Author Interview: Rain Carrington #LGBTQ #contemporaryromance #authorinterview

Everyone give a warm welcome to author Rain Carrington! She’s agreed to drop in for a short interview, and to tell us about her latest book.

Do you tend to read the same genre you write?

RAIN: Not always. I am a very eclectic reader and read all ranges of fiction and non-fiction. My favorites growing up were horror, and one day I want to write a horror M/M, but I haven’t had a good story come to me as yet.

If you could have a writing retreat anywhere in the world, where would it be?

RAIN: Italy! I want to go there so badly and will very soon, if I can get everything together for it. Like the money! Haha!

Are there parts of your everyday life that ever slip into your stories?

RAIN: All the time! Most of my characters have names from the TV show or movie I just watched, or some scenario is from real life or a conversation with a friend.

Have you ever gotten to me one of your top three favorite authors? How did you feel?

RAIN: I not only got to meet her, but we became good friends and still talk all the time. Not only did she become a friend, but also a mentor.

Do you have any funny stories to share about one of your books or your writing experience in general?

RAIN: Recently I was at GRL and in a Q&A panel. The question for the group was which of my characters was most like me. I had a preset answer that I’d gone over with my PA, but then, the editor of Bear Essentials was in the audience proceeds to take down her mask and mouth the name Ked. He’s my VERY hyper and overly talkative main character from that book. In other words, my friend thought that I had pretty much put myself on my pages! LOL

What’s your poison – tea, coffee, or something else?

RAIN: COFFEE!!!! I drink coffee all day long! I love iced tea as well, but most often, there’s a cup of coffee nearby!

When you aren’t writing, what’s your favorite thing to do?

RAIN: I’m a TV and movie fan, so I watch TV and movies in my down time, hang with my kitties, dogs and family. I started making jewelry recently and love doing that, but it takes a lot of time and room so I can’t do it as much as I’d like.

Now, let’s talk a little about your current book…

What’s the title of your current release and is it part of a series?

RAIN: It’s called Dead of Night, and it’s the second in my serial book series, The Sun and Moon. It’s a must-read-in-order serial about a young man from Colorado who is poor, takes care of a sick mother and ends up having to become a prostitute to make ends meet. This book comes along after Mateo (the main character) finds out he was kidnapped as a child and meets his “real” parents.

Who published Dead of Night?

RAIN: I did. I am self-published.

Do you know what cover artist designed your cover? Have you worked with them before?

RAIN: I design all my own covers, except for a couple of my past books. I find it saves time and money, and I just really enjoy doing them.

Was there something in particular that inspired you to write this story?

RAIN: I had mentioned that I love movies. Well, long ago I read all the early series of an author named VC Andrews. About a year ago, I watched all the movies that were made from her books on Lifetime and thought, hmmm, what would it be like for a young man to be placed into terrible situations and forced to endure sometimes horrific parents and obsessive lovers. She has no genre to speak of, so they are my takes on her style of putting characters through hell and seeing if they crack hahaha.

If there’s one thing a reader will take away from this story, what do you hope it is?

RAIN: That no matter what you go through, there are so many joys in life that may seem small at the time, but they get you through the harder things.

Any funny stories (or something memorable) you can share about writing this book, or something that sparked the idea for it?

RAIN: I’ve been told I love torturing my poor characters…hahaha!!

The continuing story of Mateo Luna, or Luna Matias, as he’d learned his real name is, picks up with him confused and hurt that he’d been kidnapped by his beloved mother.

Her passing without explanation leaves him with many unanswered questions. Why would the dear woman he’d loved and cared for all those years have taken him?

Meeting his new family may hold some of the answers. His father, a slave to his work at the winery the family owned. His mother, obsessed with attention, tells a tale of people who might have had little time for the toddler he was when he was taken from them.

Missing Trevor, though trying to move on, Mateo starts a casual affair with the handyman, but could that be a mistake? Things start to happen, accidents in the bungalow on the estate where he’d chosen to live. Then, he gets gravely ill, and like his sister before him, could die.

Life with money and power was no better than when he was poor and struggling, but Mateo finds he knows nothing about the people he was born to, or those he’d clung to in his life…

PLEASE NOTE: This is the second book in the Sun & Moon series, book one, Luna, can be found on Kindle Vella.

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