Amazon has some awesome deals today! E-readers, tablets, services… These are my favorites. #ereaders #kindle #firetablet #echo #AmazonPrime #KindleUnlimited

I remember a time when there weren’t cell phones, internet, e-readers, or wireless devices. I was seventeen when I got my first cell phone, and it was a big clunky thing. I paid for my own landline when I was fifteen so I could use the dial-up internet without having to log off every time someone needed to make a phone call. And when I discovered e-readers and e-books… Let’s just say that was one of the best days of my life. But then, I’m a book nerd. I admit it. Some women collect shoes and purses, I buy books. Lots and lots of books!

If you have an Amazon account, you’re probably already aware that they have awesome deals every day. I thought I’d share a few of their electronics that are on sale right now from e-readers to echo and more. I’ve done a lot of my Christmas and birthday shopping off Amazon lately, so I’m always checking out their deals.

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If you love reading e-books, then a kindle is an awesome investment. I’ve had both the paperwhite and the Fire tablet. I have to say I prefer the paperwhite because the battery lasts a lot longer. The downside is that the screen on mine isn’t backlit, so if I want to read at night, I need to have a light on. And there isn’t a slot for an SD card to expand the storage. That part sucks, but I’d rather read with the lamp on and have less space than have to charge my e-reader after only reading 2 books. I have around 1,000 books on mine right now and haven’t run out of room.

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Or, if you prefer a tablet that can let you do more than just read books, the Fire HD10 with Alexa is only $149.99 through the end of this year. My kids both have a Kindle Fire and they love theirs. Of course, they like to play games on them more than they like to read, but there are tons of apps available for the Fire tablets. The great thing about using the tablet is that you can expand your storage with an SD card. So even if the battery doesn’t last as long as the paperwhite, having more room for books and apps is a nice trade-off.

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The echo… I haven’t used this device before but that’s mostly because I have kids and cats in the house, and I don’t trust them with something like this. My cats would probably break it in about a day LOL My friends who have bought one all seem to love theirs though.

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Okay, I know… Prime isn’t a device or gadget, but it does involve technology. I signed up for Prime a few years ago and I LOVE mine!! Not only is the free two-day shipping awesome when it comes time to stock up on Christmas and birthday presents, but there are so many movies and TV shows you can access with it. There’s such a wide variety that we canceled our cable, and I don’t regret that decision at all. Paying for Prime is a lot cheaper than the $200 per month my cable company was charging.

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If Prime isn’t your thing, but you love to read, then maybe Kindle Unlimited is more your speed. I signed up for Kindle Unlimited about two years ago. I’ve found some great authors through the program, and you can read as many books a month as you want. It allows you to borrow up to 10 titles at a time, and when you’re finished reading one, you just return it and pick something else. Like a library, but the books go straight to your kindle device or app with the click of a button. A big difference between Kindle Unlimited and borrowing from a library, other than the monthly fee, is that your favorite authors actually get paid when you borrow their book through Kindle Unlimited. Books at libraries are purchased with a one-time fee, then loaned out repeatedly. But the author only gets paid once for their hard work. With KU, the author gets paid based off the amount of pages that are read (but it only counts the first time you read the book). So if you want to support your favorite authors but don’t have the funds to purchase all the books you want, then this is a great way to do it.

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If none of the above-listed items interest you, then don’t forget to check out Amazon’s hot new releases each day. Gaming systems, housewares, tablets… they have a bit of everything. I don’t know about you, but I’m already preparing for Christmas. I refuse to wait until the last minute this year and want to have most of it finished by Halloween. And the best part of buying my gifts through Amazon is that I don’t have to wait in line, and since I’m a Prime member, I get free shipping on all Prime eligible items.