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Published by Changeling Press
Cover Artist: Marteeka Karland
Genres/Themes: MC Romance, Action Adventure, New Adult, Suspense

Justice: I expected to spend most of the rest of my life in prison. Even so, I worked for my club, Salvation’s Bane, gathering valuable information about Palm Beach and all the clubs residing there. Imagine my surprise when a short, clumsy, curvy female comes to my rescue. The moment I see her in that prim skirt stretched tight over her ass and the blouse straining to contain her tits I know I want her. I’m just not sure she’s capable of handling all I have to give after eight years in the big house.

Mae: Archer “Justice” Creed may not be completely innocent, but he’s not guilty of the crime they convicted him of. Fighting to get him freed was a long, hard battle, but I’m not letting them keep him behind bars a second longer. What I didn’t count on was being attracted to the big, tattooed former lawyer. I know a perfumed rock would look good to him after eight long years in prison, but he’s ready and I’m willing. Too bad he’s an arrogant asshole out of bed. Unfortunately for me, I’m stuck with the big brute. I ruffled some feathers at the DA’s office when I got Justice freed, and now I could be in some danger. But do I trust Justice to protect me, or should I go back to Rycks, my guardian and an enforcer in Black Reign MC? Our clubs aren’t exactly enemies, but they’re not friends.

Oh, and those ruffled feathers I mentioned before? They’re coming after me. And Justice.

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Copyright ©2021 Marteeka Karland

“Archer Creed. Also known as ‘Justice.’”

Justice had heard this a thousand times since he went away for murder eight years ago. Usually after he’d beat a motherfucker for pissing him off and some judge was giving him extra time.

This time was different.

“I find myself in the position of being the one to inform you that your conviction has been overturned.”

OK. He wasn’t expecting that.

“Your lawyer mounted an investigation into the prosecuting attorney for your trial, and there were several… irregularities discovered. While the details of the case are still being hammered out, one thing is certain. Due to prosecutorial misconduct, your conviction is overturned with prejudice.”

The judge was an older, balding man with thick glasses and a ruddy complexion. Justice had liked the man on sight, but now Justice wanted to vote him judge of the fucking year. “I haven’t reviewed the case because I don’t care much, so your lawyer can review the particulars if you want them.” He smiled to take the sting out of his words. “I carry out the job the state presents me with. If it doesn’t require a judgment from me, I just carry out the order.”

He didn’t look apologetic at all. Yeah. Justice liked him.

“All I know is the state’s attorney overstepped his authority in your case. As such, you cannot be retried for the same crime. The state apologizes for its mistreatment of you.”

“I ain’t goin’ back to that fuckin’ place for any reason, judge,” Justice said, earning him a frown from the bailiff but a small smile from the judge.

“Can’t say that I blame you, son. There are procedures –”

“Ain’t. Goin’. Back.”

Again, the bailiff frowned, this time putting his hand on his weapon and taking a threatening step forward.

“Stop it, George,” the judge said in an exasperated tone. “The man wouldn’t be in this position if Alister hadn’t fucked up the case in the first damned place.”

Justice raised an eyebrow. He’d never heard a judge talk that way in court before. He liked this guy better every second.

The judge turned his attention back to Justice. “I only have one question. After that, you’re free to go. The state will send your belongings to the address of your choosing, and you don’t have to go collect them yourself.”

“Ask,” Justice said, crossing his arms over his chest. This ought to be good.

“Why do they call you Justice?”

The question surprised Justice, but only because he expected everyone in the fucking state to know his name. But then, it had been twelve years. “I used to be a lawyer.”

“Oh? For what state?”

“Florida.” Justice leveled his gaze on the judge. Not backing down an inch.

The older man narrowed his eyes. “Archer Creed…” Then he sat back in his chair, a look of disbelief on his face.

“Don’t ask me if I’m the Archer Creed or I might just do something to earn that prison sentence.”

The judge’s previously congenial face hardened. This was the type of judge Justice was used to. “I like you, son. It’s the only reason I don’t slap you with a contempt charge for that remark.” He held Justice’s gaze for a moment before speaking again. “I know the case. Was a bit dug into my own business at the time, but I remember thinking they’d hand you your ass for the stunt you pulled.”

“You were right.”

“Sorry I was. I can’t condone violence in any form, but the bastard got what he deserved.”

“I only bucked the system, your honor. Bastard had so many people in his pocket, everything I had got thrown out before it could be presented to a jury.”

“Ironic that you’d get railroaded into a conviction for a crime you may not have committed in the very case that got you disbarred.”

Justice shrugged. “It is what it is.”

“I’m surprised your lawyer isn’t present for this.”

“Far as I know, I don’t have one.”

“Well, someone took up the cause. Must have a good mind, too, to get that conviction overturned so quickly”

“Quick? If you call eight years quick, you’re older than you look.”

Surprisingly, that got a sharp bark of laughter from the judge. “Considering the family involved and the fact that Florida doesn’t like looking bad in legal matters, yeah. I’d call it quick. Are you telling me you’ve never met the lawyer who filed this on your behalf?”

“I’m sayin’ I didn’t know anything was being done on my behalf in the first Goddamned place.” Justice glanced at the bailiff. Sure enough, the man winced at his language. There was no way to stop the smirk Justice threw the other man’s way. He loved goading easy marks.

The judge had opened his mouth to say something when there was a commotion outside the chamber doors just before they burst open. A short, busty woman in four-inch heels stumbled through the door. She carried a briefcase with several pieces of paper sticking out, and her hair, which probably was supposed to be in a tight bun, was sticking out in several directions in jet-black, kinky curls. No. Curls wasn’t exactly right. They wanted to be curls, but they were mostly a frizzy mess. The glasses she wore were too big for her elfin face, her eyes the color of perfect sapphires. She wore a white blouse tucked into a black skirt. The blouse hung from her arms but stretched tightly across her breasts, and her skirt gapped at the waist, but looked like she was barely able to squeeze that generous ass into it. She carried a suit jacket draped over one arm as she caught the door with the other hand to keep from falling. All in all, she was a hot mess.

“Judge Harlan!” She stumbled once more, then righted herself and hurried to the front of the courtroom… to stand beside Justice? What the fuck?

Judge Harlan gave a long-suffering but amused sigh. “Mae Stephens. I should have known you were behind this.”


Erotic romance author by night, emergency room tech/clerk by day, Marteeka Karland works really hard to drive everyone in her life completely and totally nuts. She has been creating stories from her warped imagination since she was in the third grade. Her love of writing blossomed throughout her teenage years until it developed into the totally unorthodox and irreverent style her English teachers tried so hard to rid her of.