Windmaster Golem by Helen B. Henderson #FantasyRomance @history2write

Title: Windmaster Golem

Author: Helen B. Henderson

Available: October 2020

Genre: Romantic fantasy, sword & sorcery

Publisher: BWL Publishing, Inc.

Magic animated the golem.
Can someone without powers stop them?

Windmaster Golem is the latest release in a series described by readers as “a fascinating story that will keep you up all night turning the pages.” Kia, sister to the current Oracle of Givneh, is expected to one day assume the mantle and lead the temple’s followers. Her emerging powers force an impossible decision. For to have magic demands she turn her back on her family, her heritage and the teachings of the oracle.

Banishment to a remote village as healer, a position he despised, fueled Relliq’s desire for revenge. The discovery of a mythical city and an army of clay soldiers provided the means to control all mages–including the one he wanted most—Kia.

Brodie, weaponsmith for the School of Mages couldn’t refuse the archmage’s request to act as escort for a healing team fighting a curse upon the land. But how can a man without any magic of his own fight a curse or protect a friend from an invisible stalker?


Don’t be afraid. What is meant to be is meant to be. You are a mage.

Who wants me to accept the call, Kia wondered. Her gaze went from mage to mage. Warmth and acceptance came from Ellspeth. Dal’s wink encouraged even as she wondered if she had really seen it. Barris and Nobyn’s attention remained on those who had not yet answered the call. Neither of them had spoken to her. Finally, her gaze lingered on Brodie. At his smile and gesture to the fire, Kia acknowledged reality. I can’t fight my own urges and the pull of magic.

The glow she had seen emanating from the fire ring turned into a solid beam that reached to the stars. Three steps and she was at the summoning light. A whispered prayer and her fingers wrapped around the blade at the base of the signal. She swore the knife hummed in happiness, welcoming her. Just like TânOer. Her steps to where the hilts were laid out were surer. She moved her hand a few inches above the displayed pieces until the blade she held sent an answering chord. Picking up the hilt, she realized it had an empty circle. It awaited an element.

A column of pale green light leaped skyward from the other side of the millstone. Without conscious control, her feet took her around the bonfire. Its warmth chased away the night’s chill and that of the action she was taking. The blade called to its missing piece. Surprise stopped her in mid-reach. The element whose signal she heeded as the blade’s mate was the sea glass she had found. Only now it had a flying bird incised on it.

Again she sought Brodie in the crowd. You did the artwork? she mouthed.His slight nod shy smile answered. The tilt of his head told her the next step.

With slow steps, Kia circled the stone ring. Her path ended in front of Ellspeth where she opened her hand, leaving the makings of the dagger balanced on her palm for the older woman to see. “Mistress, I come to you as a seeker of the call. I beg your blessing.”

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Although the author of several local histories, and numerous articles on the topics of American and military history, antiques and collectibles, Henderson’s first love is fiction. Her work in the museum and history fields enables a special insight into creating fantasy worlds.

The descendent of a coal-miner’s daughter and an aviation flight engineer, her writing reflects the contrasts of her heritage as well as that of her Gemini sign. Her stories cross genres from historical westerns to science fiction and fantasy. In the world of fantasy romance, she is the author of the Dragshi Chronicles and The Windmaster Novels. In her books, she invites you to join her on travels through the stars, or among fantasy worlds of the imagination.