BOOK REVIEW: Fire in Her Dreams by Ruby Dixon #dragons #postapocalyptic

Jenny’s dreams have turned to nightmares.

Every night, her thoughts are filled with evil. Something is reaching out…and she’s not so sure she wants to reach back. That is, until someone new appears in her dreams. Someone who protects her, comforts her, and thinks of Jenny as his mate. Imaginary friends aren’t real, but Jenny likes to pretend, anyhow.

Then, one day, one of the mindless dragons guarding the fort awakens…and Jenny realizes that the friend from her dreams isn’t a figment of her imagination. He’s a dragon.

And he’s looking to claim his female. 

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MY REVIEW – 5 stars!

Another fantastic addition to the Fireblood Dragons series! It seems impossible but they seem to get better with each new couple.

Jenny is a fighter. She’s struggled to find her place in the world since the rift opened. After losing her father, she managed to retain her innocence and keep herself fed the only way she could – by joining the panty program at the fort. She doesn’t understand what’s happening, or why their panties are collected each day. I loved Jenny’s character. She’s got such heart! Even during desperate times, she tries to take care of others. It was sad the way people took advantage of her, but I found her to be sweet.

Her dragon, however, is anything but. A bodyguard to the queen, he’s scarred and battle-hardened. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep his mate safe. With Jenny, he shows a softer side. But anyone who dares think of harming her had better be able to run/fly very fast!

Such a great couple! I can’t wait to see Ms. Dixon pairs up next. Steamy sex, the struggle of living in a post-apocalyptic world, and a bit of drama. I couldn’t put it down!

*Disclaimer: The author did not request a review. I purchased/borrowed this book from Amazon. The review above is only my opinion.

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