New at Changeling Press: Planted by the Alien Vampire Scientist by Crymsyn Hart #SciFiRomance #AlienEncounters @crymsynhart

When Abigail Pike goes hiking with her sister, she never expected she’d walk right into a seven-foot-tall green alien.

Jaril came to Earth to study its plants. He didn’t intend to rescue a human when she falls and hits her head on a rock after she runs into him. To save her, Jaril must implant his technology in her.

Overcoming her fear, Abigail returns to the cave where she first met the alien. This time he’s the one who’s injured. The longer she’s around Jaril, the more she’s drawn to him, but Jaril needs to return to his ship to be healed properly.

Abigail doesn’t want to give up her life on Earth, but she might not have a choice if she wants to be with Jaril. Whoever said understanding plants was easier than humans has never met a green alien vampire.

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“Do you think this is a good idea?”

“We’ve had this discussion. I’ll be fine. The lunar caves will keep you concealed. The humans won’t be able to detect you hidden so deep beneath the surface.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about.” Talix leaned against the ship’s gray metallic wall and crossed her arms over her chest. Her solid form dissolved until Jaril could see the console behind her.

Jaril rolled his eyes while he gathered more instruments to take to the planet with him. He could always come back up for more. It offered more risk of exposure, though. The idea of all the various specimens he would encounter made him giddy. He scanned the instruments once more and decided he had enough devices to set up his habitat and lab on the planet. “I’ll be deep enough in the cave the humans won’t find me. The humans are primitive. I’ll be fine.”

“They’re not as primitive as you think. Didn’t you go over the manifests brought back by the other ships? The humans have new technologies. They are aware of us. They’re planning on going to Mars. You’re excited to delve into the vegetation of this puny world. I told you there are better –”

“Talix. Enough.” He threw up his hands and closed the case. Jaril hefted it from the workstation and went into the docking bay where the scout ships were moored. He pressed his hand against the side of one. The metal melted away to reveal a door. He ducked inside and set the case next to the others. Jaril would be cramped with everything he was taking, but he preferred it to scattering his atoms. “Do you have the coordinates programmed into the navigation computer?”

“Yes, they’re entered because we both know you’re a horrible navigator. I’ll be doing most of the flying.” Talix’s image flashed inside the small ship. The instrument panel lit up and the pilot’s chair glided backward for Jaril to sit.

“Yeah, I know I’m better with plants than living creatures.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice. This is still an isolated planet. We really don’t…”

He glanced at the shaky image of his ship’s computer. The artificial intelligence had been his constant companion as he went from one planet to another gathering specimens. He had all the different plant species cataloged on his home planet of Tilleron. Each time others of his race returned from their travels, they brought back data about the worlds they had visited or scanned. The last three ships which had returned from Earth had given him the idea to explore this particular planet for himself. Talix had tried to tell him to stay on Tilleron. He hadn’t want to hear it. The idea of Earth was stuck in his mind. At the moment, they hovered near Mars.

“We’re almost to their moon. We have the coordinates for the lunar cave where you will stay while I’m on Earth. You’ve programmed the route to the cavern in the planet where I’m going to park the scout ship. I don’t intend to be bothered by humans. If I need to go out among them, I have garments to blend in along with our cloaking tech to keep me invisible if needed.”

“Let’s hope you do. How are you going to survive down there without any Plasma Units?”

“I’ll find one among the humans as the others did. I have enough bottled substance to last me a while. If you’re done, we’re in range. I’ll be fine.”


Crymsyn Hart is a National Bestselling author of over eighty paranormal romance and horror novels. Her experiences as a psychic and ghostly encounters have given her a lot of material to use in her books. Vampires, grim reapers, shifters, and other paranormal creatures tend to end up in her books no matter how hard she tries to keep them away.

She currently resides in Charlotte, NC with her hubby and her three dogs. If she’s not writing, she’s curled up with the dogs watching a good horror movie or off with friends.

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