BOOK REVIEW: Very Bad Things by Ilsa Madden-Mills #newadult #bookreview

Very Bad Things (Briarwood Academy Book 1) by [Ilsa Madden-Mills]

About the Book:

“He’s my Romeo, but I’m not his Juliet.”

Everyone thinks Nora Blakely is perfect. And why wouldn’t they? Valedictorian of her class and a Texas beauty queen, she’s well on her way to Princeton after kissing everyone goodbye at graduation.

Until the day she cracks wide open in front of the entire school.

Leo Tate is a tattooed bad boy who’s sworn to never fall in love, especially with a high school girl.

But she keeps showing up at his gym, wearing short skirts and tempting him with her list of bad things.

He wants to resist her, but with one touch of her lips, forbidden love has never tasted so sweet.

Welcome to Briarwood Academy . . . where sometimes, the best things in life are Very Bad Things.

*Mature Content*

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My Review:

3 stars


I read the book description and felt like I just had to read this book. There was something about it that called to me, whispering “read me!” and tempting me to one-click.

In all honesty, I’d have probably given it 5 stars, but if there’s one thing I can’t stand in a romance it’s cheating. Maybe they weren’t “together” when it happened, but a hero who has feelings for the heroine but screws around with other women is really just another asshole. Considering the amount of the book he follows this pattern, I spent the majority of the book wanting to bash him over the head.

Nora hasn’t had an easy time of it. Yes, she comes from a wealthy family, but as they say, money doesn’t buy happiness. In her case, it only caused her misery. Her family had an image to uphold at any cost, even their daughter’s emotional and mental well-being, not to mention her physical safety. I tend to avoid spoilers when I leave a review, but there is talk of rape in this book and a rape survivor may have difficulty reading some of the scenes.

All in all, I wanted to love the story, but I just couldn’t. They did get their happily-ever-after, but I personally would have never been able to forgive the hero for being with another woman, especially after he’d kissed the heroine and clearly had the hots for her.

If cheating and rape a hard No for you, you may want to pass this one by.

*Disclaimer: The author did not request a review of this title. I purchased/borrowed through Amazon and the review above is merely my opinion.