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Desire Me Again, an anthology

The hopeless romantic believes that a soulmate exists for each of us. That there is one person who makes us feel how good it is to love them. For some couples, things trigger them to push that love away. They find out too late they’ve lost true-love. Sometimes genuine love deserves a second-chance at the happy ending that eluded them the first time.

Desire Me Again is an eclectic assortment of short stories exploring a second-chance at love. The collection is as diverse as the authors who wrote them. Here’s a chance to read the work of talented writers you may not have read before. Within these pages, there are blends of tender, often moving and thought-provoking stories.

Second Chance by Dee S. Knight:
Sandy Henderson had been a sweet, wholesome girl in her first year of college, sure of herself and totally in love with her high school sweetheart, Tom Pritchard. Then something happened that shattered her dreams, her confidence, her will to live. When she meets Tom again many years later, she resists taking a chance on love because of her secret, but Tom won’t give up on her. On them. Or will he, once she tells him about her past?

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Tom watched Sandy stack her bags of groceries into the back of her mother’s old Ford station wagon. When she bent over and her jeans stretched to cup her ass in all the right places, he sighed. He didn’t know where or how she had spent the last fifteen years, but holy hell, those years had been good to her. When he’d given her his letter jacket and she’d agreed to go steady with him in their junior year, he’d thought her the most beautiful girl in the world. He’d been wrong. The vivacious, sparkling teen couldn’t hold a candle to the woman she’d become.

Sure, she smiled more back then, maybe. The old Sandy couldn’t have gone the six or seven minutes they’d stood talking in Handy’s Grocery without giggling over something. Sandy now held herself back. Her eyes showed a glint of pain. Certainly she had been serious but not in a dour way. More like she knew about life now, something he could relate to. Unconsciously, he reached to scratch an itch on a right shin that was no longer there.

“At any rate,” he murmured to the empty car, “she’s still beautiful as hell.”

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