BOOK REVIEW: The Haunting of Hartley House by Eve S. Evans #paranormal #thriller

Book cover for The Haunting of Hartley House

What could cause a happy father to commit a horrific murder suicide?
Nadia has spent years in foster care wondering what would have pushed her father to do something so awful. As an adult—and a national bestselling crime writer—she once again encounters her childhood home… in the newspaper.
The home harbors more secrets than she could ever have imagined.
As she researches, an idea comes to her; why not join up with the paranormal team working there to clear the paranormal negative energy from the house? As the sole survivor of a horrific experience, she might help them find what they’re looking for… and it’ll be fantastic fodder for her next book. Except Nadia has no idea what’s in store for her at the house, or what’ll happen when the survivor that shouldn’t have lived returns. 



The Haunting of Hartley House lacked the suspense I’ve come to expect from a book about a haunted house. There were times it felt more like the author was telling me what happened instead of showing me. I did enjoy the story, but it came across as very two-dimensional. The “haunting” parts were a bit too flat. I didn’t experience the spike of anxiety or fear when the evil entity was present. Even though we’re told it’s there, a creepy voice and unexplained shadows didn’t lend the book enough of a horror vibe. AI will say the prologue was very well done. It set a tone I’d hoped would carry throughout the book. All in all, it wasn’t a bad read, but it wasn’t thrilling either.

*Disclaimer: The review above is only my opinion. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.