BOOK REVIEW: One Hundred Excuses by Kelly Collins #ContemporaryRomance #bookreview

Author Kelly Collins takes you back to Aspen Cove where life is sweet, the tea is sweeter, and love is the sweetest of all.

Marina Caswell didn’t expect to find herself broken and alone with a four-year-old daughter. She could offer a hundred excuses as to why her marriage failed, but the truth was she’d chosen poorly. After a painful marriage and an ugly divorce, she flees with her little girl to Aspen Cove looking for a place to heal their wounded spirits and mend their shattered hearts. What she doesn’t expect to find in the quirky little town is love in the form of Sheriff Cooper, a man who insists that everything including trust, love, and respect is grown like a garden. All it needs is a bit of attention and care, something Marina has never experienced.

As the local sheriff, Aiden Cooper can recognize trouble at a glance. It usually looks pretty, smells nice, and wears heels. After his last relationship failure, Aiden doesn’t expect love to bloom when single mom Marina Caswell plants roots next door, but when he sees the sadness in her eyes, he makes it his mission to sow seeds of hope and happiness in her heart.

The tiniest kernel of love can grow when the conditions are right, but a weed from Marina’s past threatens to choke out what they’ve cultivated together. Can Aiden and Marina’s love grow and thrive, or will the past seek its revenge, causing their love to wilt and die before it can ever take root?

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3 1/2 stars

One Hundred Excuses is a light read, even with the domestic abuse theme. I’ve found most books falling into that category have a bit more suspense and action. This one was very light on both. Or perhaps that’s because I had a hard time reading the book as the character and not an outside observer. It was almost as if someone was telling me the events, so I didn’t feel like I’d been immersed in the story. While there is sex, it isn’t overly hot. I did find the romance between Marina and Aiden to be sweet, and I adored Kellyn.

If you want a quick read to give you that feel-good boost, then you may very well enjoy One Hundred Excuses.

*Disclaimer: The above review is only my opinion. Neither the author nor publisher requested a review. I purchased this title from Amazon.