BOOK REVIEW: Orc’s Property by Celeste King #fantasyromance #orcs #bookreview

I don’t know how much longer I could have kept running from the Battle Frenzy orcs who were looking to kill me and my young nephew.

Finally, limbs quivering and breath in ragged gasps, I collapsed as they towered over us, ready to end our lives.

Until Jiwal saved us.

An orc from the Raging Storm clan, he killed the other orcs as easily as I would swat a fly. Then he took me and my nephew and brought us to his manor.

His kind has decimated our way of life. They trade humans for labor and as mates. My sister is dead because of them. And I’m not about to let them kill my nephew.

But there is something different about this orc.

I feel safe with him. I crave nestling deep into his gigantic body and being wrapped in his big arms. He is my savior and my home – something I’ve gone far too long without. I’d forgotten what it’s like to trust another being, but he’s reawakened that in me.

This orc makes my heart race. He’s noble and kind. My warrior. My protector. But most importantly…

My Beloved.

Author’s Note: Orc’s Property is a full length monster romance that features a giant Orc with eyes for his beloved, curvy, human. Action and adventure abound as well as steamy scenes between the tiny human and giant Orc. HEA guaranteed.

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MY REVIEW – 5 stars!

Are you looking for a fierce heroine who stops at nothing to protect those she loves? A hero who’s both strong and tender hearted? Then you definitely need to read Orc’s Property!

Jane has known only pain from orcs, and will stop at nothing to protect her nephew. Even if it means trusting a strange orc. She’s outspoken, determined, and brave.

Jiwal is an orc unlike any we’ve met before. He’s well-read, even tempered, and loves his people. But it doesn’t mean he’s weak. In fact, his differences make him stronger.

The two have a slow burn romance that erupts into a fiery passion once they come together. There are bloody scenes, and one in particular some readers may find difficult to read, but the story is beautifully written.

Looking forward to the next Orc book from Ms. King!

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. The review above is only my opinion.


Celeste King loves to write about naughty aliens and sassy humans. When worlds collide, there’s sure to be humor and romance, and that’s what gets her in front of the keyboard every day.

Telling the stories that are in her brain. Most people would be worried if they couldn’t stop thinking about imaginary voices, but since she started writing down the crazy "what ifs" that occur to her, it’s an exciting adventure.

Her cat, her keyboard, and her husband keep her busy and happy alongside a nice mug of green tea. She doesn’t enjoy them in that order… necessarily.

She’s busy at work on books in her Kaleth world, where human culture is just the guilty pleasure the rest of the universe shares.