BOOK REVIEW: Orc’s Toy: A Monster Romance by Celeste King #orcs #urbanfantasy #fantasyromance

A huge, scary, monster Orc Chieftain has his hands on me.
He could break me with one hand, I’m so tiny compared to him.
But he won’t.
Because I’m his female and I love him.

Korthar rules his clan with an iron fist.
He’s merciless to his enemies. But he’s got a soft spot for me.

Before him, I didn’t have much going in my life.
Earth is pretty much a desolate wasteland since the Orcs came over from Protheka.
And being a woman? The best you can hope is to be someone’s property.

Now, after my curvy body catches Korthar’s eye I’m worth something in this world at least.
My giant warrior will protect me.
He’ll claim me. And I’ll serve him. In any way he pleases.

But I’ll also give him a gift that he’ll never have to ask me for.
Something better than any fantasy, no matter how twisted.

What is this gift?

My heart.

And why do I give it so freely?

Because he’s already given me his.

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MY REVIEW – 4 1/2 stars

Orc’s Toy has everything I love in a fantasy romance… action, adventure, battles, and of course love.

Anna would do anything to protect the other human women, even sacrifice her own happiness to ensure their safety. Good thing she meets an orc who will keep her safe without caging her, and will do his best to meet her every need. If there’s one thing he wants most, it’s Anna’s love.

There were a few scenes some readers might consider dark. They were handled in such a way it wasn’t difficult to read them. I loved the characters and hope we’ll see more of these orcs soon.

If you want a quick read with big, sexy orcs, steamy scenes, and a happily ever after, Orc’s Toy is an engaging read that will leave you hungry for more.

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy via Booksprout in exchange for an honest review. The review above is only my opinion.