BOOK REVIEW: Seeker by Suzana #youngadult #bookreview

Mila meets a boy who is not quite human. He’s drawn to her even though she’s not supposed to see him. Nobody can escape death, but Death can’t escape Mila.
This book is recommended for ages 16+ due to adult content.


Death is feared by many, but there’s one girl who captivates him….

The book description sounded like an amazing paranormal read… but that wasn’t what I got.

The story of Silas and Mila took me by surprise. It’s definitely more of a Christian romance than paranormal, if you could call it romance. While I enjoyed parts of the story, there were a few things that made this an uncomfortable read. The relationship between Mila and Silas develops too quickly once she reaches the age of sixteen. She allows his feelings for her to be her guide and Silas’ conviction that they’re destined for one another makes Mila doubt her feelings and herself. She quickly swings from one extreme to the next. For me, that part of the story wasn’t romantic in the slightest.

Silas’ almost overnight transition to talking about God all the time and suddenly wanting to be a minister doesn’t come across as being from his devout faith. It has a more troublesome feel to it, as does Mila’s constant need to defend him and his beliefs. It set off warning bells for me with more of a cult vibe. If the author’s intention was to spread the news about God, she nearly made me want to run far in the opposite direction as quickly as possible. The character of Tara in particular is a great example. She’s exactly the sort of Christian who runs people off. You can be devout in your faith without beating everyone else over the head with your bible.

The relationship between Mila and Silas in the last chapters somewhat redeemed the story for me. Yet even through her excitement over their future, she still questioned her love for him. After they have sex, she’s suddenly madly in love. While I didn’t agree with their relationship, not as it was written, I enjoyed seeing her happy with him toward the end.

The sudden explosion of Christianity aside, the book held my attention. It’s definitely unlike any teen book I’ve ever read. But reader be warned, there are no happy endings here.

*Disclaimer: The review above is my honest opinion. I received an ARC via NetGalley.