved daughter, loved by all.

Reginald clenched his fists and turned.

About the author:

Laura M. Baird is an award winning and best selling author, offering readers heartwarming to body blushing romance. A semi-retired dental hygienist of twenty-two years and former US Army sergeant, she has plenty of inspiration from life to infuse into her writing. With stories ranging from young adult to mature characters, military romance to paranormal, there’s something for every romance reader to enjoy. When not writing or reading, she’s enjoying her family, residing in the Pacific Northwest, and dreaming of travels across the US as well as Scotland and Fiji.

Laura invites you to check out her website where you’ll find more about her, her books, and all the ways you can follow her journey.