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Nobody Knows

Lani Lynn Vale

Release Date: November 10, 2020

About the Book

All he ever wanted was to matter to someone.

What he didn’t know was that he did matter to someone.

Someone that worried about him every single day that he was gone.


Malachi Gabriel Gnocchi was missing for two years. Thanks to a mission gone wrong, not only had he been captured, but his best friend along with his fellow teammates had been taken, too.

He spent two years in hell, hoping and praying that one day he’d get to go home.

And one day he does. Only, he isn’t the same person that left. Every single thing that made him Malachi is no more.


Sierra started writing to soldiers overseas through the soldier pen pal program when she was in high school. Years later, she had no idea that the one soldier that she’d been paired up with in the very beginning would be the one man that would change her world eight years down the road.

When the letters from her soldier stopped, she knew that something bad had happened.

When they started back up again two years after the last letter, she thought that someone was playing a joke on her.

Only, that joke wasn’t a joke at all.

The man on the other end of those letters is a man that’s dying slowly from the inside out.

He’s a living, breathing, mess and there’s only one thing she can do to help him.

Write him back and hope that she can bring him back from the edge.

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About Lani Lynn Vale

Lani Lynn Vale is a Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author of over thirty titles. She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple (a couple also meaning over twenty) chickens.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in her favorite chair reading.

Lani is married with three children and lives in the Great State of Texas.









Every time I think Lani Lynn Vale can’t write a better book than the last, she proves me wrong. Nobody Knows has quickly moved into the #1 slot on my favorites list.

Malachi has been such a mystery. While Ms. Vale doesn’t go into detail of all that he suffered while he was a POW, she gives us just enough to understand his mindset and appreciate even more his connection with Sierra. He’s all alpha, but not without his own weaknesses that make him human. I adored his character and loved getting a better look at who he really is instead of the quick glances we’ve had in the past.

Sierra is the perfect contradiction of strong yet soft. When it comes to her family, she’s often done what she felt was best for them. Even if it means lying about her boyfriend. But seeing her take a stand, do what she feels is right for her, and sticking to it even when her family seems to turn their backs on her made me want to cheer her on!

Malachi and Sierra have off the charts chemistry, but their relationship is so much more. This was a perfect friends-to-lovers tale with all the gooey moments that make you smile. As is typical of any Lani Lynn Vale book, you don’t just get romance. Be prepared for lots of drama!

With enemies coming from both sides, Malachi and Sierra need each other more than ever. I flipped the pages, devouring every word, anxious to see what happened next — only to be deeply saddened when the book came to an end (because I wanted more!).

Well done, Ms. Vale! You’ve written another winner! I can’t wait to read the next book.

*Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. The review above is only my opinion.